Knoxville City Directory



Black Diamond Coal Company - Office: 148 Gay. Incorporated September 24, 1874  Capital, $150,000.  T.H. HEALD, president; E.C. LOCKE, secretary and treasurer.
Clark Foundry and Machine Company - Hardee, northeast corner of Humes. Incorporated 1881. Capital, $25,000.   H.W. CLARK, president;  S. CORNICK, secretary and treasurer.
Coal Creek Mining Company - Office, 148 Gay. Organized March 13, 1882. Capital, $150,000. T.H. HEALD, president; E.C. LOCKE, secretary and treasurer.
Coal Creek Mining and Manufacturing Company - Office, 148 Gay. Incorporated 1872.  T.H. HEALD, secretary; C.A. BULKLEY, New York, treasurer.
East Tennessee Coal Company -  Office 223 Gay. Incorporated 1877. Capital, $40,000.  M.J. CONDON, president; E.J. DAVIS, treasurer and manager; B.A. JENKINS, secretary. 
East Tennessee Iron and Coal Company - Office, 124 Gay. Incorporated, 1855.  A.L. MAXWELL, president; R.C. JAEKSON, secretary and treasurer.
East Tennessee Land Agency and Immigration Bureau - Office: 31 Reservoir. Incorporated May, 1883.  Capital, $100,000.  J.F.J. LEWIS, president; C. POWELL, vice-president;  J.W. GAUT, treasurer;  C.W. CHARLTON, secretary and general superintendent. 
Edes, Mixter and Heald Zinc Company - Furnace, Clinton, Tenn.; office, 148 Gay   Incorporated March, 1883.  Capital, $100,000.  J.W. MIXTER, vice-president; E. L. EDES, treasurer.
East Tennessee Telephone Company - Office, southwest corner of Gay and Church.  Incorporated 1881.  Capital, $80,000.    Clarence CARY, president; D.J. CARSON, secretary and treasurer; J.C. DUNCAN, manager.
Knoxville Car Wheel Company -  120 Jacksboro road. Incorporated 1881.  Capital, $107,000.  C.H. BROWN, president; J.A. QUAIFE, vice-president, secretary and treasurer; J. ESDALE, superintendent.
Knoxville City Mill Company - Crozier, corner E.T.V & G.R.R. Incorporated 1883.  Jasper LILLIE, president; J.A. WALKER, secretary and treasurer.
Knoxville Fire Insurance Company - 148 Gay.  Incorporated 1878. Capital, $100,000.  Capital and surplus, $125,000.  D.A. CARPENTER, president; W.W. WOODRUFF, vice-president; Wm. H. SIMMONS, secretary and treasuer,
Knoxville Foundry and Machine Company - South side of Hardee, 2 north of Sneed.  Organized 1879.  Capital, $100,000.  Peter STAUB, president; J.B. KELLEY, secretary and general manager; C.M. FOUCHE, treasurer.
Knoxville Furniture Company - Office 66 Gay, works, south side Front, west of Locust.  Incorporated 1882.  Capital, $50,000.  T.R. PRICE, president; A.S. MOZNER, secretary and treasurer.
Knoxville Ice Company - West and Cumberland.  Incorporated 1881.  Capital  $40,000.  Peter KERN, president; J.B. HOXSIE, vice-president;  H.C. SQUIRES, secretary and treasurer; T.D. LEWIS, superintendent.
Knoxville Iron Company - Asylum and High. Incorporated 1868.  Capital, $230,000.  W.R. TUTTLE, president; W.S. MEAD, secretary and treaurer.
Knoxville Leather Company - High corner Bridge.  Incorporated  March 24, 1860.  Capital, $50,000.  John S. VAN GILDER, president;  Frank A.R. SCOTT, secretary and treasurer. 
Knoxville Marble Company - Office 71 W. Clinch.   Incorporated 1871.  Capital, $20,000.  Wm. PATRICK, president; Geo. W. ROSS, secretary and treasurer.
Knoxville Street Railroad Company - Stables and offices, junction of Broad and Crozier. Incorporated January  5, 1876.  W.W  WOODRUFF, president; T.L. BEAMAN, superintendent, secretary and treasurer.
Knoxville Water Works Company - Offices 76 Gay.  Incorporated  January, 1882. Capital, $20,000. S. McKINNEY, president; J.M. BROOKS, secretary; A.H. MARTINE, superintendent. 
Savings, Building and Loan Asssociation of Knoxville, Tenn -- Offices, east side Gay, north of Hattie House. Incorporated April 23, 1880.  Capital, $213,000. P.KERN, president; A.P. WHITE, terasurer; E. BOLI, secretary.
Southern Car Work - E.T. Va&Ga. R.R. track, west of depot.  Organized June 1, 1881.  Capital, $80,000.  G.W. COLWELL, presient; R.Z. ROBERTS, secretary and treasurer; R.L. LOTT, vice-president and manager.
Standard Coal and Coke Company - Office 56 W. Clinch.  Mines, Newcomb, Tenn.  Incorporated August, 1883.  Capital, $500,00. E.E. McCROSKEY, president and treasurer; J.F. McCLURE, vice-president and general manager.
Standard Handle Company - Jacksboro road, corner of Munson.  Incorporated, 1884. Capital, $60,000.  W.R. McCULLOUGH, president; F.J. LELAND, vice-president; C.M. WOODBURY, secretary and treasurer.


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