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James M. Burton
  Location:  Off Asbury Cemetery Road, which is off National Drive in the Forks of the River Industrial Park.  
Bays Mountain Baptist Church James M. Burton
  Directions:  Going south from Knoxville on US Hwy. 441, take a left on Sevierville Pike.  Go less than one mile and take a right on Bays Mountain Road.  Bays Mountain Baptist Church cemetery is about three miles on the right.  
Bearden (Bethesda Methodist Church?) Robert McGinnis
  Location:  Off Badgett Road in West Knox County on property now owned by the Knoxville Boat Club.  
Beth EL Cemetery (Linden Avenue) David Donahue

Bethel Cemetery (Maryville Pike)

David Donahue
Beulah United Methodist Church James M. Burton
  Directions:  From US Hwy. 441, turn onto Kimberlin Heights Road and go about three miles.  Cemetery is on the left.  
Bishopville James M. Burton
  Location:  Off Racoon Valley Road about 3 miles west of the I-75 interchange.  
Blaine Chapel Cemetery James M. Burton
Brimer (partial) Marjorie Turk
  Location:  Copper Ridge Road, Karns Community, near the corner of Emory Road and Copper Ridge Road.  Brimer Cemetery is on left side of Copper Ridge Rd.  
Burnette Cemetery (McCalla Avenue) David Donahue
Byington (partial) Marjorie Turk
  Location:  Corner of Oak Ridge Hwy. and Beaver Ridge Rd. in Karns Community.  
Calvary Catholic Cemetery (partial) Charlie Brooks
Central Baptist Church of Bearden (Deane Hill Drive at Kingston Pike) David Donahue
Christian Church of Bearden (5902 Kingston Pike) David Donahue
Choto Cemetery  David Donahue
Concord Masonic Cemetery David Donahue

Conner Cemetery

Bill & Gracie Smith
  Directions:  Bull Run Valley Drive in NW Knox County on land owned by a Lewis family.  Contact the transcribers by e-mail <> for specific directions.  It only has 12 marked graves and 16 graves marked with field stones.  Family lore is that the field stones are graves of slaves owned by the Conner family.  
Crestview Cemetery David Donahue
  Parts 1 - 4
Parts 5 - 6
Dailey Cemetery   James M. Burton
Doyle Cemetery James M. Burton
Dunn Cemetery (Nubbin Ridge Road) David Donahue
Eastern State Hospital Cemetery 
(At rear of the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery on Lyons View Drive)
David Donahue
Eastern State Hospital Cemetery (annotated) Billie McNamara &
Robert McGinnis
Ebenezer Cemetery  (Westland Drive just east of Ebenezer Road) David Donahue
Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery  (Westland Drive east of Ebenezer Road and east of Ebenezer Cemetery) David Donahue
Edgewood Cemetery David Donahue
  Introduction and Part 1
Part 2
Gallaher View -  Record Book
First Presbyterian Church Pat Armstrong
  The oldest church in the original city limits, located on State Street between Cumberland and Clinch Avenues.  Knoxville historian William Rule wrote in 1900 that this was "perhaps the most interesting" cemetery in the city.  He continued, "Some of those buried in the cemetery of this church, over whose remains have been erected tombstones of this kind are the following:  William and Mary BLOUNT, James SCOTT, Rev. Samuel CARRICK, Hugh Lawson WHITE, Col. John WILLIAMS, and other notables of the pioneer days."  
Gallaher View Baptist Church Cemetery Record Book David Donahue
Ginn Cemetery (Alcoa Highway) David Donahue
Grace Cemetery (Northshore Drive) David Donahue
Grassy Valley Cemetery (Kingston Pike at Lovell Road) David Donahue
Greenwood Cemetery Website  
  Partial transcription
500 Tazewell Pike
Charlie Brooks
Grisby Chapel Cemetery (Grigsby Chapel Road, off Campbell Station Road) David Donahue
Highland Memory Gardens (partial) Charlie Brooks
  5315 Kingston Pike  
Huckleberry Methodist Cemetery James M. Burton
New Jewish Cemetery  (Heska Amuna Cemetery) David Donahue

Knott Cemetery  (Knott Avenue at Frank Street)

David Donahue
Henry Lonas Cemetery (Lonas and Crawford Cemetery) David Donahue

Lones Cemetery  (Arrowhead Drive)

David Donahue

Long Tom Cemetery  (Northshore Drive)

David Donahue
Lonsdale Cemetery  (Rhode Island Avenue) David Donahue
Lynnhurst Cemetery Website  
  2300 Adair Drive
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Partial Transcription3

Charlie Brooks
Jane Roe
James M. Burton
Macedonia Cemetery David Donahue
Marble Hill Cemetery (Dandridge Avenue) David Donahue
Mars Hill Cemetery (Broome Road) David Donahue
May Cemetery  (Oak Ridge Highway and Ball Camp) James M. Burton

McCarrell Cemetery (Maloney Road)

David Donahue
McCubbins Cemetery   James M. Burton
  Directions: east on I-40, take Exit 398, take a left onto Strawberry Plains Pike, go about mile and a half, then take a right onto McCubbins Cemetery Rd)  
Meridian Baptist Church James M. Burton
  Directions:  Located on Sevierville Pike about one mile from New Prospect
Presbyterian Church; cemetery is on the left.
Middlebrook Cemetery (Middlebrook Pike) David Donahue
Mount Olive Baptist Church (partial) Charlie Brooks
  2500 Maryville Pike (TN Highway 33)  

Mount Olive Baptist Church Cemetery (Maryville Pike)

David Donahue

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Lyons View Road)

David Donahue

Mt. Zion Cemetery (Duncan Road)

David Donahue
New Gray Cemetery Website
  Partial Transcription 1
Partial Transcription 2

Location:  2724 Western Avenue
Historian William Rule wrote in 1900:  "In 1889 the ground was purchased for new Gray Cemetery.  There are eighty acres in the new plot and it is two and a half miles from the city on the Clinton pike."
Charlie Brooks
Marjorie Turk
New Hopewell Baptist Church (partial) James M. Burton
    Directions:  Located on Kimberlin Heights Road about 8 miles south of downtown Knoxville off US Hwy 441.  
New Prospect Presbyterian Church James M. Burton
  Directions:  From Downtown on Henley Street (US Hwy 441, TN Hwy 33, TN Hwy 71), go southeast for 5.2 miles.  Turn left on Little Switzerland Road.  Go northeast and turn onto Dick Ford Road.  Drive north 0.5 mile.  Turn right on Sevierville Pike and head east 0.6 mile to the New Prospect Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  

John Noble Grave (Whitower Drive)

David Donahue
Knoxville National Cemetery (partial) Charlie Brooks
  (see note above)  
Old Gray Cemetery Website Cemetery Volunteers

Historian William Rule wrote in 1900:  "Many years ago, when Knoxville was quite a small place, what is now the southeast corner of this cemetery was laid out as a burying ground, but the location was not satisfactory to all, it being, as they thought, too far away.  People having relateives buried there could not get to their graves, the most of Knoxville being then south of Clinch Street.  Still the cemetery continued to be used, and finally the city extended out to even beyond the cemetery, as it dow now to a considerable distance both toward the north and toward the west.  Then, too, there was for a long time a difference of opinion as to what would be an appropriate name for this last repose of the dead, some favoring 'Greenwood,' some 'Woodlawn,' other 'Greendale,' still others, 'Fairview,' and others other names.  At length a lady present at one of the meetings of the association having charge of the cemetery suggested that it be called 'Gray Cemetery,' in honor of the author of Gray’s Elegy, and the suggestion was instantly acted upon, hence the name of this now beautiful place of sepulture.  To the north of it is the National Cemetery, the two being separated by a stone wall four and a half feet high.  The original company, which made application for a charter to this cemetery – Feb 9, 1850.


Pleasant Forest Cemetery (Concord Road)

David Donahue
Pratts Chapel Ed Wilson
  Directions:  Located in East Knox County at Hammer Road and Fisher Lane, off Brakebill Rd, near Exit 398 off I-40.  
Ridgeway Baptist Church James M. Burton
  Directions:  Drive south from downtown Knoxville, over the Henley Street bridge and stay on US Hwy 441 for about 7 miles.  Turn left on Hendron Chapel Drive, which becomes Kimberlin Heights Drive.  Stay on this road until you get to the cemetery, which is about 7 miles from US Hwy 441.  

Rocky Hill Cemetery (Northshore Drive)

David Donahue
Rudder Cemetery (Lyons Bend Road) David Donahue

Shady Grove Cemetery (Possum Valley Cemetery)

David Donahue
Sherwood Cemetery  
  Located in Alcoa  
Shieldstown Cemetery (Linden Avenue) David Donahue
Stinnett Cemetery  David Donahue
Stock Creek Baptist Church (partial) Charlie Brooks
  8106 Martin Mill Pike  
Tindell Cemetery James M. Burton
Tipton Station Church of Christ (partial)
Alice Foster-Blevins

Henry Haynes Road


Union Memorial Cemetery (Union Road, off Everett Road)

David Donahue
Union Memorial Cemetery (Union Road, off Everett Road) Ed Wilson
  Surnames: A - G
Surnames: H - Z

Virtue Cemetery (Evans Road)

David Donahue
Wells Cemetery (Manor Drive) David Donahue

West Emory Cemetery (Westland Drive)

David Donahue
Woodhaven (partial) Charlie Brooks
  formerly Tennessee Valley Memorial Cemetery  
  Partial Transcription 1
Partial Transcription 2
PETERS Burials

Location:  4500 Woodlawn Pike
Historian William Rule wrote in 1900:  "The Woodlawn Cemetery was established in 1893 by I. L. and C. M. Ford.  It is situated three miles southeast of the city on one of nature’s loveliest spots.    The first interment made in the cemetery was James M. Whittle, December 23, 1893.

Charlie Brooks
Marjorie Turk
Dwight Stipes

Woods Cemetery (McCalla Avenue)

David Donahue

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