[Comments below reflect conditions in 1989 that may have changed.]

Compiled and contributed by David Donahue 

            Pleasant Forest Cemetery is an old cemetery, founded in 1796. It lies on both sides of Concord Road about one-half mile south of Kingston Pike. Most of the cemetery receives some maintenance. I am told that State of Tennessee provides money for cutting the grass. The cemetery functions as two cemeteries. The portion east of Concord Road and the southeast corner of the portion west of Concord Road are a black cemetery. The white portion of the cemetery which receives state maintenance funds was fenced early in 1989. The black section was fenced out and appears [in 1989] to receive little to no maintenance.

            The black cemetery portion east of Concord Road has a large open area. However, this part of the cemetery is probably full. Most recent burials in this area have been made along the outer edges.

          Three earlier records for the white section of Pleasant Forest Cemetery west of Concord Road are available. All three are grouped together in "Miscellaneous Knox County Tombstone Inscriptions," Vol. 2, a manuscript available in the McClung Collection of the Knox County Library, Knoxville, Tennessee. The first is a transcription made about the mid 1960s. Its compilers are not indicated. The second is a list made by Rubye Alice Templeton Smith in June 1984. The notes to this list read:

This is a list of the graves that used to appear in our graveyard, but are no longer visible. From uprooted stones, caused by nature, to broken slabs which were for some reason or another removed. . . . In the year 1957 or '58, we had a large wind storm that uprooted large trees and tore down head stones in the Easternmost corner [of] our Cemetery.

            The third record also was made by Rubye Alice Templeton Smith and is dated May 1984. This record seems to be an update of the first transcription, as it includes all the errors in the earlier transcription.

            An undated record for the black section appears in "Miscellaneous Knox County Tombstone Inscriptions," Vol. 1, under the title "Concord Cemetery." This record probable was made circa 1959, the latest reported death date.

            Information from this 1989 survey was compared with the earlier records. Notes are made where appropriate. The four records are referred to collectively as "Tombstone Inscriptions" in the notes below.

            This cemetery was recorded April 22 and 30, 1989, and was checked October 6, 1989.


Black Section East of Concord Road

Alexander, Milley, 12/12/1793-6/15/1897 [Tombstone Inscriptions notes an inscription "Erected by her dau., Sue Rice"]

Allman, Infant, 9/13/1951 [Not found in 1989. Tombstone Inscriptions notes this to be a temporary marker from Wheeler Funeral Home, Knoxville, Tennessee.]

Allman, Juanita, d. 8/11/1956, "Age 40" "Mrs." [Not found in 1989. Tombstone Inscriptions notes this to be a temporary marker from Reed Funeral Home.]

Allman, William, d. 8/14/1959, "Age 21 years" [Not found in 1989. Tombstone Inscriptions notes this to be temporary marker from Reed Funeral Home, Knoxville, Tennessee.]

Anderson, Mary E. Kibler, 7/31/1882-12/3/1918, "Wife of George Anderson"

Archie, Charlie A., Jr., 1907-1964, "Brother" footstone\Archie, Mary L., 1905-1962, "Wife" footstone

Archie, Charlie A., Sr., 1872-1946, "Father" footstone\Archie, Kittie, 1881-1957, "Mother" footstone

Bacon, Ralph Douglas, 5/14/1916-12/24/1984 [temporary marker, Jarnigan & Son Mortuary, 3 yards north of marker for Roberta T. Bacon]

Bacon, Roberta T., 5/4/1910-2/16/1973

Bacon, William A., 1885-1956, unplaced "Father" footstone\Bacon, Mary Neil, 1882-1963, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Bassett, Chas., 3/29/1883-7/3/1926

Bassett, P. G., 10/18/1857-5/19/1908

Bassett, Sarah, 3/6/1867-11/1/1911 [adjacent to marker for P. G. Bassett]

Billingsley, Barbara Ann, "Mrs.," d. 3/17/1987, "Age 57 years" [temporary marker 3 yards northwest of marker for Malcolm D. Billingsley]

Billingsley, Elijah, 6/20/1911-5/2/1971

Billingsley, Floyd, no last name, no dates, "F. B." footstone [probably a Billingsley]

Billingsley, Liza A., 1874-1955\Billingsley, Samuel J., 1874-1950

Billingsley, Malcolm D., 11/16/1947-12/11/1967, military marker, "Tennessee CPL US Marine Corps"

Billingsley, Mary Joyce, 9/6/1949-8/29/1976

[Note: three more graves marked with recent footstone-like rocks are probable Billingsley graves--A. B., L. B., and E. B.]

Butler, Lizzie Nickels, 8/14/1873-4/10/1916, "Wife of John Butler" "Born in Loudon Co. Tenn." "Died at home in Pittsburgh PA"

Calloway, Rosa, 5/6/1868-11/1/1895 [Tombstone Inscriptions reports this name as Galloway]

Chese, Mable, 1973

Childs, Sarah, 5/22/1898-8/7/1942

Claiborne, Clabe, 3/16/1888-8/19/1957, military marker "Cpl Co M 369 Infantry World War I" (partially sunken) [the dates are not readable in 1989 and are taken from Tombstone Inscriptions]

Clark, Maggie, 6/15/1883-10/22/1921, "Wife of Peter Clark"

Clayborne, Fritz H., 1/18/1942, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 1 Cl 369 Inf 93 Div" [Tombstone Inscriptions lists death date of 1/18/1942.]

Cloud, Americus Hardin, 8/28/1868-7/6/1926, "Mother Cloud"

Cromer, Carrie McDowell, 1908-1971 [nameplate from a temporary marker, from Reed's Mortuary, gives death date as 3/24/1971]

Dennis, George E., 2/15/1924-6/27/1971

Dockery, Willie Mae, 1916-____ [death date on temporary marker 2/26/1986]\Dockery, William B., 1914-1981, "Married July 30, 1938"

Earskine, Raschel, 3/1/1862-1/1/1911, "Mother"

Eaton, Tolbert, 8/15/1865-10/23/1926

Erskin, Johney, 9/13/1890-9/20/1956, military marker "Tennessee PFC Co D 320 Service Bn QMC World War I"

Erskine, Booker T., 1908-1969 [also temporary marker giving death date as 3/29/1969]

Fitzgerald, J. W., 1896-1942, "Husband" footstone

Fox, Annie, 2/29/1869-12/9/1901

Fox, Minnie, 3/16/1886-4/10/1894

Fox, Sidney, 10/20/1834-2/12/1892, "Father"\Fox, Mary, 1844-11/12/1920, "Mother"

Gallaher, Lucy [see Siler, Lucy Gallaher]

Green, Emma, 6/15/1878-6/16/1900

Green, Joe, no dates

Green, Nannie E., 8/29/1875-9/26/1895

Hansbrough, Milton, 1922-1963

Hardin, Americus [see Cloud, Americus Hardin]

Hardin, Benjamin F., 3/7/1842-3/9/1926, "Father"

Hardin, Eliza J., 1/16/1873-9/16/1896 [adjacent to marker for J. H. Hardin]

Hardin, Infant, d. 11/23/1923, "Infant son of Walter & Bridget E. Hardin" (marker partially buried)

Hardin, J. H., 12/16/1870-8/16/1920

Hardin, Josephine, 3/15/1848-1/27/1931, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Benjamin F. Hardin]

Hardin, Luther Moore, 9/10/1879-3/18/1973

Hardin, Walter H., 7/19/1877-6/21/1925

Henderson, John, 6/15/1870-5/14/19??, "Age ??" (homemade; fallen and broken) [not reported in Tombstone Inscriptions]

Jeter, Edward A., 4/10/1915-3/20/1945

Kibler, Mary E. [see Anderson, Mary E. Kibler]

Kibler, Rosa, no dates

King, Frank, 1913-1945, "Husband" footstone

Lenoir, Frankie, 8/9/1885-1/20/1940, "Sister"\Lenoir, Arthur, 1/11/1882-____, "Brother" "Our Pastors"

McConnell, Rachel, 4/15/1862-10/12/1910, "Wife of James McConnell"

McDowell, Carrie [see Cromer, Carrie McDowell]

McDowell, Emma, 1883-1960 (marker buried)\McDowell, Lewis, 1859-1945

McDowell, Howard Lee, 1949-1977

McDowell, James Lewis, 1947-1950

McDowell, Samuel Hughvers, 1911-1953 (marker buried)

McGhee, Larue R., death dates below ground level (homemade, partially sunken)

Miller, Bessie M., "Mrs.," 10/2/1899-10/16/1968 (patrially sunken)

Moulden, Anna, 12/18/1885-10/14/1968

Moulden, Arthur W., 1911-1974

Moulden, C. B., 3/27/1918-8/29/1918, "Son"\Moulden, Harrison, 4/10/1892-10/9/1918, "Father" "Private" "Enlisted military service June 19, 1918"

Moulden, Elsie, 5/12/1896-7/8/1940 [adjacent to marker for F. Asbury Moulden]

Moulden, F. Asbury, 11/9/1890-8/8/1953, "Husband"

Moulden, F. P., 8/6/1933, "Rev."\Moulden, Maggie L., 7/19/1935 [it is unclear from the marker if these dates are birth dates or death dates; Tombstone Inscriptions reports them as birth dates]

Moulden, Josie V., 12/18/1898-_____\Moulden, Nathaniel H., 5/16/1898-9/29/1972

Neal, Fannie, 4/30/1858-7/6/1931, "Mother"

Neal, Lewis, 10/28/1885-9/10/1952, "Brother"

Neil, Elmira, d. 7/1926 (homemade)

Neil, Mary [see Bacon, Mary Neil]

Nickles, Lizzie [see Butler, Lizzie Nickels]

Ramsey, Alfred, no dates (partially sunken; dates, if any, are below ground)

Reese, Larence, 9/19/1896-11/23/1933 (fallen)

Rice, Susan, d. 3/6/1923, "Aged about 70 years"

Russell, Irene [see Taylor, Irene Russell]

Sheets, Ned, d. 7/23/1933\Sheets, Georgia, 7/21/1887-9/29/1958, "His wife"

Siler, Lucy Gallaher, 1/4/1866-8/27/1918, "Mother"\Siler, William W. McKinley, 9/24/1897-10/24/1901, "Son"

Siler, Mary Agnes, 5/7/1888-3/2/1969

Smith, L. Geraldine, 1929-1971

Smith, Mary C., 1904-1982

Smith, Reubin R., 1888-1946, "Father" [Masonic emblem]

Starling, Daniel, 10/19/1893-3/5/1935

Taylor, Irene Russell, 12/15/1892-8/29/1962

Tedford, A. F., 4/10/1851-1/28/1913

Tedford, Callie, 9/1858-11/4/1912, "Our Mother"

Tedford, Calvin, 5/15/1859-3/25/1902 (homemade)

Tedford, Cansadie, 10/7/1893-11/27/1914 (homemade)

Tedford, L. J., 10/8/1848-11/12/1912

Trent, Fannie, 4/30/1858-7/6/1931, "Mother"

Trent, John W., 4/25/1896-11/12/1966, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Co F 804 Infantry World War I"

Trent, Rosa, 1884-1942

Vance, Briscoe, 2/18/1846-5/7/1914\Vance, Lucinda, 10/16/1853-_____

Willie, 3/20/1893-5/1895

York, Ella Pauline, d. 2/4/1958, "Age 55 years" "Mrs." [Not found in 1989. Tombstone Inscriptions reports this as a temporary marker from Morrow Funeral Home, Knoxville, Tennessee.]



C. R. (footstone)
R. F. H. (footstone)
_____ Kye___, 3/13/1930-1/1/1932 (homemade)


Black Section West of Concord Road

Arnold, Calvin E., 9/27/1868-5/30/1925

Bradford, Levin, d. 6/26/1909, "Age 72 years"\Bradford, Anna Lucy, d. 1/3/1916, "Age 75 years" "His wife"

Fletcher, William H., 11/23/1912-11/3/1968

Floyd, Marnie C. Stone, 4/15/1881-4/20/1950

Fox, James Sidney, 7/31/1885-10/11/1940 [very difficult to read; dates may be wrong]

Hickey, A. B. C., 1901-1981 [temporary marker, Evans Mortuary, 4 yards south of marker for Amos Russell]

Johnson, Thomas, 9/16/1884-1/20/1950, "Husband"

Kerr, Josephine M., 7/22/1903-2/2/1974, "Mother"

Logan, Kenneth, d. 12/11/1983, "Age 49" [temporary marker, Jernigan & Son Mortuary, two yards south of the corner made by the older iron fence and the new chain-link fence]

Mebane, Mary H., 2/16/1902-11/18/1973

Miller, Lillian, d. 10/30/1988, "Age 30" [temporary marker, Jernigan & Son Mortuary, two yards north of marker for Gertrude T. Moore]

Miller, Lucy Stone, 7/23/1883-1/31/1963, "Mother" footstone

Moore, Gertrude T., 3/26/1894-1/7/1965

Russell, Amos, 10/7/1907-9/27/1966

Stone, Lucy [see Miller, Lucy Stone]

Stone, Marnie C. [see Floyd, Marnie C. Stone]

Stone, Minnie F., 1911-12/24/1976 (partially sunken)

Stone, Robert J., 2/19/1900-11/3/1957

Stone, Walter H., b. 10/17/1904 [temporary marker, Clark Mortuary, at sunken spot three yards northwest of marker for Amos Russell; death date not readable]

Tipton, James W., 4/15/1885-5/23/1930

Upshaw, Frank W., 6/10/1928-6/29/1979


Main Section

Adams, Mary E., no dates, "Wife of A. Adams"

Alexander, Rachel, "Age 81" [death date unreadable; possibly 1848]

Allemen, Infant, 3/6/1949 [replacement]

Allen, Mara Dee Georges, 6/9/1958-6/11/1985

Allen, Rebecca, 7/22/1828?-6/15/1855, "Daughter of John & Martha Roberts"

Atkins, Carl Glenn, 4/14/1937-2/12/1950

Atkins, Kate Campbell, 1/6/1899-5/27/1986 [adjacent to marker for Lee Lewis Atkins]

Atkins, Lee Lewis, 8/30/1896-11/6/1962

Ballard, Margaret C., 8/10/1907-5/25/1963

Bates, Margaret Ellen, 3/22/1860-3/8/1962, "Daughter of N. R. & Catherine Meroney"

Bell, Alexander, d. 5/11/1848, "Aged 18 years & 6 months"

Berry, Mary, no dates

Bogle, Mary L., 9/27/1816-7/19/1869, "Wife of Thos. Boyd" [dates are difficult to read]

Bonham, Frank E., 11/15/1869-7/1/1871

Bonham, Infant, born & died 7/12/1885, "Infant son of R. C. & Sarah E. Bonham"

Bonham, Mary A., 7/2/1814-1/20/1884, "Our Mother" [adjacent to marker for William Bonham; broken and repaired]

Bonham, William, 12/25/1804-7/31/1869 [broken and repaired]

Boring, Annie [see Smith, Annie Boring]

Bowling, Don M., Sr., 2/15/1935-5/23/1986

Bowling, Hugh, 3/10/1814-1/17/1892 [not found in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions]

Bowling, Nancy Caroline, 6/5/1825-8/27/1886 [wife of Hugh Bowling; not found in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions]

Boyd, Ann D. Wilson, 6/19/1799-2/20/1853, "Wife of Thos. Boyd"

Boyd, Mary L. Bogle, 9/17/1816-7/19/1869[?], "Wife of Thos. Boyd" [dates are difficult to read; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as 9/27/1816-7/11/1869]

Boyd, Thomas, 1/8/1801-4/15/1876 (eroded)

Boyd, Thomas, 1754-1814, "Captain under Washington 1776-1778. Married Ann Martin 1778. Moved to Tenn. 1780" [replacement]

Brackett, John Carl, 9/8/1885-11/28/1951

Brackett, Margaret Ruth, 4/12/1916-11/7/1987

Brackett, Mattie Campbell, 8/13/1888-1/29/1960 [adjacent to marker for John Carl Brackett]

Bradshaw, Mary Eliza Gound, 1881-1974

Branum, Charles H., 1897-1975\Branum, Mary C., 1903-____

Brazeale, M. U. L., 8/23/1852-4/11/1907, "Father" footstone [listed in Tombstone Inscriptions as "M. D. L. Brazeale"]\Brazeale, Sallie, 6/16/1853-4/12/1914, "Mother" footstone

Brazeale, Mollie Meroney, 7/5/1857-12/24/1939, "Wife of Thomas Breazeale" "Dau. of N. R. & Catherine Meroney"

Broyles, Arthur C., Sr., 7/30/1911-5/10/1977, "Father" footstone\Broyles, Marie E., 4/28/1917-4/15/1984, on footstone "Marie E. Mitchell" "Loving Wife and Mother"

Burnett, Louise M., 4/20/1928-3/13/1984, "Daughter" footstone [seems to be daughter of Willie S. and Edward Wallace, whose graves are adjacent]

Bush, Mai E., 1880-1965\Bush, Thomas H., 1877-1948

Cagle, Gladys Conner, 5/23/1918-1/20/1960

Callaway, Jocie, 11/20/1849-2/12/1862

Callaway, Mary Hendrix, 5/22/1814-1/7/1897 (broken)

Callaway, Samuel S., 1855-1881

Callaway, Shadrack, 6/16/1814-2/28/1868

Cambell, R. W., 3/1825-5/1847 [not found or unreadable in 1989; from Tombstone Inscriptions; also listed in Tombstone Inscriptions as R. W. Cambill]

Campbell, Addie, 12/20/1862-4/1/1887 [replacement]

Campbell, Andrew Lamar, 3/22/1866-3/19/1946, "IOOF"

Campbell, Anna C., 2/21/1882-5/10/1971

Campbell, Carolyn Ann, 8/4/1944-2/25/1972, "Our Beloved Daughter & Sister"

Campbell, David

In memory of David and Mary Steel Campbell, who with two brothers emigrated from Virginia and built the Fort and were founders of Campbell Station. Died in 1815. Was grantor of this tract of land for Church and Cemetery in the year 1800. Their children:

William 10-28, 1786
Alexander 4-9, 1789
Polly L. 4-23, 1791
Peggy C. M. 4-11, 1793
John Steel Campbell 5-23, 1808

James 6-21, 1795
Jenny 11-15, 1797
David 1-15, 1800
Betsy 6-27, 1802

Erected by Orion Lodge No. 276 I.O.O.F."

[A note in Tombstone Inscriptions says that court records prove that the death date shown here is wrong. The note references East Tennessee Historical Society Publications, Vol. 26, p. 11.]

Campbell, Ida Smith, 7/17/1864-5/23/1930 [adjacent to marker for James Alexander Campbell]

Campbell, Ina [see Walker, Ina Campbell]

Campbell, James, 6/21/1795-10/12/1876

Campbell, James A., "Dr.," 11/1/1835-9/27/1860

Campbell, James Alexander, 6/30/1861-6/2/1943

Campbell, James E., 9/11/1916-10/19/1973, military marker "Tennessee Major US Marine Corps World War II"

Campbell, John C., 2/22/1838-7/18/1877

Campbell, John S., 5/23/1808-7/20/1897\Campbell, Elizabeth Jane Henry, 8/25/1828-12/27/1897, "His wife"

Campbell, Kate [see Atkins, Kate Campbell]

Campbell, Mattie [see Brackett, Mattie Campbell]

Campbell, Sallie, 1/9/1806-8/13/1874, "Wife of Jas. Campbell"

Cannon, Amanda, 1/1/1864-12/11/1949, "Wife of G. W. Cannon"

Carney, Sarah Hackney, 1877-1962

Chrisman, Lola Miranda, 10/28/1897-3/4/1900

Clark, Bartlet [remainder unreadable; in Tombstone Inscriptions as Bartlett S. Clark, 8/13/1835-6/23/1837]

Clark, Elizabeth [remainder unreadable; from Tombstone Inscriptions "Aged 21 years, 9 mos. 17 days"]

Clark, Hugh H., 9/23/1800-10/1/1837 [Hugh M. Clark in Tombstone Inscriptions]

Clark, Mary Ann, 9/19/1832-7/3/1851

Clark, Thomas, "Age 29 years & 94 days"

Cloud, Annie Presnell, 8/31/1875-5/14/1912, "Wife of Henry Cloud"

Cloud, Lillie V., 4/30/1880-12/1/1953\Cloud, James C., 5/17/1884-4/5/1932

Cloud, Mary, 5/10/1912-5/12/1912, "Dau. of Annie & J. H. Cloud"

Cloud, Mary E., d. 7/1/1920, "Age 76 Ys."

Cloud, Nell, 4/28/1921-____\Cloud, Oacie, 3/26/1914-11/8/1967, military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC 806 Engr Avn Bn"

Cloud, Rosa May, 5/17/1904-9/15/1906

Cloud, Thomas, d. 12/4/1911, "Age 73 Years"

Cole, Wilms, no dates (homemade)

Coleman, Willa Mae Edington, 3/7/1929-1/9/1980 ["Mrs." on a temporary marker from Mann's Mortuary]

Conner, Bonnie A., 1/28/1908-3/23/1987

Conner, Denver W., 2/23/1916-3/21/1938

Conner, Fannie B., 12/4/1904-5/9/1988

Conner, Frank, "Age 7 Ys" [broken, fallen, almost buried; last name cannot be read in 1989; identified from Tombstone Inscriptions]

Conner, Frank R., 10/28/1906-7/21/1927, "Brother"

Conner, Gladys [see Cagle, Gladys Conner]

Conner, John, no dates, "Whosoever drinketh" [not found in 1989; from Tombstone Inscriptions]

Conner, Julia, no dates, "Aged 4 months" [not found in 1989; from Tombstone Inscriptions]

Conner, Mark, 9/27/1874-5/10/1962\Conner, Eliza, 5/12/1884-12/25/1958 [name reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as Mary Eliza Conner which was recorded from a temporary marker for Rose Funeral Home]

Conner, Samuel M., 1869-1956, "Father" footstone\Conner, Blanche Hobbs, 1876-1912, "Mother" footstone

Cook, William B., 10/19/1888-11/12/1952, "Husband"

Cottrell, William Barber, 4/17/1924-10/9/1988\Cottrell, Jeanette Milnes, 12/10/1923-_____

Cowan, Ann Eliza, 10/16/1834-10/11/1857

Craig, James W., Sr. [remainder unreadable; dates from Tombstone Inscriptions as 12/3/1768-12/1/1846]

Craig, James W., d. 9/21/1880, "Age 79 years"\Craig, Jane, d. 7/19/1878, "Aged 78 years" "In memory of our father and mother"

Craig, Sarah [see Hackney, Sarah Craig]

Craig, Rachel A. [see Doughty, R. A.]

Crenshaw, James I. "Bill," 1/26/1905-12/7/1978

Crookshanks, G. M., d. 8/10/1870, "In the 73rd year" "Dr."

Crookshanks, Lavinia Jane, 8/18/1859-9/27/1869 (very eroded) [dates in Tombstone Inscriptions as 8/18/1809-9/27/1869, "Aged 60 years, 1 mp. & 11 da."]

Crookshanks, Willie Boyd, 9/17/1860-6/22/1865[?] [death date in Tombstone Inscriptions as 6/28/1863]

Cruse, Carl, 4/9/1908-5/5/1973

Dalton, George W., d. 12/15/1899, "Age 83 years"\Dalton, Mary W., d. 6/19/1897, "Age 73 years"

Daniel, Roy Lee, 5/14/1892-4/11/1969\Daniel, Mattie L., 10/15/1895-10/26/1975

Davis, Mary Russell, 10/14/1866-9/3/1918

Dennis, Raymond, 4/27/1913-9/20/1967 [noted in Tombstone inscriptions "The father of Joan & June Dennis"]

Dennis, Samuel Edward, 9/17/1897-3/11/1980

Dennis, Theodore, 8/13/1911-3/17/1976, military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC HQ Co 121 Infantry World War II BSM-PH"\Dennis, Bernice F., 5/8/1923-____

Dennis, Theodore, Jr., 10/2/1951, "Infant"

Derrick, Jake, 2/23/1910-2/19/1966, "Father" footstone\Derrick, Gladys N., 12/22/1913-12/31/1955, "Mother" footstone

Dillard, Anne [see Gudger, Anne Dillard]

Doak, Elizabeth M. Galbraith, 4/17/1798-8/23/1865, "Our Mother" "Wife of Rev. Samuel Harvey Doak" "Married Aug. 7, 1823"

Doak, Sallie D., 10/5/1836-8/14/1864, "Wife of S. C. N. Doak" "Married Aug. 11, 1857"

Doak, Samuel Harvey, d. 4/12/1848, "This stone erected by the people of his charge. Marks the burial place of the mortal remains of Samuel Harvey Doak, a faithful and devoted Minister of the Gospel, a kind and affectionate friend in the 48th year of his age. On the 12th day of April 1848 he ceased from this world and entered into his rest." [in Tombstone Inscriptions "Age? 48 yrs."]

Dougherty, Caroline, 3/18/1926-1/17/1987

Doughty, B. J., 9/25/1855\Doughty, R. A., 6/16/1858 [This marker was not found in 1989. This record is from Tombstone Inscriptions. The compiler in Tombstone Inscriptions notes that Benjamine F. Doughty married Rachel A. Craig on June 13, 1854, in Knox Co., TN.]

Doughty, L. Love, 9/25/1855-6/16/1858, "Infant son of B. F. & B. A. Doughty"

Dowling, Cassandra, 9/3/1853-7/21/1897

Dowling, Hugh, 5/10/1814-1/17/1892

Dowling, John, 8/28/1855-1/31/1917\Dowling, Margaret Elnora, 8/27/1855-4/6/1901, "Wife of John Dowling"

Dowling, Nancy Carline, 6/5/1825-8/27/1886, "Wife of Hugh Dowling"

Dunlap, John, 2/3/1898-2/3/1979, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I" (fallen)

Eddington, Charles Franklin, 6/25/1898-5/5/1982 [not found in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as read from a temporary marker from Mynatt Funeral Home]

Edington, Willa Mae [see Coleman, Willa Mae Edington]

Eli, Sarah G., 1/5/1830-5/4/1904 [The compiler in Tombstone Inscriptions suggests that the last name might be Ellis.]

Emory, Van R., 3/8/1887-3/15/1951\Emory, Margaret N., 10/22/1888-11/6/1973 [she probably is a Newcomb]

Engle, Callie [see Starkey, Callie Engle]

Flanagan, Wiley Bert, 1893-1974, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army"\Flanagan, Nina H., 1905-____

Fox, Mildred [see Swann, Mildred Fox]

Franklin, Benjamin P., 4/26/1858-7/9/1859

Franklin, James B., 7/26/1856-8/6/1856

Franklin, John W., 6/24/1850-12/13/1870

Franklin, Louise C. Fricks, 1/12/1938-____, "Wife of Paul Franklin"

Franklin, Margaret E., 1/27/1864-2/7/1867

Franklin, Paul, 5/20/1927-10/5/1987

Frazier, Sarah Ann, 1/18/1865-6/19/1895, "Wife of Thos. R. Frazier"

Fricks, Louise C. [see Franklin, Louise Fricks]

Galbraith, Alexander, 1781-4/15/1855

Galbraith, Elizabeth, 6/10/1850-12/9/1867

Galbraith, Elizabeth M. [see Doak, Elizabeth M. Galbraith]

Galbraith, Mary, 3/24/1877-3/1/1852, "Wife of Samuel Galbraith"

Galbreaith, Robert Donald, 6/15/1851-10/4/1863, "Son of S. G. & N. S. Galbreaith"

Galbreath, Eliza J., 2/28/1852-1/7/1854, "Daughter of M. R. & E. P. Galbearth"

Galbreath, Eliza P., 12/13/1811-5/22/1854, "Wife of M. R. Galbreath" (fallen)

Galbreath, Isabela, d. 6/6/1859, "Aged about 19 years"

Galbreath, Mary Ann, 11/29/1810-7/20/1895, "Wife of David Smith"

Galbreath, Nancy S., 1/1/1819-9/29/1884. "Wife of Samuel G. Galbreath"

Galbreath, Samuel Gaston, 12/12/1813-10/13/1857

Gambill, Clifford A., 10/6/1872-11/10/1872 [death date recorded in Tombstone Inscriptions as 11/10/1879]

Gambill, Jeremiah H., no dates [homemade]

Gambill, Savaner, 8/12/1857-7/5/1878 [last name on the marker can be read as Cambill, as it is in Tombstone Inscriptions; she may be related to R. W. Cambell/Cambill]

Garrett, Guy M., 3/5/1893-12/11/1897, "Son of P. J. & Kate Garrett"

Garrette, Lillian, 1897-1913

Garrette, Pleasant Jasper, 1852-1919\Garrette, Kate Seaton, 1859-____, "His wife"

Georges, Mara Dee [see Allen, Mara Dee Georges]

Gibbs, Aubrey M., 3/21/1903-1/19/1960

Gilbreath, Margaret L., d. 2/18/1845, "In the 3rd year of her age"

Gilbreath, Samuel, d. 7/23/1854, "In the 64th year of his age"

Gilbreath, Wm. M., d. 10/16/1848, "In the 48th year of his age"

Gound, Lena L., 1/1/1870-8/5/1885\Gound, Dollie, 7/17/1883 [infant]\Gound, Joseph E., 1/4/1875-4/21/1876\Gound, R. T., 5/6/1832-7/15/1900\Gound, Houston T., 2/11/1877-11/9/1879

Gound, Mary Eliza [see Bradshaw, Mary Eliza Gound]

Gound, Moffatt A., 12/11/1868-1/11/1921

Gudger, Anne Dillard, 5/10/1861-5/12/1869

Hackney, Donald Rogers, 1894-1972

Hackney, Ellen, 1843-1921, "Mother"

Hackney, James Arthur, 9/8/1834-10/3/1909, "Father" footstone [Masonic emblem]\Hackney, Sarah Jane Craig, 9/4/1832-4/13/1869, "Mother" footstone\Hackney, Hugh Greer, 9/16/1866-1882, "Son" footstone

Hackney, James Nelson, 7/3/1899-4/1/1905, "Son of W. C. & Susie Hackney"

Hackney, Mary Rowe, 1899-1979 [adjacent to marker for Donald Roger Hackney]

Hackney, Samuel Rogers, 1859-1909 [replacement]

Hackney, Sarah [see Carney, Sarah Hackney]

Hackney, Susie Seaton, 1867-1959, "Wife of W. C. Hackney"

Hackney, William Clinton, 11/2/1864-1/3/1925

Harris, Henry Taylor, 7/3/1917-10/28/1988

Harris, Orville Stockell, 9/13/1910-6/19/1979

Harris, Sherry Lynn, 6/4/1953-3/2/1978 [near Henry Taylor Harris; his daughter???]

Hartsook, Ruth [see Smith, Ruth Hartsook]

Haworth, Emma [see Smith, Emma Harworth]

Haywood, Wm., no dates

Hendrix, Mary [see Gallaway, Mary hendrix]

Henry, Bessie Mae Smith, 3/6/1905-3/22/1927, "Wife of Grant Henry"

Henry, Elizabeth Jane, 8/25/1828-12/27/1897, "His wife" [of John S. Campbell--see Campbell]

Henson, Savannah [see Russell, Savannah Henson]

Hobbs, Blanche [see Conner, Blanche Hobbs]

Hobbs, Charlie L., 1/15/1881-3/29/1944 [replacement]

Hobbs, Guy W., 5/27/1908-8/25/1910

Hobbs, Nellie B., 10/19/1870-2/16/1880

Hobbs, Sallie M., 7/7/1889-4/6/1891

Howard, Ada Belle, 1904-1971 [not found in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as read from a temporary marker from Roberts Funeral Home]

Howard, Ada C., 4/7/1905-12/9/1977 [Masonic symbol]

Isbell, Peggy, 8/18/1944-3/5/1945

Jamborsky, William, 8/9/1917-5/17/1982, military marker "Capt US Army World War II" [Tombstone Inscriptions reports death date as 5/21/1982, read from a temporary marker from Kyker Funeral Home]

Johnston, Cupid, 2/1809-1/3/1858

Johnston, Marie M., 1/3/1857-2/8/1858

Joiner, Nick, 10/8/1848-11/11/1910

Jones, Arthur Barton, 1/22/1891-7/21/1977, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I"

Jones, Bessie, 10/31/1895-3/15/1969 [adjacent to marker for Arthur Barton Jones]

Key, Charles Edward, 11/1/1943-3/7/1975, "Daddy" footstone\Key, Thelma Jean, 7/25/1946-____, "Married Mar. 19, 1966"

Knight, Filmore, 2/17/1886-3/24/1911

Knight, Margaret, 1/21/1905-5/29/1914

Knight, Mary Bell [see Parker, Mary Bell]

Knight, Thomas J., 1860-7/31/1924

Knight, Tommie, 10/18/1894-8/24/1913

Larick, Annie E. Smith, 12/22/1869-12/14/1906, "Wife of C. W. Larick"

Larick, C. W., 6/28/1859-12/27/1898

Lakin, Katharine Franklin, 12/19/1920-12/26/1981 [temporary marker, Stevens Mortuary, 3 yards north of Barbara D. Newcombe, near access road on west]

Lawhorn, Infant, d. 4/16/1960, "Son of Sam T. Lawhorn" [not found in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as taken from a temporary marker for Roberts Funeral Home]

Lee, Brice E., 9/23/1912-5/16/1982, military marker "Tec5 US Army World War II"

Lee, Laura J., 10/8/1887-5/9/1975, "Mother" footstone, "Married Dec. 20, 1946"\Lee, Joseph W., 2/12/1885-____, "Father" footstone

Letsinger, Van B., 8/11/1889-3/18/1977, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army"\Letsinger, Dollie H., 11/26/1900-4/11/1984, "Wife" footstone

Lilleston, Mary, 12/18/1896-6/8/1898, "Daughter of A. S. & D. B. Lilleston"

Longworth, Orville M., 6/21/1907-9/20/1960, "Rev." "Father" footstone\Longworth, Lucy J., 3/14/1914-____

Low, Dorius B., 7/1817-10/1854

Lowe, Amanda, 1/4/1822-12/23/1891, "Wife of S. D. W. Lowe" "Died in Texas"\Lowe, S. D. W., 11/27/1813-2/2/1886

Lowe, Cornelia A., 2/17/1846-2/13/1867

Lowe, Isaac Lawson, 5/5/1807-11/5/1893\Lowe, Malinda Matlock, 5/7/1813-3/7/1891, "Wife of Isaac Lawson Lowe"

Lowe, Mary J., 9/26/1844-1/12/1870 [adjacent to marker for S. A. Lowe]

Lowe, S. A., 6/13/1843-2/15/1875

Lucy, B. A., 7/19/1822-3/21/1892, "Husband of Nancy Y. Lucy"

Lucy, Nancy, 5/24/1824-3/18/1898, "Wife of B. A. Lucy"

Mabry, A. H., "Mrs.," b. 4/30/1800, "died in the 43rd year of her age" (broken; repaired)

Mabry, Rowena C., 7/22/1833-1/13/1834 (broken; additional names possible)

Maples, John D., 2/16/1913-2/14/1963, military marker "Tennessee Cpl 701 Tank Destroyer Bn World War II"

Maples, Paul, 5/9/1919-5/6/1945, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 152 Inf 38 Inf Div World War II PH"

Maples, Sallie, d. 5/15/1956, "Aged 75 years" "Mrs." [not found in 1989; recorded in Tombstone Inscriptions as taken from a temporary marker for Mynatt Funeral Home]

Martin, Margaret Francis, 7/25/1819-3/??/184?, "Born in Kingston, Tenn." "Died at Campbell Station" [Death date in Tombstone Inscriptions as 3/18/1843]

Martin, Samuel C., d. 12/23/1893, "Age 61 years" "Dr."

Matlock, Malinda [see Lowe, Malinda Matlock]

McAines, Mary M., d. 9/22/1859, "Aged 59 years, 4 mos. & 28 days" "Wife of John McAnies"

McFall, John H., 10/9/1913-7/13/1985, "Father" footstone"\McFall, Grace T., 10/18/1917-____

McFall, Mary Parthenia, 12/10/1881-1/28/1968\McFall, King Ballard Adam, 6/22/1879-12/4/1961

McReynolds, Elizabeth, 1/20/1856-2/9/1920, "Wife of E. T. McReynolds"

McRunolds, Elbert C., 4/2/1879-1/28/1900

Meroney, Catherine, 12/22/1823-5/30/1868, "Wife of N. R. Meroney" [very eroded]

Meroney, Margaret Ellen [see Bates, Margaret Ellen]

Meroney, Mollie Meroney [see Brezeale, Mollie]

Merritt, Myrtle E., 4/6/1908-7/10/1956, "Mother" footstone

Milnes, Jeanette [see Cottrell, Jeanette Milnes]

Mitchell, Marie E. [see Broyles, Marie E.]

Moates, Wilson "Bud," 1914-1957 [not found in 1989; recorded in Tombstone Inscriptions as from a temporary marker from Guy F. Tallent Service]

Morrison, James Eugene, 9/10/1931-5/29/1982, military marker "Msgt US Air Force Vietnam"

Nelson, Julia, 7/31/1865-2/26/1930 [on marker with Mathew L. Russell and Robert Nelson Russell--see Russell]

Nelson, William W., 2/6/1811-4/6/1874, "Dr."\Nelson, Eliza J., 4/10/1818-9/6/1890\Nelson, Charles F., 5/20/1836-6/24/1866

Newcomb, Isaac, 8/1/1854-10/16/1927, "Father" footstone\Newcomb, Mary, 9/2/1858-7/29/1895, "Mother" footstone [replacement; under large shrub in northeastern corner]

Newcomb, Johnnie Mae, 5/4/1925-12/27/1964 [adjacent to marker for Lloyd Newcomb]

Newcomb, Lloyd, 11/19/1922-3/7/1965, military marker "Tennessee PFC 9207 Tech Svc Unit World War II BSM"

Newcomb, Nancy Ann, 10/22/1886-4/18/1946 [replacement; noted in Tombstone Inscriptions as "Miss" on a temporary marker from Weaver Funeral Home]

Newcomb, Van Reagon, 2/28/1914-3/7/1965

Newcomb, Willie Claude, 1903-1983

Newcombe, Barbara D., 11/27/1933-5/17/1978

Newcombe, George, 7/17/1890-4/3/1973\Newcombe, Rose, 8/18/1917-7/25/1971

Onks, Pearl Sharp, 1/29/1899-1/29/1978 [she seems to be the daughter of Elijah and Louise Sharp, whose graves are adjacent]

Ore, H. A., 10/6/1870-7/13/1879, "Son of R. & C. Ore"

Ore, W. J., 8/10/1867-8/22/1868, "Son of R. & C. Ore" [the compiler of Tombstone Inscriptions has recorded this as William Jacob Ore, son of Ransom and Caroline]

Parker, Mary Bell Knight, 8/18/1892-2/22/1922, "Wife of Frank Parker"

Pate, Margaret, 1/16/1814-5/22/1853, "Wife of John F. Pate"

Pate, Martha, d. 4/6/1878

Pate, Rhoda, d. 2/1845, "Aged 86y"

Pate, Sam, d. 1855

Peters, Arminta D., 10/22/1832-1/14/1917, "Born Oct. 22, 1832 at Lexington, Mo. Married May 19, 1853 to Thomas L. Seaton at Knoxville, Tenn. Died Jan. 14, 1917 at Concord, Tenn."

Phelps, Martha Jane, 5/26/1826-12/19/1886

Potter, Carrie ____ Anson ____[unreadable in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as Carrie A. Potter, d. 7/7/1910, "Aged 1 week & 1 day," "Daughter of Anson & Harriett Potter"]

Potter, Thomas M., 4/25/1805-5/9/1872, "Born in Waterbury, Conn." "Died in Knox County, Tenn." [marker not found or unreadable in 1989; information from Tombstone Inscriptions]

Presley, T. Ernest, 9/10/1898-8/27/1969\Presley, Cordia V., 11/4/1898-11/29/1970

Presnell, Annie, 8/31/1875-5/14/1912, "Wife of Henry Cloud"

Raby, Anna Margaret, 12/26/1880-6/16/1968

Raby, Carl, 1/26/1968, "Infant"

Raby, Cora E., 12/30/1898-9/1/1971\Raby, Joseph A., 7/23/1894-7/2/1943

Raby, Dorothy Ann, 7/30/1937-11/4/1937

Raby, Harry F., 5/15/1922-8/30/1965, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt 667 Med Clearing Co. World War II"

Raby, Jesse F., 8/7/1899-12/7/1971\Raby, Mabel T., 12/15/1900-7/8/1970

Raby, Landon, 11/28/1856-7/21/1928, "Father"\Raby, Mary S., 7/23/1857-9/21/1943, "Mother"

Raby, Liza Ann, 1/8/1897-1/30/1897, "Dau. of Land & Mary Raby"

Raby, Lynn, 12/20/1932-6/5/1946, "Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Raby" [replacement]

Reece, William H., 3/17/1844-10/14/1853\Reece, James F., 9/11/1841-10/7/1853 [James E. in Tombstone Inscriptions]\Reece, Benjamin C., 4/27/1847-10/5/1853 [Note: numerals 1 and 4 look alike on this stone]

Rice, Marcus Andrew, 6/1/1962-6/2/1962

Richards, Leonard T., 6/2/1898-____\Richards, Evon L., 10/4/1910-____ [not found in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions]

Roane, Archibald [monument]

Archibald Roane
Revolutionary Soldier--at Surrender of Cornwallis
Member of Tennessee Constitutional Convention 1796
Superior Judge 1796, Supreme Judge 1819
Governor 1801-1803
Erected by State of Tennessee 1918

Roberts, John, 9/10/1800-5/31/1880\Roberts, Martha, 9/6/1800-6/27/1884

Roberts, Rebecca Allen, 7/22/1828-6/15/1855, "Daughter of John & Martha Roberts"

Roberts, Thadeus, 1/5/1875-1/31/1875, "Son of J. A. & M. J. Roberts" (fallen)

Roberts, Thomas Pinkney, 8/7/1833-3/18/1862, "Son of John & Martha Roberts"

Roberts, Tommy, 9/13/1883-7/6/1884, "Son of J. A. & M. J. Roberts [not found or unreadable in 1989; information from Tombstone Inscriptions]

Robinson, George E., 11/25/1877-6/30/1965

Robinson, Lester C., 12/25/1905-12/14/1986, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II"

Robison, Bob, d. 1/11/1884, "Age 1 Year 1 Month & 21 Days"

Rodgers, Mahala, 12/22/1798-1/8/1873, "My Mother"\Rodgers, William, d. 1/29/1866, "Aged 71 yrs 11 mos & 16 days"

Rohm, Susanna, 8/13/1858-6/19/1862, "Daughter of Jacob & Didena Rohm"

Rowe, Mary [see Hackney, Mary Rowe]

Rudder, J. M., d. 4/6/1849, "1 Year 1 Month & 2 Days" "Son of R. M. & C. A. Rudder" [this marker is very difficult to read]

Russell, Bobby, 6/10/1869-1/12/1873, "Son of R. & B. A. Russell"

Russell, Esther W., 3/5/1905-12/21/1960

Russell, Infant, 12/1898, "Infant of C. W. & M. J. Russell"

Russell, J. Frank, 4/6/1897-7/11/1974

Russell, Laura M., 3/12/1862-7/25/1870

Russell, Mary [see Davis, 1Mary Russell]

Russell, Mathew L., 1/1/1865-2/8/1924\Russell, Julia Nelson, 7/31/1865-2/26/1930, "His wife"\Russell, Robert Nelson, 10/12/1889-5/5/1914

Russell, Robert G., 6/2/1822-5/22/1888\Russell, Bella A., 11/1/1843-10/28/1893\Russell, Andrew, 5/26/1836-7/27/1903 [Note: Archibald Walker and Matilda Walker are also on this stone]

Russell, Savannah Henson, 9/20/1889-7/10/1967 [adjacent to marker for J. Frank Russell]

Ryan, Nellie S., 3/8/1884-3/29/1887

Sands, William L., 9/17/1876-11/4/1970\Sands, Irene S., 4/27/1896-7/13/1979

Scarbrough, Sarah Elizabeth, 9/11/1897-9/14/1901, "Dau. of S. R. & Josie Scarbrough"

Scott, __etter, 8/27/1887-7/6/1890, "Dau. of C. W. & S. E. Scott"

Seaton, Arminta D. Peters, 10/22/1832-1/14/1917, "Born Oct. 22, 1832 at Lexington, Mo. Married May 19, 1853 to Thomas L. Seaton at Knoxville, Tenn. Died Jan. 14, 1917 at Concord, Tenn."

Seaton, Caroline, d. 3/29/1857, "In the 33rd year of her age"

Seaton, Caroline D., d. 11/3/1867, "Aged 12 years 6 months 13 days"

Seaton, J. R., 10/8/1869-11/10/1874, "Son of J. N. & M. G. Seaton"

Seaton, John L., 4/11/1858-7/1/1893\Seaton, James I., 7/17/1856-3/14/1895\Seaton, Moses H., 5/3/1871-4/19/1893

Seaton, James N., 4/3/1815-2/4/1899, "Father" [Masonic emblem]\Seaton, Margaret, 5/19/1831-11/2/1881, "Mother"

Seaton, Kate, 1859-____ [on marker with Pleasant Jasper Garrette--see Garrette]

Seaton, Lovey S. A., d. 12/4/1855, "Aged 22 years & 6 months"

Seaton, Martha I., d. 10/7/1845, "Aged 20 years"

Seaton, Rachel, 7/30/1815-4/7/1847

Seaton, Sa___ Abig___ [eroded; probably a Seaton]

Seaton, Susie, 1867-1959, "Wife of W. C. Hackney"

Seaton, T. L., 12/8/1830-6/29/1874

Seaton, William M. E., d. 12/8/1850, "Aged 22 years"

Seeton, Elizabeth, 1/28/1792-9/7/1864

Seeton, James, 2/27/1788-11/3/1852

Sharp, Elijah, 7/10/1868-11/6/1933

Sharp, Louisa, 2/6/1869-11/22/1942 [adjacent to marker for Elijah Sharp]

Sharp, Pearl [see Onks, Pearl Sharp]

Sharp, William D., 1935-1988 [temporary marker, Mann's Heritage Chapel, 5 yards southwest of marker for Louise C. Fricks Franklin, near access road on west]

Shinpaugh, Josie White, 2/22/1876-9/12/1922, "Wife of S. H. Shinpaugh" "Mother"

Shinpaugh, S. H., 4/3/1869-11/22/1953, "Dad"

Shinpaugh, Willie, 9/22/1867-4/26/1887 (fallen, broken)

Smith, Alexander M., 5/12/1841-6/28/1907\Smith, Margaret Taylor, 8/26/1846-1/2/1917, "Wife of Alexander Smith"

Smith, Alexander Meek, 4/14/1908-10/25/1947

Smith, Annie E. [see Larick, Annie E. Smith]

Smith, Avry L., 5/13/1853-10/13/1853, "Son of W. H. & Mary Smith"

Smith, Bessie Mae [see Henry, Bessie Mae Smith]

Smith, Charles A., 5/16/1871-5/10/1946

Smith, Charles Hubert, 3/20/1903-6/27/1907, "Son of C. A. & Emma Smith"

Smith, Clara R., 3/5/1882-2/14/1883

Smith, Clyde F., 2/14/1899-10/23/1929

Smith, Dasia V., 8/9/1888-3/27/1901

Smith, David, 2/20/1805-4/8/1817

Smith, David Edward, 10/2/1917-7/25/1971

Smith, Emma Haworth, 6/7/1879-8/13/1929, "Wife of C. A. Smith"

Smith, Fred R., 8/25/1879-5/10/1952

Smith, Hugh L. S., 2/15/1842-3/10/1843

Smith, Ida [see Campbell, Ida Smith]

Smith, Infant, 12/4/1869-7/7/1870, "Infant son of A. M. & M. I. Smith"

Smith, J. H., 11/12/1853-8/27/1857, "Sons of W. T. & L. E. Smith"\Smith, C. B., 8/8/1856-8/25/1857

James A., 1/19/1843-7/5/1896

Smith, Laura J., 2/26/1882-8/14/1967 [adjacent to marker for Fred R. Smith]

Smith, Mary, 11/26/1811-7/18/1878, "Wife of W. H. Smith"

Smith, Mary Ann Galbreath, 11/29/1810-7/20/1895, "Wife of David Smith"

Smith, Nancy, 1/13/1776-??/10/1851 [April or October death date; adjacent to marker for William Smith]

Smith, Nancy A., 11/16/1868-1/8/1881, "Dau. of J. L. & R. J. Smith"

Smith, Nancy Jane, 2/16/1835-6/12/1913, "Wife of Aaron Thomas"

Smith, Robert, 2/25/1810-12/12/1892

Smith, Ruth Hartsook, 12/18/1920-3/14/1983 [adjacent to marker for David Edward Smith]

Smith, Spencer Rodgers, 5/28/1886-5/29/1969\Smith, Annie Boring, 4/3/1886-4/28/1978

Smith, Thomas N., 6/30/1839-5/23/1858 (fallen)

Smith, William, d.10/10/1854, "Aged about 75 years"

Smith, William H., 8/22/1815-5/13/1891

Starkey, Billy Rae, 1925-1929 [replacement]

Starkey, Callie Engle, 1/9/1902-11/1/1988

Starkey, Clarence F., 1897-1966

Starkey, Ellen E., 1844-1923 [replacement]

Starkey, Floyd S., 1890-1930

Starkey, Jack, 5/15/1942, military marker "Tennessee Sgt. 1 Cl. 93 Engrs."

Starkey, Nancy B., 1872-1963

Starkey, Samuel G., 1862-1905 [replacement]

Stout, Frank A., 3/10/1843-4/21/1890

Sulzner, Albert F., 7/28/1850-9/27/1928, "Father"

Sulzner, Fannie K., 10/6/1854-11/1/1930, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Albert F. Sulzner]

Swann, G. N., 9/8/1832?-3/12/1873 [very difficult to read]

Swann, James D., 10/15/1805-9/4/1862

Swann, M_____ [reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as a badly chipped marker]

Swann, Omer, 1971-1936\Swann, Adelia, 1873-1961

Swann, Paul Watt, 8/20/1900-3/20/1953\Swann, Mildred Fox, 6/24/1906-____

Swann, Rebecca, 4/29/1897-11/18/1961

Swicegood, George, 1/15/1912-____\Swicegood, Gladys P., 2/22/1919-4/9/1978, "Married Feb. 23, 1936"

Taylor, Eleana J., 11/4/1815-3/2/1872

Taylor, Elijh, 4/6/1783-8/16/1871 [marker reads "Elijh"]

Taylor, George, 10/29/1809-7/11/1863

Taylor, Margaret, 8/26/1846-1/2/1917, "Wife of Alexander Smith" [see Smith]

Taylor, Margaret, 3/21/1879-7/31/1878 [difficult to read and confusing; Tombstone Inscriptions lists Margaret E. Taylor, 3/24/1872-7/31/1875]

Taylor, Nancy J. Watt, 1/25/1824-6/18/1901, "Wife of George Taylor"

Taylor, Sarah, 2/21/1781-2/21/1817 [dates reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as 2/12/1786-2/24/1867, "Aged 81 years & 12 days"]

Taylor, Sarah J., d. 7/28/1855, "Aged 11 years 5 months 3 days"

Templeton, Rosa Ball, 3/15/1894-5/20/1966

Thomas, Nancy Jane Smith, 2/16/1835-6/12/1913, "Wife of Aaron Thomas"

Thompson, Eliza J., 11/3/1850-11/20/1853

Thompson, Mary S., 3/28/1852-11/9/1853

Thompson, Willy, 5/21/1869-2/11/1870

Tilson, Lou, d. 2/20/1939 [seems to be related to Hackney family]

Turpin, Eugene (Gene), 6/23/1936-8/5/1960

Turpin, Harrison, 5/22/1911-10/15/1966, military marker "Tennessee Tec5 874 Engr Avn Bn World War II"

Turpin, Pearl S., 7/14/1917-3/5/1989 [adjacent to marker for Harrison Turpin; temporary marker, Rose Mortuary, "Pearl Sadie Turpin"

Wagner, Mary Francis, 10/5/1863-1/26/1884

Walker, A., 10/1/1797-11/7/1879

Walker, Archibald, 10/1/1797-11/7/1879\Walker, Matilda, 7/14/1801-9/27/1882 [Note: this couple share a Russell family marker with Robert G. Russell, Bella A. Russell, and Andrew Russell]

Ina Campbell, 9/2/1902-9/13/1987 [adjacent to marker for Lynn O. Walker]

Lynn O., 9/8/1903-7/11/1958

Wallace, Addie J., 6/30/1877-10/7/1948 [adjacent to marker for Alex S. Wallace]

Wallace, Alex S., 10/8/1874-4/20/1946

Wallace, Carl Edward, 9/16/1925-8/29/1947, military marker "S 1C USNR World War II"

Wallace, Carline, 3/24/1902-12/14/1963\Wallace, Kim, 7/8/1897-____

Wallace, Ernest, 5/9/1872-5/19/1902, "Killed by Fraterville mine explosion, Coal Creek, Tenn."

Wallace, Hoover L., 12/3/1929-6/12/1977, "Father"

Wallace, Robert J., 2/22/1863-9/27/1889, "Killed by a locomotive and hand-car on the K. & O. R.R."

Wallace, Willie S., 12/26/1898-____ [ground disturbance suggests that she is buried here]\Wallace, Edward, 6/11/1894-1/26/1980

Washington, Jacob, 10/8/1838-8/18/1862

Watkins, John Howard, 2/22/1879-6/4/1880, "Son of J. W. & Permelia J. Watkins"

Watkins, Joseph E., 1855-1909\Watkins, Alice K., 1859-1945

Watt, Nancy J., 1/25/1824-6/18/1901, "Wife of George Taylor"

West, Louis, 10/1/1877-6/4/1878, "Infant son of Rev. S. R. & L. J. West"

White, Josie [see Shinpaugh, Josie White]

White, Lettish, Mrs., 4/12/1833-5/8/1895, "Mother"

White, _____, "Wife of ____ White" [eroded to unreadable; reported in Tombstone Inscriptionas as B. P. White, d. 7/27/1827(?), "Wife of Elias (Elijah?) White"]

Williams, Mary P., no dates, "Age 57 Ys. & 5 Ms."

Wills, David, Sr., 1780-10/3/1853, "Born about 1780 in Cumberland Co. Pa. Died . . . in Knox Co. Tenn."

Wilson, Ann D. [see Boyd, Ann D. Wilson]

Winfrey, Alline R., 7/11/1889-3/3/1970 [adjacent to marker for Frank P. Winfrey]

Winfrey, Charlie, 5/2/1891-11/4/1966

Winfrey, Frank P., 7/27/1884-6/7/1965

Winfrey, Norma, 1/25/1902-10/9/1982, "Wife of Charlie Winfrey"

Youngblood, W. J., 1843-1921



J.C. [footstone]
Julia, "Aged 4 Ms." [possibly a child of Mary P. Williams]
Travis, "Age 7 years" [not found or not readable in 1989; reported in Tombstone Inscriptions as "Found under a Cedar Tree NW"]


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