Compiled and contributed by David Donahue 

          This cemetery is located on Northshore Drive across from Rocky Hill Baptist Church. The church itself was originally located on part of the cemetery site. The following paragraph about the cemetery appears in Centennial Celebration, a brief history of Rocky Hill Baptist Church issued for the church's 100th anniversary in 1988:

In 1891 a graveyard was laid out on the northeast side of the church building, and family plots of seven graves each were sold for $2.50 per plot. The graves could be "sold only to white persons of good moral standing." The Board of Managers were W. L. Cottrell, Secretary-Treasurer; J. M. Watkins, Sexton; and J. H. Cottrell, Chairman of the Board. That original cemetery was fenced as follows: "cedar posts six feet apart with one 6-in. plank for the base and one smooth wire double and twisted and one barbed wire for the top." The original cemetery was eventually expanded.

          This cemetery was surveyed March 19, 25, and 26, 1989, and was checked September 2, 1989. Revisited January 20, 1997. In the notes which follow, Northshore Drive was used as an arbitrary east-west line. Toward the road is north; away from the road is south.


Adams, Arnold W., 6/28/1916-12/26/1984

Adams, Edna M., 3/23/1910-2/12/1977 [adjacent to marker for Arnold W. Adams; she probably was a McFall as these Adams markers are part of a McFall row]

Anderson, Cora M., 12/8/1973 [sole date; probably an infant]

Anderson, Homer L., 6/12/1911-10/13/1952 [probably a son of John M. and Cora Anderson, whose graves are adjacent]

Anderson, John M., 1887-1956\Anderson, Cora, 1891-____

Arwood, Rueah J., 10/12/1910-4/5/1911, "Son of G. A. & F. J. Arwood"

Ault, Maude Ella, 7/17/1915-9/8/1987, "We love you, mom" "Mary, Betty, Ralph, Bobbie, Ronnie, Ann, John"

Badgett, B. F., 5/30/1830-10/1/1902

Badgett, Bertha Cashin, 3/22/1870-4/4/1921 [adjacent to marker for William Cowan Badgett]

Badgett, Bessie B. [see McFall, Bessie B.]

Badgett, Burwell F., 2/11/1902-4/26/1949\Badgett, Josephine Cress, 2/22/1904-____

Badgett, Esther Smith, 2/4/1907-5/2/1958 [adjacent to marker for Rance N. Badgett]

Badgett, Hugh H., 1906-1931

Badgett, Iris Evelyn, 7/25/1909-3/5/1910, "Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Badgett"

Badgett, Josephine Moody, 5/8/1849-8/25/1903, "Mother" "Wife of B. F. Badgett"

Badgett, Lucy A., 1/6/1892-8/13/1971 [this marker seems to be under a Kelly central stone]

Badgett, Mamie, 1/8/1896-12/25/1911, "Daughter of R. N. & M. E. Badgett"

Badgett, Margaret, 9/2/1919-7/29/1920 [replacement]

Badgett, Mollie E., 1872-1940 [adjacent to marker for Ransom N. Badgett]

Badgett, Myrtle S., 3/5/1900-4/14/1965 [she may be the daughter of Pearl Haynes Sands, whose grave is adjacent]\Badgett, C. Newman, 5/16/1895-7/31/1947

Badgett, Rance N., 9/26,1904-10/30/1979

Badgett, Ransom N., 9/26/1868-5/7/1906

Badgett, William Cowan, 8/7/1857-11/8/1916

Badgett, William G., 12/16/1899-2/22/1972 [partially covered by fallen stone]

Badgett, William Owen, 12/22/1897-4/20/1900, "Son of R. N. & M. E. Badgett"

Bailey, Mary Elizabeth, 1904-1934 [replacement], footstone reading "Mary Bailey July 5, 1904-March 7, 1934"; another footstone-like marker reads "Hampson"

Baker, Tina Denise, 4/12/1970-4/23/1978

Baker, Vernon E., 1951-1976, temporary marker, Mann's Mortuary, 1 yard north of marker for Carson L. Scarbrough, Sr.

Ballard, Infant, 1/29/1899-2/2/1899, "Infant son of J. A. & May Ballard"

Ballard, Jessie, 10/9/1855-4/6/1928

Ballard, Margret, 4/21/1852-6/5/1895, "Wife of J. A. Ballard"

Bardill, Barbara U., 3/31/1872-2/1/1956\Bardill, Deadrick, 4/24/1873-6/20/1959

Bardill, John Hartwell, 7/10/1907-____\Bardill, Ruby G. Ogle, 1/1/1906-10/1/1994

Bardill, John W., 12/25/1940-____, "Son" [of John Hartwell and Ruby R. Ogle Bardill, whose double marker is adjacent]

Barger, Eliza [see Cottrell, Eliza Barger]

Bean, Anna Blanche, 4/26/1888-4/1/1957

Bean, Charles D., 5/26/1886-7/3/1914, "Brother" [probably a son of Joel and Isibelle Bean]

Bean, Charlie, 4/26/1900-1/26/1917, "Son of Ollie & Ida Bean"

Bean, David, 11/21/1904-6/2/1908

Bean, Dorolis [see Smith, Dorolis Bean]

Bean, Isibelle Cottrell, 2/26/1854-12/14/1898, "Wife of J. B. Bean" "Mother"

Bean, J. Ollie, 1868-1954\Bean, Ida S., 1870-1953

Bean, James Isham, 11/3/1873-3/10/1962

Bean, Joel B., 10/24/1854-2/3/1919, "Father"

Bean, Laura Cottrell, 3/31/1868-6/28/1944 [adjacent to marker for Robert Bruce Bean]

Bean, Lula Kirby, 3/28/1879-5/29/1960 [adjacent to marker for James Isham Bean]

Bean, Mary A., 11/10/1857-8/29/1926

Bean, Robert Bruce, 3/14/1864-5/14/1941

Beeler, Emma Hobbs, 1938-1982

Beets, Anniece Davis, 6/1/1906-6/30/1965

Beets, Sarah E. [see Johnson, Sarah E. Beets]

Blackburn, Ellen Gail, 10/17/1954-10/18/1954, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. E. G. Blackburn"

Blackburn, Elvin Gale, 7/24/1938-6/20/1962

Blackburn, Oran Morgan, 5/7/1933-8/15/1985, military marker "Cpl US Army Korea"

Boatman, Chuck, 8/17/1980-1/12/1988\Boatman, Chad, 12/9/1981-1/12/1988

Bowman, S. C. Jones, 9/11/1842-2/26/1927, "Mother"

Bradshaw, Pauline S., 1915-1996, temporary marker, Mann's heritage Chapel, 1 yard south of marker for William Wayne Bradshaw

Bradshaw, William Wayne, 12/4/1913-4/30/1979, military marker as footstone "US Navy"

Branum, Donnie Wayne, Jr., 1/10/1965-11/13/1994

Branum, John C., 2/27/1905-11/13/1975

Branum, Samuel J., 10/17/1909-4/26/1911

Branum, Truly M., 3/24/1915-____, "Mom"\Branum, Frank A., 11/9/1909-11/24/1986, "Dad"

Breeden, Henry H., 4/14/1917-12/13/1985

Breeden, Lois L., 10/4/1934-____\Breeden, Jay B., Sr., 4/19/1921-12/19/1974

Brooks, Martha A. Shaw, 2/1/1926-4/19/1993

Brown, Brian "Stickman," 4/25/1959-12/24/1984, "Beloved Son and Father"

Bunch, L. H., 4/19/1892-8/19/1961\Bunch, Dixie, 3/14/1906-9/28/1992

Burleson, Bertie M. French, 2/22/1885-11/15/1945 [adjacent to marker for William Thomas Burleson]

Burleson, Horace J., 8/16/1909-10/8/1968 [grave position seems to indicate that he is son of William Thomas Burleson and Bertie M. French Burleson]

Burleson, William Thomas, 3/29/1875-7/11/1959

Burnett, Ida E. [see Lowe, Ida E. Burnett]

Caldwell, James William, 11/25/1879-5/15/1938

Caldwell, Viola, 10/13/1912-5/16/1932 [adjacent to marker for James William Caldwell; his daughter???]

Callihan, Ray E., 6/29/1937-4/16/1952

Callihan, Roy, 3/16/1913-7/12/1956

Campbell, Margaret [see Coker, Maggie Campbell]

Capps, Carl Dewey, Jr., 7/9/1927-9/10/1980, military marker "Sgt US Army World War II"

Capps, Dorothy L., 3/23/1932-11/1/1993, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Carl Dewey Capps, Jr.]

Cashin, Bertha [see Badgett, Bertha Cashin]

Cashion, Sarah Duncan, 6/26/1850-10/24/1935

Cashion, Bessie [see Russell, Bessie Cashion]

Chambers, Dorothy [see Winkles, Dorothy Chambers]

Chambers, Eliza A., 10/9/1897-10/31/1934, "Wife of W. M. Chambers"

Chambers, Grace Lowe, 1/23/1908-10/19/1941

Chambers, Michael Ted, 1/11/1957-7/9/1957

Chambers, Thomas Kelly, 9/4/1954-9/6/1954

Chambers, William M., 12/21/1893-10/28/1961

Cheatham, John Paul, 7/19/1956-7/30/1956, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Irby Cheatham"

Chesney, Florence Jones, 1/17/1894-8/24/1981

Clark, Roy Lee, 12/18/1890-7/12/1965

Cline, Opal M. [see McFall, Opal M. Cline]

Cloud, Linda Ruth, 6/23/1945-12/21/1945 [replacement]

Cloud, Ruby, 6/24/1915, "Mother" [sole date may be a birth date as there is room for a death date to be added]

Cloyd, Ina Ellen, 5/31/1888-7/5/1934

Cloyd, Jerry H., 5/6/1932-5/26/1995 [adjacent to and matching style of the Hamrick markers]

Coggins, William F., 1901-1983, "Father"

Coker, Charles Franklin, 4/5/1905-1/25/1988\Coker, Margaret Campbell, 8/11/1910-7/24/1985

Coker, J. C., 9/14/1859-10/18/1928 [this marker is almost buried; it is 2 feet northeast of the marker for Nettie C. Wells]

Coker, Joe, 11/22/1888-3/8/1943 [possible son of Robert D. Coker]

Coker, John H., 8/28/1873-10/24/1949\Coker, Rebecca, 3/31/1879-12/16/1944

Coker, Luther J., 7/16/1903-10/27/1972

Coker, Magnolia, Mrs., 1911-1967, temporary marker 1 yard south of marker for Luther J. Coker

Coker, Mattie, 7/19/1897-4/30/1934, "Wife of H. E. Hill"

Coker, Nellie W., 11/30/1885-11/11/1974 [adjacent to marker for Samuel F. Coker]

Coker, Osta [see Gervin, Osta Coker]

Coker, Robert D., 1864-1943, "Father"\Coker, Jennie A., 1869-1946, "Mother"

Coker, Rosa J., 8/18/1899-8/28/1916

Coker, Samuel F., 10/22/1884-2/1/1965

Cole, Douglas Eugene, Sr., 9/11/1910-8/29/1987, military marker "SA US Navy World War II"

Cole, John J., 5/10/1920-1/22/1988

Cole, Lee Roy, 1930-1988, temporary marker, Mann's Heritage Chapel, 1 yard north of marker for Charles Franklin Coker and Margaret Campbell Coker

Collins, R. Kenneth, 12/8/1935-4/29/1994

Cottrell, Anna, 2/15/1910-2/28/1910, "Dau. of Henry & Pearl Cottrell" (homemade)

Cottrell, Eliza Barger, 1862-1930 [replacement; adjacent to marker for J. H. Cottrell]

Cottrell, Elizabeth G., 9/24/1888-8/28/1928 [adjacent to marker for W. L. Cottrell, Jr.]

Cottrell, Fred, 9/27/1920-6/20/1921, "Son of Henry & Pearl Cottrell" (homemade)

Cottrell, Howard, 9/11/1901-6/17/1903, Son of Henry & Pearl Cottrell" (homemade)

Cottrell, Isibelle [see Bean, Isibelle Cottrell]

Cottrell, J. H., 1862-1935 [replacement]

Cottrell, Laura [see Bean, Laura Cottrell]

Cottrell, Lillie [see Kidd, Lillie Cottrell]

Cottrell, Lillie Pearl, 5/15/1878-3/16/1957\Cottrell, W. Henry, 6/29/1876-2/28/1955

Cottrell, Martha Ellen, 4/26/1879-5/8/1879, "Daughter of W. L. & Mary E. Cottrell" (homemade) [A note in "Centennial Celebration" reads: "Probably earliest grave in the cemetery ... 12 day old daughter of first pastor, W. L. Cottrell. She died 13 years before the church was organized and was reburied in the newly established cemetery"]

Cottrell, Mary E., 8/9/1839-4/24/1895, "Wife of Rev. W. L. Cottrell"

Cottrell, Porter, 7/18/1902?-6/12/1904, "Son of Henry & Pearl Cottrell" (homemade)

Cottrell, W. L., 7/8/1833-3/31/1903, "Rev." [Masonic symbol]

Cottrell, W. L., Jr., 6/14/1886-5/20/1908

Courtney, Charles M., 11/30/1912-8/12/1970

Courtney, Mildred B., 11/17/1914-11/21/1969 [adjacent to marker for Charles M. Courtney]

Cowden, Crisa M., 12/22/1849-1/12/1907, "Wife of W. S. Cowden" "Mother"

Cowden, Maude [see Johnson, Maude Cowden]

Cowden, William A., 1/28/1885-4/21/1937, "Father"

Crass, Katie B. Strange, 10/20/1883-4/7/1915\ Crass, James C., 12/22/1882-2/9/1938 [replacement]

Crass, Orville Henry, 6/19/1907-4/15/1908 [replacement]

Crass, Willard Randolf, 3/20/1911-9/11/1911 [replacement]

Crawford, Georgia Laura, born & died 2/26/1919

Crawley, Clyde E., 2/6/1917-3/31/1940

Crawley, Lucy W., 11/29/1889-2/23/1971

Cress, Josephine [see Badgett, Josephine Cress]

Currier, James L., 7/23/1854-12/4/1918, "Father" "Erected by his children John Blanche Lydia Myrtle" (fallen)

Currier, Jennie B., 3/1/1877-5/10/1896, "Erected by J. W. & N. E. Ellis"

Curtis, Charles Henry, 3/4/1910-1/19/1962

Curtis, Luther, 1/6/1905-4/28/1923 [baseball and bat shown on stone]

Davis, Anniece [see Beets, Anniece Davis]

Davis, Floyd N., 11/21/1894-11/10/1943, "Father"\Davis, Freddie J., 10/27/1895-5/12/1951, "Mother"

Davis, George H., Sr., 1909-1969\Davis, Thelma L., 1914-____

Davis, Nellie [see Joiner, Nellie Davis]

Davis, Grace [see Woodrow, Grace Davis]

Dawson, Henry S., 5/3/1898-1/25/1972\Dawson, Gladys Kirby, 4/2/1912-____

Denny, Tina Renee, 5/6/1963-7/24/1963

Drinnon, Lillian, 5/5/1912-2/22/1978

Duncan, Bessie I., 12/2/1892-8/30/1960 [adjacent to marker for John C. Duncan]

Duncan, Clarence Esco, 2/3/1925-2/7/1925, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Duncan" [replacement]

Duncan, Curtis Isaac, 12/13/1885-7/17/1954

Duncan, Ernest J., 1/23/1891-8/7/1973\Duncan, Ethel H., 11/24/1898-6/4/1970

Duncan, Ida Bell, 9/27/1892-8/16/1951 [adjacent to marker for Curtis Isaac Duncan]

Duncan, Infant, 6/4/1943, "Infant son of M. & Mrs. E. J. Duncan" [replacement]

Duncan, J. A., 8/22/1855-12/19/1932, "Father"

Duncan, James L., 7/7/1882-11/7/1961

Duncan, Jessie M., 5/30/1871-8/11/1906, "Wife of C. R. Duncan"

Duncan, John C., 5/15/1884-11/13/1949

Duncan, Lillian J. Kirby, 5/18/1905-5/24/1945

Duncan, Louie Ann, 4/27/1871-10/31/1929, "Mother" [near and in the same style as the marker for J. A. Duncan]

Duncan, Mary E., 2/27/1880-3/3/1964 [adjacent to marker for James L. Duncan]

Duncan, Myrtle Cleo, 4/28/1893-10/22/1963 [adjacent to marker for Raymond E. Duncan]

Duncan, Nancy M., 9/8/1850-4/2/1895, "Wife of J. A. Duncan"

Duncan, Raymond E., 7/25/1912-5/27/1990

Duncan, Rufus A., 12/24/1854-4/28/1925 [replacement]

Duncan, Ruth [see Swanner, Ruth Duncan]

Duncan, Sarah [see Cashion, Sarah Duncan]

Dunlap, Myrtle Cleo, 12/9/1916-2/19/1983

Dunlap, William L., 4/23/1909-9/6/1978, military marker "US Army"

Dyer, Mary A. A. Lacy, 3/18/1847-12/20/1933, "Wife of John Dyer"

Dyer, Nora B., 1885-1969\Dyer, J. Edgar, 1880-1965

Edwards, S. Claude, 12/27/1900-6/7/1973, "Father" footstone\Edwards, Kate R., no dates

Ellis, Arthur A., 8/8/1916, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. O. E. Ellis"

Ellis, Arthur E., 8/5/1890-5/1/1891

Ellis, George B., 12/11/1917-2/22/1920

Ellis, Herbert C., 2/14/1911-3/1/1920

Ellis, Iris Rose, 8/24/1930-8/4/1934, "Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ollie Ellis"

Ellis, John W., 7/19/1865-11/26/1936

Ellis, Joyce M., 8/8/1928-____ [this appears to be a marker with a birth date where a death date will be added; however, it could be a death date]

Ellis, M. F., 4/9/1898-2/5/1901

Ellis, Maggie Mae [see Merrell, Maggie Mae Ellis]

Ellis, Mattie, 6/23/1871-4/9/1898

Ellis, Nancy E., 7/18/1856-10/23/1921, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for John W. Ellis]

Ellis, Nellie Troutman, 10/2/1885-5/31/1967 [adjacent to marker for Thomas Franklin Ellis]

Ellis, Ollie E., Sr., 8/23/1893-5/28/1966, military marker "Tennessee PFC HQ Co 46 Infantry World War I"

Ellis, Ollie Esta, 7/23/1889-6/17/1918, "Wife of O. E. Ellis"

Ellis, Sarah Jane, 7/26/1843-1/2/1901 [adjacent to marker for Theodore H. Ellis]

Ellis, Theodore H., 8/2/1844-4/29/1911

Ellis, Thomas Franklin, 10/4/1874-5/16/1962

Ellis, Winna [see Wyrick, Winna Ellis]

Ellison, Farrell Lynn, 11/15/1958-2/13/1959

Ellison, Samuel A., 9/6/1899-7/28/1982\Ellison, Dorothy M., 8/13/1902-____

Ellison, Shirlie S., 9/4/1939-6/29/1989, also temporary marker, Mann's Heritage Chapel, "Shirley Mae Ellison"]\Ellison, William R., 1/21/1938-____

Ellison, Thomas Dewey, 2/19/1940-5/19/1954, "Son"

Elrod, Minnie E., 5/3/1896-10/5/1963

Epps, Frank L., 3/7/1928-4/4/1982, "Father" footstone\Epps, Helen P., 4/7/1932-____, "Mother" footstone

Epps, Gregory S., 12/26/1967-5/24/1987, "Son" [of Frank L. and Helen P. Epps]

Everett, Haskell, 10/11/1909-7/14/1995, "Granddad"\Everett, Ruth E., 4/4/1907-7/13/1995, "Grandmom"

Everett, Love S., 6/9/1902-5/11/1980

Felix, Nell K., 8/1/1890-5/20/1896 [under a Kelley central stone]

Fox, James Russell, Sr., 6/29/1940-4/20/1978 [within the concrete block border surrounding the Winkle family graves]

French, Bertie M. [see Burleson, Bertie M. French]

Galyon, Eliza S., 10/16/1889-12/4/1983\Galyon, Robert A., 8/2/1884-6/12/1945

Garner, Luther Lee, 3/9/1934-9/7/1996, "Daddy"

Gervin, Howard F., 6/15/1902-8/16/1951\Gervin, Osta Coker, 11/25/1899-1/24/1976 [she probably is daughter of John H. and Rebecca Coker, whose double marker is adjacent]

Gibson, George Timothy, 6/12/1978-3/8/1980

Grady, Mollie, 1/5/1876-10/14/1896

Grant, Benjamine F., 5/23/1902-6/10/1966\Grant, Ruby Troutman, 5/12/1906-5/17/1988

Grant, Paul E., 10/26/1961-1/16/1981

Green, Cornelia, 5/2/1866-5/17/1903

Green, E. Calvin, 6/20/1897-8/18/1968\Green, Violet A., 10/10/1903-____ [ground disturbance suggests she is buried here]

Green, John G., 6/20/1861-3/1/1916 [replacement]

Green, Mary L., 9/29/1832-11/9/1893, "Wife of W. H. Green"

Green, W. H., 9/11/1826-10/19/1905, "Father"

Guy, Annie Mae, 4/9/1898-2/18/1983, "Beloved Wife & Mother" [adjacent to marker for Herchell Eugene Guy]

Guy, Hershell Eugene, 7/31/1909-12/23/1980, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II"

Haggard, J. W., 3/5/1861-10/2/1939 (homemade)

Haggard, Mrs. J. W., 6/15/1870-4/19/1928 (homemade)

There is a third Haggard grave in this group.

Hale, Mary Ada, 10/6/1887-7/3/1961

Hall, Charlie, 10/28/1879-2/15/1957\Hall, Katie, 7/23/1884-5/3/1963

Hampson, Nancy L., 11/29/1867-10/19/1935\Hampson, William H., 5/31/1864-12/8/1921, "Father"

Hamrick, Elsie B., 6/7/1914-10/13/1991 [adjacent to marker for Robert H. Hamrick]

Hamrick, Robert H., 11/9/1908-3/25/1985

Hancock, Robert F., 10/17/1913-12/27/1978

Hankins, N. J., 6/10/1860-12/21/1928 (homemade)

Hargrave, Jennie R., 1/27/1872-2/21/1901, "Wife of W. F. Hargrave"

Harmon, J. Harvey, 6/18/1869-9/11/1928

Harmon, John A., 8/25/1843-4/6/1924

Harris, Barry Dewight, 6/20/1951-7/30/1960

Hart, Josephine, 1837-1902

Hart, Lena Maxwell, 12/19/1867-5/21/1901, "Mother"

Hatley, June Pinner, 6/21/1930-9/29/1994, "Mama" footstone

Haynes, Pearl [see Sands, Pearl Haynes]

Headrick, Frank, 3/21/1875-8/5/1961, "Father"\Headrick, Jennie, 12/13/1878-4/10/1965 (fallen) [two or more infant/child graves lie adjacent to this marker]

Headrick, Sara [see McFall, Sarah Headrick]

Hembree, David Michael, no dates, "Infant"

Henderson, Lula W., 8/29/1890-____ [her burial here indicated by sunken spot]\Henderson, Roy, 2/8/1900-3/16/1975, "Rev."

Henson, Joseph Lester, 7/1894-4/1949 [replacement]

Henson, M. M., no dates

Henson, Martha Hood, 5/1864-8/1964 [adjacent to marker for M. M. Henson]

Henson, Martha Louise, 4/2/1917-1/28/1918 [she probably was a Jones]

Henson, Ruth Watson, 5/31/1899-12/10/1963 [adjacent to marker for Walter H. Henson]

Henson, Walter H., 3/28/1896-11/6/1949

Hightower, Catherine, 8/14/1917-10/22/1960

Hill, Mae A., 7/29/1914-____, "Mom"\Hill, Clarence W., 6/4/1912-2/8/1988, "Dad" "Wed Feb. 14, 1930"

Hill, Mattie Coker, 7/19/1897-4/30/1934, "Wife of H. E. Hill"

Hobbs, Carlos, 1910-1975\Hobbs, Mildred K., 1910-____

Hobbs, Charles S., 4/28/1818-11/10/1988\Hobbs, Gladys S., 2/12/1918-____

Hobbs, Dora, 8/2/1876-3/7/1925, "Mother\Hobbs, G. H., 6/15/1876-2/11/1947, "Father"

Hobbs, Emma [see Beeler, Emma Hobbs]

Hobbs, Infant, 5/20/1901-7/6/1901, "Infant son of G. H. & Dora Hobbs"

Hobbs, Luther, 1871-1941 [replacement]

Hobbs, Malinda J., 1868-1910 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Luther Hobbs]

Hobbs, Malinda Patterson, 5/26/1868-3/26/1910, "Married to Luther Hobbs 3/18/1896" [damaged; see Malinda J. Hobbs]

Hobbs, Orville E., 1931-1975

Hood, J. R., 9/2/1855-7/27/1930\Hood, Mary A., 12/31/1857-11/23/1898, "Wife of J. R. Hood"\Hood, Ivor, 7/25/1893-1/14/1894\Paul, 7/25/1893-2/20/1894

Hood, Martha [see Henson, Martha Hood]

Hood, Nancy E., 4/5/1870-12/20/1938, "Mother" "Wife of Joseph R. Hood"

Horne, Rosa Johnson, 3/7/1896-6/10/1980, "Wife of W. Lester Horne"

Horne, William Lester, 12/28/1896-5/1/1975, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I"

Horner, Samuel R., 5/6/1927-7/6/1990, "Beloved husband & father"

Hubbs, Fred A., 6/29/1894-10/31/1982, military marker "US Army"

Hubbs, James H., 11/5/1906-5/13/1962

Hubbs, Mary Eliza, 9/11/1873-2/12/1952

Hubbs, Maynard M., 12/12/1853-8/9/1929

Hubbs, William W., 3/1/1896-2/8/1974, military marker "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War I"

Hughes, Bertha, 4/7/1888-11/21/1909, "Wife of S. H. Hughes"

Hughes, Blanch, Mrs., 3/8/1890-5/1/1957, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for H. S. Hughes]

Hughes, H. S., 4/8/1883-8/21/1940, "Father"

Hughes, Howard, 11/9/1913-7/7/1920

Hunter, Delia, 7/11/1894-3/8/1982, "We miss you Mother"

Hunter, Dora, 7/28/1890-8/15/1967, "We miss you Daddy"

Hunter, Kenneth, 7/27/1935-11/9/1938

Isley, Carolina V., 4/4/1857-1/8/1938

Isley, Charles W., 4/10/1853-1/16/1932

Isley, Elizabeth F., 1/13/1827-2/14/1903, "Wife of Howard Isley" "Mother"

Isley, Pearl R., 2/12/1883-8/27/1927

James, Alma J., 10/15/1933-3/30/1996

Jenkins, Carl E., Jr., 10/2/1940-1/28/1962, "Husband"

Jenkins, Helen W., 1918-1975, "Mother"\Jenkins, Carl E., 1913-1976, "Father" "Married July 8, 1939"

Jenkins, Mitchell McDaniel, 9/29/1887-7/26/1986

Jenkins, Sharon Kaye, 3/8/1965-3/9/1965, "Dau."\Jenkins, Brian Scott, 3/8/1965-3/9/1965, "Son"

Jenkins, Ruth Evelyn, 8/13/1935-7/4/1953

Jinks, Paul, 3/24/1930-4/24/1930, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Jinks"

Johnson, Buford C., 6/29/1903-8/8/1908, "Son of G. W. & L. M. Johnson"

Johnson, Charles Humphrey, 10/2/1850-6/28/1926 (fallen)

Johnson, George F., 3/27/1896-11/28/1980, also temporary marker "George French Johnson"

Johnson, Luther, 11/24/1900-4/1/1904

Johnson, Lennie, 1/29/1880-5/31/1918, "Wife of G. W. Johnson"

Johnson, Maude Cowden, 8/26/1882-1/14/1970\Johnson, Elmer Roger, 6/5/1882-11/11/1960

Johnson, Rosa [see Horne, Rosa Johnson]

Johnson, Sarah E. Beets, 3/18/1851-4/12/1930, "Wife of Humphrey Johnson"

Joiner, Annie Bell, 12/24/1913, "Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Joiner" [replacement]

Joiner, Douglas F., 1/25/1923-____\Joiner, Mary W., 12/31/1925-7/22/1984, "Mary Wanda Joiner" on footstone

Joiner, G. W., Jr., 4/12/1922-1/27/1923

Joiner, George W., 1/9/1896-1/4/1969\Joiner, Lillie K., 7/30/1902-4/12/1963

Joiner, James L., 1857-1927 [replacement]

Joiner, James Reuben, 9/18/1902-7/24/1981\Joiner, Trasada West, 4/28/1911-____ ["Wife" footstone is in place]

Joiner, John, 1899-1921 [replacement]

Joiner, John F. P., 10/25/1940-10/29/1940 [replacement]

Joiner, Lizzie F., 10/3/1868-11/25/1902, "Wife of J. L. Joiner"

Joiner, Margre, 12/12/1903-5/3/1904, "Dau. of S. O. & M. J. Joiner"

Joiner, Millie, 2/13/1891-8/24/1968

Joiner, Peachie [see Nelson, Peachie Joiner]

Joiner, Rosa Lee, 1906-1930 [replacement]

Joiner, Sam O., 12/10/1892-10/29/1962\Joiner, Nellie Davis, 11/3/1903-5/14/1980

Joiner, Samuel O., 1871-1937 [replacement]

Jones, Annie Strange, 1861-1921, "Mother" [seems to be wife of J. L. Jones]

Jones, Baby, 1900-1901 [replacement]

Jones, Bess, 1887-1915 [replacement; assumed to be Jones, stone reads only "Bess"]

Jones, Edith L., 8/18/1905-____, "Mother" footstone\Jones, Jake D., 7/19/1899-1/17/1979, "Father" footstone

Jones, Edith Lyle, 1909-1989, temporary marker, Mann's Heritage Chapel

Jones, Eliza, 8/13/1871-6/7/1953, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for W. M. Jones]

Jones, Ernest E., 1895-1945 [Masonic symbol]

Jones, Florence [see Chesney, Florence Jones]

Jones, Gerald A., 3/31/1934-7/15/1991, "Beloved Son" [probably son of Helen Louise and Joe Cecil Jones]

Jones, Helen Louise, 2/22/1902-7/28/1984\Jones, Joe Cecil, 5/26/1902-10/10/1986

Jones, J. L., 1861-1936

Jones, John Lewis, Jr., 1902-1902 [replacement; assumed to be Jones; stone reads only "John Lewis, Jr."]

Jones, Imogene, 9/26/1925-1/5/1929 [replacement]

Jones, J. D., Jr., 5/31/1924, "Infant"

Jones, Mable, 1901-1902 [replacement; assumed to be Jones, stone reads only "Mable"]

Jones, Romeo G. L., 1889-1932

Jones, Rosa Belle Purcell, 1900-1966 [adjacent to marker for Ernest W. Jones]

Jones, Ruby, no dates

Jones, S. B., 3/21/1936, "Infant"

Jones, S. C. [see Bowman, S. C. Jones]

Jones, Samuel, d. 4/26/1928 [only name on double marker]

Jones, T. S., Sr., 1864-1940, "Father"\Annie J., 1869-1949. "Mother"

Jones, T. S., Jr., 7/8/1898-3/12/1955

Jones, W. M., 11/16/1861-8/19/1935

Jones, Wilma, no dates

Keener, William M., 1887-1939

Keisling, Jeanette [see Kosier, Jeanette Keisling]

Keisling, Mary J., 1912-1981, temporary marker, Roberts, 4 yards east of marker for Roy Clifford Tipton and 3 yards north of marker for Maynard C. Keisling

Keisling, Maynard C., 7/4/1910-2/26/1966, military marker "S2 US Navy World War II"

Kelly, Seth H., 5/4/1891-10/27/1954

Nell K. Felix, 8/1/1890-5/20/1986 [under a Kelly central stone]

Kidd, Lillie Cottrell, 2/13/1874-1/9/1942 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Thomas Alex Kidd]

Kidd, Thomas Alex, 3/5/1857-10/22/1921 [replacement]

Kirby, E. J. (Caney), 5/12/1877-2/22/1961

Kirby, Gladys [see Dawson, Gladys Kirby]

Kirby, James L., 5/12/1902-12/25/1979

Kirby, Lillian J. [see Duncan, Lillian J. Kirby]

Kirby, Lula [see Bean, Lula Kirby]

Kirby, Margaret Ann, 1910-1929, "Sister" [replacement; location would indicate that she is sister of James L. Kirby and daughter of Mary J. Kirby]

Kirby, Mary J., 5/7/1880-7/6/1934 [replacement]

Kirk, Lucille L., 10/16/1914-3/23/1982, "Mom," block vase added with "Leonard Kirk" "5-11-13/8-12-92" [she probably is a Lee]

Koontz, Ollie, 11/6/1888-4/29/1929, "Father" footstone\Koontz, Lillie, 3/22/1890-9/27/1969, "Mother" footstone

Kosier, Jeanette Keisling, 11/12/1922-4/7/1994

Lacy, Mary A. A. [see Dyer, Mary A. A. Lacy]

Lane, Sallie [see Sands, Sallie Lane]

Lee, Clarence, 8/12/1912-5/30/1982, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II"

Lee, John Wesley, 1/31/1859-8/5/1936\Lee, Margaret Orr, 10/15/1863-2/26/1946

Lee, Mabel, 9/24/1908-6/1/1994

Lee, Nancy L., 6/11/1880-8/22/1899

Lee, Nancy L., 6/11/1880-8/22/1899\Lee, Raymond C., 9/8/1904-8/12/1905, "Children of J. W. & Margaret Lee"

Lee, O. S., 1955-12/1/1977? (homemade)

Lee, Samuel J., 1889-1950 [Masonic symbol]\Lee, Sarah I., 1887-1979

Lee, Susie, 10/12/1876-6/14/1960\Lee, Will, 3/14/1874-8/31/1943

Lewis, Jessie C., 11/8/1937-1/3/1944

Lindsey, Annie Mae, 6/27/1890-9/13/1908, "Daughter of Lee & Jennie Lindsey"

Lowe, Grace [see Chambers, Grace Lowe]

Lowe, Ida E. Burnett, 8/6/1883-4/1/1964 [adjacent to marker for Nathan M. Lowe]

Lowe, Liney M., 7/15/1877-3/10/1958\Lowe, Jesse C., 9/20/1878-____

Lowe, Martha E., 4/9/1908-6/25/1967\Lowe, John N., 9/5/1899-3/28/1981

Lowe, Nathan M., 12/18/1878-11/20/1950

Luttrell, Ada Rudder, 2/15/1886-4/15/1930, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for J. W. Luttrell, Jr.]

Luttrell, Frank E., 12/3/1887-5/10/1977, "Son" [of J. W. Luttrell, Jr., and Ada Rudder Luttrell]

Luttrell, Gertrude, 10/2/1875-12/27/1902, "Wife of Wm. L. Luttrell"

Luttrell, John Wesley, 6/8/1865-10/27/1903 (broken; repaired)

Luttrell, J. W., Jr., 5/17/1862-4/18/1903, "Father" [replacement]

Luttrell, Linda, 4/9/1956-7/27/1966

Luttrell, Louella [see Van Glahn, Louella L.]

Luttrell, Martha Lenora, 12/10/1865-5/9/1904 [adjacent to marker for John Wesley Luttrell]

Luttrell, William L., 1870-1952, "Father"\Luttrell, Alta L., 1891-1967, "Mother"

Lyle, Edith [see Jones, Edith Lyle]

Matthews, Walter Z., 8/2/1905-5/23/1905, "Son of W. Z. & M. E. Matthews"

Matthews, William Z., 7/27/1875-2/4/1917\Matthews, Mary Elizabeth, 11/14/1877-12/28/1947

Maxwell, Joseph M., 9/20/1889-9/24/1967

Maxwell, Lena [see Hart, Lena Maxwell]

Maxwell, Lillian, 8/20/1900-8/20/1920, "Mother"

Maxwell, Lloyd Oscar, 3/24/1882-5/8/1903, "Killed"

Maxwell, Mary, 1859-1942, "Mother"\Maxwell, J. C., 1861-1928, "Father" "Capt."

McBryant, J. M., 12/23/1868-5/30/1928, "Father"

McBryant, Mary E., 10/26/1875-5/30/1954. "Wife of J. M. McBryant" "Mother"

McBryant, W. Wesley, 6/28/1900-6/8/1964\McBryant, Mattie L., 4/30/1905-____, "Wife" footstone [buried between 1989 and 1997]

McCulley, Blanche, 8/8/1895-7/17/1943, "In memory of our mother"

McFall, James D., 8/3/1890-1/24/1972, "Father" footstone\McFall, Bessie B., 11/30/1888-1/13/1981, temporary marker as footstone, Mann's Heritage Chapel, "Bessie Badgett McFall]

McFall, Jesse C., 3/7/1909-____, temporary marker as footstone, Mann's Heritage Chapel, "Jessie Louise McFall," 1907-1993\McFall, W. Harrison, 4/28/1893-9/18/1961

McFall, Kenneth Edward, no dates, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. N. B. McFall"

McFall, Nelson B., 1896-1965\McFall, Zola P., 1899-1977

McFall, Nelson B., Jr., 1919-1920 [replacement]

McFall, W. I., 1/27/1855-6/7/1929\McFall, Sara Headrick, 6/29/1857-12/15/1938, "His Wife"

McFall, William D., Sr., 7/20/1925-6/19/1989, "Father," military marker as footstone "PFC US Marine Corps World War II"\McFall, Opal M. Cline, 5/8/1927-____, "Married Jan. 13, 1946" "Children Patricia Cynthia Linda William Jr."

McGuire, G. L., 12/9/1862-9/6/1907, "Husband"

McGuire, Martha, 6/20/1856-7/10/1898, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for G. L. McGuire]

McGuire, W., 8/22/1887-6/23/1907

McMahan, Cas, 7/22/1880-2/11/1953\McMahan, Margaret, 7/23/1881-10/29/1947 [replacement]

McNallie, Amos, 4/15/1880-8/2/1925

Medlin, Floyd R., 11/9/1921-7/2/1976, military marker as footstone "US Army"

Medlin, Lucile [see Smith, Lucile Medlin]

Merrill, Maggie Mae Ellis, 6/30/1902-3/27/1985 [marker location would indicate that she was wife of Ollie E. Ellis. Sr.]

Miller, Roy L., 7/30/1912-3/11/1961, military marker "Tennessee PFC 276 Port Co TC World War II"

Miller, Ruth E., 9/28/1915-3/22/1975, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Roy L. Miller]

Mills, Margaret Lucile, 1/30/1913-8/12/1982, "Our Mother"

Mitchell, Lucy, 11/16/1882-10/1/1969

Moody, Josephine [see Badgett, Josephine Moody]

Moore, Eliza, 1874-1955

Mutter, Jodie (Sallie), 5/4/1896-5/24/1976

Myers, Mary, 5/13/1901-5/9/1920, "Daughter of Cotis & Lucy Neeley"

Neeley, Mary [see Myers, Mary]

Nelson, Peachie Joiner, 2/16/1899-4/17/1987, also a temporary marker, "Peachie Pearl Nelson"

Ogle, Delmar R., 7/27/1917-12/19/1978, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II

Ogle, J. Harley, 10/4/1903-11/4/1973\Ogle, Pauline H., 5/27/1911-9/18/1994

Ogle, Ruby G. [see Bardill, Ruby G. Odle]

Ogle, Wilson, 6/27/1894-10/6/1978, "Father" footstone\Ogle, Myrtle A., 11/18/1896-11/27/1970

Omary, Barbary Jean, 11/22/1943-1/13/1944, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Omary"

O'Mary, Bertha, 6/24/1906-1/3/1946, "Mother" footstone\O'Mary, Robert, 10/14/1881-12/14/1949, "Father" footstone [replacement]

Orr, Margaret [see Lee, Margaret Orr]

Ownby, Charles C., 1915-1989\Ownby, Ida M., 1919-

Ownby, Newton Earl, 6/23/1929-4/9/1988, temporary marker 1 yard south of marker for Renna Webb Ownby

Ownby, Renna Webb, 1/7/1888-6/27/1968, "Mother" as footstone

Ownby, Webb, 12/24/1916-8/2/1982

Palmer, Infant, 12/31/1896, "Infant Dau. of John & Nettie Palmer"

Palmer, Nettie, 2/18/1852-3/30/1903, "Wife of John M. Palmer"

Parker, Maggie J., 2/8/1860-3/14/1901 (fallen)

Parsons, Trophena Sanland, 2/12/1898-9/10/1976

Patterson, Annie Lee, 10/21/1898-11/18/1966, "Mother" footstone [adjacent to marker for Joseph Franklin Paterson]

Patterson, James A., 9/15/1865-11/1/1933, "Father"

Patterson, Joseph Franklin, 2/3/1877-5/9/1953, "Father" footstone

Patterson, Lousia, 9/19/1872-11/14/1948 [adjacent to marker for James A. Patterson"

Patterson, Malinda [see Hobbs, Malinda Patterson]

Patterson, Marion, 1/8/1820-5/1/1904, "Father" [replacement]

Patterson, Mary E., 4/14/1838-6/12/1912, "Mother" [replacement]

Pattison, William L., 5/21/1927-7/11/1995, military marker "US Navy" [there is an unmarked grave 1 yard south of this]

Perry, Mae E., 4/6/1904-____

Petry, Ernest, 8/4/1932-5/22/1995, temporary marker as footstone, Harp Funeral Home, Ernest (Pete) Petry

Petry, Ernie, Jr., 8/5/1952-5/4/1971, military marker as footstone "Ernest Petry" "Tennessee PVT US Army Vietnam," temporary marker, still in place in 1989, read "Ernest C. Petry, Jr."

Pickle, Albert, 2/16/1884-7/14/1920, "Husband"

Pickle, Mayme E., 6/1/1888-3/9/1943 [she probably is an Ellis]

Pinner, Alberta P., 1891-1925 [replacement]

Pinner, Carrie B., 7/27/1868-1/7/1934

Pinner, Dona W., 1909-1944 [replacement]

Pinner, Ethel K., 7/22/1894-2/19/1977, "Mother" footstone [adjacent to marker for Roy N. Pinner]

Pinner, Harold L., 4/2/1923-8/16/1959

Pinner, J. W., 12/3/1890-7/10/1935

Pinner, June [see Hatley, June Pinner]

Pinner, Mary L., 1934-1934 [replacement]

Pinner, Marcus, 3/4/1899-3/4/1932, "Father"

Pinner, N. B., 11/22/1866-11/27/1908\Pinner, John R., 8/4/1895-10/3/1897, "Son of N. B. & C. B. Pinner" [a footstone-like stone reads "Robert"]\Pinner, Infant, born & died 4/7/1900, "Infant son of N. B. & C. B. Pinner"\Pinner, Hattie J., 4/22/1893-4/19/1896, "Dau. of N. B. & C. B. Pinner"

Pinner, Robert W., 12/31/1927-11/15/1952

Pinner, Roy N., 2/23/1898-9/5/1952, "Father" [probably of Harold L. and Robert W. Pinner]

Pinner, Roy N., 5/5/1920-3/12/1996\Pinner, Elizabeth Webb, 4/19/1925-____

Plemons, Glenda Scarbrough, 3/9/1949-2/16/1971

Plowman, Everett L., 11/5/1919-4/19/1983, "Father" footstone\Plowman, Mattie E., 6/22/1929-____, "Mother" footstone

Popejoy, Velma E., 12/28/1900-10/22/1989

Purcell, Rosa Belle [see Jones, Rose Bell Purcell]

Redmond, Mabel Scott, 11/25/1903-10/17/1988, "Mother"\Redmond, Barton, 10/7/1897-5/26/1988, "Father" "Married Dec. 24, 1927"

Reed, Samuel, d. 10/7/1903, "Aged 41 years"

Reynolds, Edward, 11/24/1912-11/24/1912 [replacement]

Reynolds, Isabell, 12/20/1907-9/25/1908 [replacement]

Reynolds, Lottie, 5/24/1919-5/24/1919 [replacement]

Reynolds, Mille, 1/29/1920-1/29/1920 [replacement]

Reynolds, Nancy Rebecca, 6/17/1859-5/1/1938, "Mother" [replacement]

Reynolds, Olla, 9/27/1911-8/27/1912 [replacement]

Romines, Stephen Marcus, 1/23/1949, "Infant son of Roy & Dorothy Romines" [this marker is under a Chambers central stone; position would indicate that he is son of Dorothy Chambers Winkles]

Rose, Beulah W., 7/12/1920-5/3/1984

Rose, Charlie, no dates [footstone-like marker; probably an infant; possibly a replacement]

Rose, Joe T., 4/25/1919-2/2/1987, temporary marker, still in place in 1989, "Joe Tipton Rose"]

Rose, Mary S., 3/26/1898-4/12/1980

Rose, W. R., no dates [homemade; possible Worley Rose below]

Rose, Worley, no dates [replacement]

Rowden, Herschel, 4/10/1911-5/6/1968\Rowden, Vera, 4/12/1920-____, "Mother" footstone

Rudder, Ada [see Luttrell, Ada Rudder]

Russell, Bessie Cashion, 9/20/1879-3/30/1963

Russell, Verda L., 2/25/1932-6/10/1989, "Mama" footstone [a temporary marker in 1989 listed her as Verdie Leslie Russell]

Sands, Leroy Thomas, 9/11/1894-4/14/1896

Sands, Matt Sanders, 10/11/1880-3/17/1910 (fallen)

Sands, Pearl Haynes, 1881-1960

Sands, Sallie Lane, 7/21/1822-3/7/1898, "Wife of Mathewson Sands"

Sands, William B., 12/1845-3/20/1906, "Erected by his brothers"\Ida, 1867-2/19/1906, "Mother"

Sanland, Mayme Fitzgerald, 12/12/1899-10/21/1909 [replacement]

Sanland, Samuel Hood, 4/3/1895-10/23/1895 [replacement]

Sanland, Theresa E. Wright, 8/21/1870-12/30/1906, "Mother" [replacement]

Sanland, Trophena [see Parsons, Trophena Sanland]

Sanland, William Fitzhugh, 7/16/1865-7/3/1948 [replacement]

Sapanas, Bessie I., 1/3/1896-6/27/1988, " Dear Mother"

Sapanas, Harold, 1/18/1927-6/21/1945, military marker "S1 USNR World War II" [this marker is sunken and almost buried; it lies about 1 yard southeast of the marker for Eliza Moore]

Sapanas, Nick, 1888-1969

Scarbrough, Billy Ray, 11/2/1955-1/21/1975, military marker as footstone "AIC US Air Force Vietnam"

Scarbrough, Carson L., Sr., 5/23/1931-8/25/1977, military marker "US Army"

Scarbrough, Glenda [see Plemons, Glenda Scarbrough]

Scarbrough, Samuel H., 7/29/1890-9/26/1972

Scott, Mabel [see Redmond, Mabel Scott]

Seaver, Charles Henry, 6/30/1899-2/6/1958, "Father"

Seaver, J. F., 6/17/1888-2/9/1910 (fallen)

Seaver, Zenie Sentell, 6/13/1890-3/5/1912, "Wife of John Seaver"

Seay, Erastus H., 12/25/1880-7/28/1946

Seay, Hobart L., 9/16/1902-3/3/1946

Seay, Irene, 2/27/1904-3/26/1923

Seay, Lou Sizemore, 11/21/1882-____ [adjacent to marker for Erastus H. Seay]

Seay, Ruth Thompson, 4/1/1904-10/14/1943

Self, B. Avoline, 1/7/1883-8/17/1899, "Wife of W. W. Self" [Masonic handshake]

Sentell, J. A., 6/24/1871-1/18/1894

Sentell, Zenie, 6/13/1890-3/5/1912, "Wife of John Seaver"

Shaw, Charlie T., 11/8/1910-1/27/1974

Shaw, Martha [see Brooks, Martha Shaw]

Shoemake, Samuel Oscar, 9/12/1896-2/2/1919

Shoemake, William L., 2/22?/1873-6/22/1873

Sizemore, Eliza, 7/7/1854-2/1/1917, "Mother" "Wife of J. G. Sizemore"

Sizemore, Lou [see Seay, Lou Sizemore]

Smith, Bertha Kathleen, 4/3/1902-2/22/1944

Smith, Bertie, 3/9/1885-3/12/1960 [adjacent to marker for J. Arthur Smith]

Smith, Bette Jayn, 3/13/1931-9/17/1957

Smith, Brack J., 8/4/1881-12/9/1939, "Father"\Smith, Minnie B., 4/24/1886-____, Mother" [she probably is buried here as in 1989 flowers were placed on both positions under the marker]

Smith, C. L., 2/17/1862-8/5/1951 [on infant-style stone]

Smith, Carl White, 2/12/1889-9/10/1957

Smith, Dorolis Bean, 11/25/1903-7/23/1983 [adjacent to William L. Smith; marker is sinking and partially buried]

Smith, Esther [see Badgett, Esther Smith]

Smith, G. W., d. 11/28/1924, "Age 64 yrs" "Husband of Joseanna Smith" [on infant-style stone]

Smith, Gaines A., 3/15/1881-2/23/1958, "Father" footstone\Smith, Mona B., 7/30/1888-10/17/1979, "Mother" footstone

Smith, George Lee, 8/8/1910-3/30/1991

Smith, Harry C., 9/13/1886-4/8/1956

Smith, Helen M., 4/1/1895-10/25/1960 [adjacent to marker for Carl White Smith]

Smith, Herman, 10/30/1924-4/5/1927

Smith, J. Arthur, 1883-1951

Smith, James L., no dates, "Loved and not forgotten by children and friends"

Smith, James Millard, 3/26/1898-11/7/1964, military marker "Tennessee PFC HQ4 Service Command World War II"

Smith, Margaret Ann, 11/7/1860-1/19/1940 [replacement; adjacent to marker for T. B. Smith]

Smith, Marry E., 2/22/1865-7/5/1931, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for William N. Smith]

Smith, Mary J., 7/1/1833-7/12/1906, "Mother"

Smith, T. B., 7/31/1851-3/19/1934 [replacement]

Smith, Virgil Loyd, 6/6/1946-2/6/1977

Smith, Willard A., 11/16/1911-____\Smith, Lucile Medlin, 5/10/1919-10/19/1979

Smith, William L., 12/1/1900-10/5/1965

Smith, William N., 10/6/1857-8/16/1944, "Father"

Smith, Wilma C., 2/4/1893-1/25/1960 [adjacent to marker for Harry C. Smith] [Note: Carl White Smith, Harry C. Smith, Helen M. Smith, Margaret Ann Smith, T. B. Smith, and Wilma C. Smith share a common central marker]

Stallings, David T., 1878-1916\Stallings, Mary Callie, 1880-1960

Stallings, Ella D., 8/19/1905-4/6/1977\Stallings, Jack W., 11/1/1912-____, "Married May 28, 1932"

Stallings, John David, 3/19/1922-4/13/1945, "Pvt." "Died in Germany"

Stallings, Lucile V., 2/25/1911-3/22/1993\Stallings, David Till, 8/31/1908-9/23/1966

Stallyan, Julia Bell, born & died 4/1/1900

Stallyons, Ada Pearl, 2/23/1907-4/22/1908, "Daughter of D. T. & Callie Stallyons" [see David T. and Mary Callie Stallings]

Stewart, Clemmie, 4/2/1848-2/7/1925, "Mother" "Wife of John Stewart"\Stewart, John, 5/29/1839-8/11/1925, "Father"

Stewart, Gertrude, 10/15/1888-1/31/1961, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Oscar Stewart]

Stewart, Hugh, 5/29/1839-1/1/1968

Stewart, Infants, no names or dates

Stewart, Iva V., 3/7/1900-5/14/1988 [a tempory marker still in place reads "Miss Iva V. Stewart"]

Stewart, Katherine G., 3/16/1902-2/6/1924, "Dau. of W. H. & G. S. Stewart]

Stewart, Maggie, 10/29/1866-8/28/1959

Stewart, Marshall E., 9/8/1885-8/1/1886, "Son of John & S. C. Stewart"

Stewart, Mary Lee, 4/8/1899-11/12/1920, "Dau. of W. H. & G. S. Stewart"

Stewart, Oscar, 8/7/1881-9/5/1920, "Father"

Stewart, W. H., 12/31/1871-2/23/1929 [Masonic symbol]\Stewart, Gertrude S., 7/12/1875-6/6/1948, "His Wife"

Stiles, Jesse A., 11/1/1906-12/5/1970

Stinnett, H. F., 3/30/1864-3/30/1924

Stooksbury, M. Broadus, 10/15/1898-12/24/1953\Stooksbury, Hassie M., 8/8/1906-5/1/1979

Stooksbury, Mitzi Denise, 8/17/1956, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Johnny J. Stooksbury"

Strange, Annie [see Jones, Annie Strange]

Strange, Elbert A., 6/14/1899-2/19/1971\Strange, Maggie H., 6/4/1897-1/5/1982

Strange, J. H., 5/6/1858-12/10/1909

Strange, John L., 8/27/1886-12/26/1972 [only name on a double marker]

Strange, John L., 10/22/1923-12/16/1923

Strange, Katie [see Crass, Katie Strange]

Strange, Oscar Paul, 1888, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Strange"

Strange, Ralph A., 5/2/1919-7/6/1941

Strange, Sarah Emma, 11/30/1859-10/13/1941, "Mother" [fallen; adjacent to marker for J. H. Strange]

Strange, Tillman L., 6/16/1921-1/21/1934 [replacement]

Summey, Fred Lee, 1908-1988, temporary marker, Mann's Heritage Chapel, 3 yards southeast of marker for John Frederick Weishaupt [middle and newest of about five recent graves]

Swanner, Elizabeth Bean, 4/26/1908-5/1/1908, "Dau. of J. E. & L. G. Swanner"

Swanner, Ruth Duncan, 7/14/1899-____ [sunken spot seems to indicate that she is buried here; probable daughter of Jessie M. Duncan, whose marker is adjacent]\Swanner, Charles Y., 8/31/1895-12/12/1958

Thompson, Ruth [see Seay, Ruth Thompson]

Tipton, Roy C. Clifton, 2/9/1912-9/15/1956\Tipton, Hazel B., 10/5/1916-3/8/1990, "Our children Bill Eleanor Stella"

Tobbler, Athlyne O., 8/22/1910-11/23/1978 [only name on double stone]

Tobler, Judy C., 4/17/1941-8/24/1968

Toler, Evelyn C., 1/25/1914-8/26/1972

Toole, Barckley O., 9/30/1859-12/16/1929\Toole, Nannie C., 12/23/1869-1/4/1931

Toole, Barclay Wallace, 3/30/1894-10/17/1898, "Son of B. O. & N. C. Toole"

Toole, Infant, 6/24/1902, "Infant of B. O. & N. C. Toole"

Toole, Mary R., 12/23/1905-11/28/1973\Toole, Bart W., 7/11/1899-____

Toole, Nellie Mae, 5/23/1892-2/12/1945

Toole, W. P., 8/26/1853-4/17/1925, "Father" footstone [Masonic symbol]\Toole, Blanch A., 9/7/1859-1/17/1943, "Mother" footstone

Toole, W. M., 12/9/1882-12/25/1912 {Masonic symbol]

Touton, G. A., 9/8/1886-11/3/1918

Towe, Sanford Allen, 3/12/1944-7/7/1981, military marker "US Army" [this marker lies within a row of Kirby family markers]

Trout, David E., 3/11/1905-10/16/1978

Trout, George R., 9/26/1865-4/30/1973\Trout, George B., 3/17/1927-____ [seems to have been buried before 1997]\Trout, Mary I., 9/28/1926-____

Trout, Nola Magnolia, 3/2/1913-8/11/1994 [adjacent to marker for David E. Troutt]

Troutman, Nellie [see Ellis, Nellie Troutman]

Troutman, Ruby [see Grant, Ruby Troutman]

Troutman, Sallie D., 1/6/1884-1/3/1946

Troutman, William E., 10/26/1883-7/20/1970

Tucker, Adra I., 6/20/1894-3/25/1966, "Mother"\Tucker, J. E., 1/3/1893-11/18/1974, "Father" "Mechanic and Veteran W. Wars I & II," military marker as footstone "John E. Tucker" "US Army"

Underwood, Eva C., 6/28/1925-____\Uunderwood, Clarence E., 12/31/1923-3/16/1986, military marker as footstone "US Army"

Underwood, Juliette J., 8/11/1891-2/7/1978\Uunderwood, Louis E., 9/20/1891-3/9/1969

Underwood, Marie V., 3/24/1917-1/2/1968 [adjacent to marker for Sherman W. Underwood]

Underwood, Mary Millie, 4/10/1927, "Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Underwood"

Underwood, Sherman W., 11/22/1916-1/19/1972

Van Glahn, Louella L., 11/30/1895-12/26/1982, "Daughter" [probably of J. W. Luttrell, Jr., and Ada Rudder Luttrell]

Van Sice, Edward R., 7/19/1900-3/7/1944

Vanosdale, Nellie Mae, 11/10/1897-1/17/1922, "Mother" "Wife of W. H. Vanosdale"

Walden, Estella Belle, 11/23/1894-1/20/1900, "Dau. of A. L. & R. E. Walden"

Wallace, Dorothy M., 2/15/1932-12/5/1932 [replacement]

Wallace, Infant, born & died 7/5/1921

Wallace, Infant, born & died 1/27/1924 [replacement]

Wallace, Loria O., 2/16/1899-10/1/1953

Wallace, Loria O., Jr., 7/15/1922-7/19/1922 [replacement]

Watson, Ruth [see Henson, Ruth Watson]

Webb, Elizabeth Webb Pinner, 4/19/1925-____ [see Pinner, Elizabeth Webb]

Webb, Renne, 1/7/1888-6/27/1968, "Mother" as footstone

Weishaupt, James Ogle, 1/20/1907-1/27/1909, "Son of J. F. & A. E. Weishaupt"

Weishaupt, John Frederick, 1/1/1883-10/30/1971, "Daddy" footstone

Wells, Horace E., 10/5/1898-10/1/1965

Wells, Luvenia, 4/7/1861-8/28/1947, "Mother"

Wells, Nettie C., 1/5/1905-1/24/1982

West, Trasada [see Joiner, Trasada West]

Whitehead, Callie Maples, 7/16/1900-1/29/1974

Wilhite, Beulah, 2/13/1895-1/8/1982

Wilhite, Paul, 5/1/1897-12/24/1978

Winkle, Charles J., 6/26/1914-10/23/1988, "Dad" footstone\Winkle, Katherine H., 2/18/1920-9/5/1991, "Mom" footstone

Winkle, Charles W. (Bill), Jr., 8/14/1938-6/22/1953 [replacement]

Winkles, Dorothy Chambers, 4/26/1928-5/19/1974

Wilson, Iva Rush, 12/13/1908-2/8/1953

Woodby, Lillian L., 8/16/1916-____\Woodby, Bennie I., 3/30/1917-10/27/1959

Woodby, Mollie M., 11/28/1891-1/21/1954\Woodby, Ben H., 11/8/1889-9/1/1946

Woodrow, Grace Davis, 4/14/1912-5/22/1977 [adjacent to marker for Marcus L. Woodrow]

Woodrow,Marcus L., 2/5/1918-11/26/1971

Wright, Charles G., 10/11/1938-10/18/1951\Wright, Lucile B., 6/28/1917-11/18/1951

Wright, J. P., 12/29/1847-12/28/1932 [replacement]

Wright, Lassaphene, 10/16/1848-4/17/1904, "Mother"

Wright, Theresa E. [see Sanland, Theresa E. Wright]

Wyrick, Winna, 4/17/1898-4/17/1926



E. B. W. [probably an out-of-place footstone]
G. L. S. [probably an out-of-place footstone]
Hampson [footstone-like rock]
Lucy Nelly [no dates, possibly a footstone]
No Name, 1962-1962 [marker 1 yard north of marker for Bertie Smith; probably a Smith]



There are several clusters of markers lying within low concrete borders. These clusters are listed below:

Jones: Eliza Jones, Ernest E. Jones, Rosa Belle Purcell Jones, W. M. Jones

Jones: Florence Jones Chesney, Martha Louise Henson, Baby Jones, Bess, J. L., John Lewis, Jr., Mable, Annie Strange

Luttrell: Ada Rudder Luttrell, Frank E. Luttrell, J. W. Luttrell, Jr., Louella L. Van Glahn

Sanland: Trophena Sanland Parsons, Mayme Fitzgerald Sanland, Samuel Hood Sanland, Theresa E. Wright Sanland, William Fitzhugh Sanland

Winkle: James Russell Fox, Sr., Charles J. Winkle, Charles W. (Bill) Winkle, Jr., Katherine H. Winkle

Undefinable: S. C. Jones Bowman, Nancy L. Hampson, William H. Hampson, John L. Strange, John L. Strange, David Michael Hembree


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