Knoxville City Directory



"While this volume of the Knoxville City Directory shows no increase in size or weight, the information it contains is more full and complete.  A careful census gives the city this year, 24,830 population - 20,706 white and 4,124 colored.  As compared with volume 3, 1884, we find in 1884, white names, 5,545;  this volume 5,952, a gain of 497.  In 1884, colored names, 1,261; this volume, 1050, a loss of 211; a net gain of 286 names.

Thanking the public spirited citizens of Knoxville for their generous support,                                                                             We are, with due respect, &c.,

                                            NORWOOD & CO.,

November 30, 1884                                      Publishers



Guide to Streets and Avenues      (Knoxville and suburbs)

Ward Boundaries

Halls and Public Buildings

Incorporated Companies/ Businesses

Associations and Societies

Secret Societies

Benevolent Institutions

Public Schools

Academies and Schools (includes faculty listings!)

Government - City of Knoxville

Government - Knox County

Government - U.S. (Federal) Officers Locally





Post Office

Railroads (with mileage charts!)

Telegraphic (Western Union)


Residential Surname Index (2,093 entries!)

Business Directory of Knoxville, Tenn. (sorted alphabetically by professions)

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