Knoxville City Directory






This Guide includes not only the City proper, but West End, Shieldstown, Mechanicsville, North Knoxville, and the whole suburbs. By the new system of numbering, Crozier street forms the dividing line of the city, and all streets crossing it are numbered east and west from it. Streets running north and south are numbered from south, northward.

Even numbers on south and east sides; odd numbers on north and west.

In the arrangement of the Guide, the number which should or does appear on the northwest corner of the street is invariably used, wherever possible.

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ALABAMA - From Clifton ave southwest to Central, 1 north of River ave.

ALEXANDER - From Bearden's Addition to Brookside ave, 1 east of Crozier

ALTAVIA - Continuation of Cedar, west to Tellico ave.

ANDERSON - From W Clinch north to Grove, 1 west of 2nd Creek

ANDERSON - From Wray northeast to Massengill, 1 north of Baxter ave.

ANDREWS - From 2nd Creek southwest to Central, 3 north of river.

ANN - From White north to Bridge, 5 west of 2nd Creek.

ARMSTRONG AVE - From Folsom northeast, 1 west of Broad, Marble Hill

ARTHUR - From Asylum northeast to Van, 4 west of York avenue:

ASYLUM - Eighth north of river, runs from Gay west to Locust, thence northwest to junction of Clinton and Montgomery roads.

ATKIN - From Hannah ave northeast to W. Fifth ave, 3 west of 2nd Creek.

AULT - From Bertrand east, Shieldstown.

BACK AL - From Euclid ave, 1 north of York ave, west to North

BARRY - From W Main north to W Cumberland.

BAXTER AVE - From Crozier east to Cornelia, west to Hemlock, 3 north of National Cemetery.

BERTRAND - From E Main north, Shieldstown

BLOUNT - From junction of W. Cumberland and Kingston rd north to Grand ave, 2 west of 2nd Creek.

BONNEVUE - From Morrow west to Tellico ave, 1 south of Grand ave.

BOYD - From Deaderick, junction of Arthur, north to Moses.

BRADLEY - From Broad west to Jacksboro, 1 north of W Fifth ave.

BRANNER - From Chamberlain northwest to James, 2nd north of McGhee

BRIDGE - From 2nd Creek, at Cedar, west to Dickinson, 2 north of W.Clinch

BRIGHAM - From Florida to 1st Creek, 1 north of Hardee.

BROAD - From junction of High and Cedar, northeast to Tazewell rd

BROOKSIDE AVE - From Crozier to Broad, west to Clinton rd, 5 north of National Cemetery.

CALLAWAY - From Chamberlain 1 north of McGhee northwest to Boyd, thence west to Clinton rd.

CAMPBELL - From Sullivan 1 south of Hardee, east beyond Kentucky

CARRICK - From Asylum  north to Deaderick, 1 west of Arthur.

CARSON - From Williamson north to limits, 1 west of Clinton  rd.

CEDAR - From High  junction of Broad west to John, continued by Altavia

CENTRAL - From river north to Yale, 1 west of Temple ave.

CENTRAL AVE - Continuation of Crozier, north from junction of Broad

CHALMERS - From Callaway  1 east of Boyd, northwest to Branner.

CHAMBERLAIN - From Oak north to W. Fifth ave at 2nd Creek.

CHESTNUT - From Baxter ave 2 west of 2nd Creek, north to limits

CHURCH - From Crozier, west to High, 5 north of River.

CHURCHWELL - From River  north to Main, 1 east of 2nd Creek

CLARK - From Asylum  2 north of York ave, north to W. Fifth ave.

CLEVELAND - From Munson north to Dameron ave, 1 west of Crozier

CLIFTON AVE - First west of 2nd Creek from the river to Kingston rd.

CLINCH - Sixth north of River, and is divided into E and W Clinch at Crozier, runs east to E Main, west to Tellico ave.



CLINTON RD - From Asylum, junction of Montgomery rd, northwest.

CLYDE - From Kingston  rd north to Montgomery rd, 8 west of 2nd Creek

COLEMAN - From E. Front north to Craig, 1 east of Kennedy.

COLEMAN - From Broad southeast to 1st Creek, Marble Hill

CONDON - From Fouche to Pritchard, 2 east of E. Clinch

COMMON AL - From Crozier  west to Conner alley, 1 north of W. Depot.

CONNER AL - From W. Depot 1 east of Broad, north beyond E. Hudson.

CONTA - From Broad northwest to Massengill, Marble Hill

CORNELIA - From Baxter  ave 3 east of Crozier, north to Brookside ave.

CRAIG - From Kennedy east to Swan, 2 south of E. Main.

CRAIG - (Shieldstown) - East from Bertrand.

CROZIER - dividing line, from river north to city limits, 2 east of Gay.

CUMBERLAND - Divided into E. and W. Cumberland at Crozier, runs east to E. Main and west to junction of Kingston  rd and Main.



DALE AVE - From Asylum  to Tellico ave, 1 north of York.

DAMERON AVE - From Crozier  west, 1 north of National Cemetery

DEADERICK - From Arthur, junction of Boyd, west to Clinton rd

DEERY - From E. Park north, 3 east of Crozier

DEPOT - Divided into E and W Depot at Crozier, 1 north of E T V & G R R and runs east to Ohio and west to Queen  al.



DEWEY - From Brookside ave north, to Marble Hill

DICKINSON - From Kingston rd north to Grand ave, 4 west of 2nd Creek

DORA - From Deaderick,  1 south of Clinton  rd, north to Moses.

DREW AL - From Patton  west, 2 north of Mabry 

E. CLINCH - See Clinch.

E. DEPOT - See Depot.

E. FIFTH AVE - See Fifth  ave.

E. FOURTH AVE - See Fourth ave.

E. FRONT - See Front.

E. HUDSON - See Hudson.

E. LEROY - From Crozier west to Lee, 2 north of National Cemetery.

E. MAIN - See Main.

E. PARK - See Park.

E. THIRD AVE - See Third Ave.

ELEANOR - From #. Fifth  ave north, 5 east of Crozier

ELEVENTH - From junction E. Main and E. Clinch, north.

ELM - From Lawrence ave north, 3 west of Van.

EUCLID AVE - From Dale ave 1 west of Clinton rd, west to Tellico ave.

EVERETT - From Wells north, 1 east of Broad, Marble Hill. 

FAIR - From E. Front north to Craig, 1 east of Henderson

FIFTH AVE - Fourth north of E T V & G R R, divided at Crozier into E and W Fifth ave, and runs east to 1st Creek, west beyond limits.



FLORIDA - From Willow, at 1st Creek, northwest to E Fourth ave

FOLSOM - From Broad north to Massengill, Marble Hill.

FORT SANDERS AVE - From Kingston  rd west to McCollum, 6 west of 2nd Creek.

FOUCHE - From Condon  north to Mabry, 1 east of 1st Creek.

FOURTH AVE - Fifth north of E T V & G R R, divided at Crozier into E and W Fourth ave, runs east to Florida, west to King.


FRAZIER - From E. Park north to E. Fifth ave, 2 east of Florida.

FRONT - First north of River, divided into E. and W. Front, runs from Kennedy east to Swan, and from Crozier west to High.




FULCHER - In east bend of 1st Creek at south end of Georgia  

GAY - From River north to W. Park, 2 west of Crozier. Principal business thoroughfare

GEORGIA - From Fulcher at 1st Creek north to E. Fifth ave, 1 east of Florida.

GRAND AVE - From Asylum at E T V & G R R west to Tellico  ave, south side of E T V & G R R.

GREER - From Massengill, south of junction of Folsom, north to Brookside ave.  

HANNAH AVE - From E T V & G R R at 2nd Creek, west to Deaderick.

HARDEE - From Crozier 1 north of Mabry, northeast to Ohio.

HARRIS - From Asylum southwest to High, 1 south of Broad.

HAZEN - From Bertrand east, Shieldstown

HEMLOCK - From Baxter ave north, 4 west of 2nd Creek.

HENDERSON - From E. Front north to E. Cumberland., 2 east of 2nd Creek.

HENLEY - From River north to Union, 4 west of Gay.

HIGH - From River north to Union, thence northwest to Asylum, 5 west of Gay.

HILL - From Crozier  west to Churchwell, 2 north of River.

HOLSTON - From Broad northwest to Munson, 1 east of National Cemetery.

HOWARD - From 1st Creek north of Hardee, east to Shieldstown.

HUDSON - Third north of E T V & G R R, divided at Crozier  into E. and W. Hudson, runs east to Florida, west to Conner al.



HUME - From Campbell north to E. Park, 1 west of Florida.

ISLINGTON - From Bertrand east, Shieldstown

JACKSBORO - From west end of W. Depot northwest, continued beyond limits by Jacksboro rd.

JACKSON - From Crozier west to K & A R R, south side of E T V & G R R.

JAMES - From Wallace  northeast to Munson, 1 north of University  ave.

JEFFERSON - From Henderson 1 south of E. Main, east to Swan.

JENNINGS - From Crozier  west to Jacksboro, and is the city boundary north.

JOHN - From Kingston  rd north to Grand ave, 3 west of 2nd Creek.

KENNEDY - From river north to E. Clinch, 1 east of 1st Creek.

KENTUCKY - From Willow north to E. Park, 2 east of Florida.

KENTUCKY - From south of William, beyond Morgan, Bearden's Addition.

KING - From W. Depot north to W. Fourth ave, 1 west of Crozier.

KINGSTON RD - From junction of Main, Cumberland. and Blount, and runs west.

KNOX - From west end of Baxter ave south.

LAMAR - From Park, 1 east of Crozier, northwest to Broad.

LANIER - From Hardee north to E. Depot, 2 east of Crozier.

LAWRENCE AVE - From Van west to Elm, 1 south of Dameron ave.

LEE - From Cumberland., 5 east of Crozier, north to Mabry.

LEE - From Munson north to Baxter ave, 1 east of Jacksboro.

LENOIR - From Asylum, north to Tulip , 2 west of York  ave.

LESLIE - From Clinton rd 1 west of Moses, southwest to Tellico ave.

LITHGOE - From Pine north to Nelson, 8 east of Crozier.

LOCUST From River north to Vine, 3 west of Gay.

LYNCH - From O'Brien north to Nelson, 1 east of Pritchard.

M'CAMMON - From Swan 1 south of East Main, east.  

M'CLUNG - From E. Depot, north to E. Third ave, 2 east of Crozier.

M'COLLUM - From Fort Sanders  ave west, 1 south of Montgomery  rd.

M'GHEE - From Broad 1 south of W. Depot, west to Clinton rd.

M'GRATH AVE - From W. Clinch to Union, 1 west of Gay.

M'KEE - From E. Clinch north to Mabry, 1 east of Crozier.

M'MILLAN  (Shieldstown) - Runs north from Howard

M'MULLEN - From Broad west to Vine, 1 north of Asylum.

MABRY - From Crozier east to Eleventh, at city limits.

MAIN - Third north of River, divided at Crozier into E. and W. Main, runs southeast and northeast to limits and west to junction of Kingston  rd and Cumberland..



MAPLE - From W. Fifth ave north, 2 west of 2nd Creek.

MARIA - From University ave west, 1 west of Clinton rd.

MARION - From Boyd, junction of McGhee, north to Munson, thence northwest.

MARKET SQ - Prince  from Union to Asylum

MARY - From University ave, 1 east of Clinton rd, north to Moses.

MASSENGILL - From junction of Wells and Folsom north, Marble Hill.

MEE - From Pine  east of E. Main, north to Mabry.

MILL - From Crozier junction of Clinch north, parallel with 1st Creek.

MINNOW - From Mill southeast to 1st Creek.

MITCHELL - From Wells north to 1st Creek, Marble Hilll.

MOFFETT - From Clifton ave southwest, 1 south of Kingston  rd.

MONTGOMERY RD - From junction of Clinton rd and Washington ave, northwest.

MORGAN - From Hardee, 1 west of Crozier, north to Broad.

MORGAN - From Broad west Bearden's Addition.

MORROW - From White 1 west of K & A R R, north to Grand ave.

MOSES - From Boyd west to Clinton rd, 2 north of University ave.

MUNSON - From Crozier 2 north of Jennings, west to University ave.

NELSON - From Sneed, junction of Mabry east to Owen, 1 north of Mabry.

NEW - From Patton east to 1st Creek, 2 north of Mabry

NORTH - From York ave, 1 east of Fort Sanders  ave, north to Euclid ave.

O'BRIEN - From Temperance east to Pritchard, 1 south of Pine.

OAK - From Chamberlain west to Atkin, thence west to Deaderick, 1 south of McGhee

OAK - From Brookside ave north, 1 west of K. & O. R.R.

OHIO - From Hardee north to E. Park, 3 east of Florida.

OWEN - From Pine 1 west of E. Main, north to Howard.

OXFORD - From Walnut  west to Locust, 3 south of Vine.

PADELFORD - From Florida east to Kentucky, 2 south of Hardee.

PARK - Second north of E T V & G R R, divided into East and West Park at Crozier, runs east to Ohio, west to Broad.




PATTON - From E. Main, 3 east of Crozier, north to Hardee.

PAUL - From Bertrand east, Shieldstown

PAYNE - From  McKee, 1 north of E. Clinch, east to E. Main.

PEACH - From Van to Arthur, 1 south of Munson.

PINE - From Kennedy east to E. Main,  1 south of E. Clinch.

POPLAR - From Hill 1 west of High, north to W. Main.

PRINCE - From River north to Market sq, thence north to Vine, 1 west of Gay.

PRITCHARD - From O'Brien 2 east of Patterson, north to Mabry.

PRUETT - From Crozier  west to Holston, 2 north of Broad.

QUEEN AL - From Jacksboro  north to Gray Cemetery, 1 west of Broad.

RAMSEY - From Asylum north to Tulip , 1 west of York ave.

RAY - From W. Fifth ave north, 1 west of Jacksboro.

RESERVOIR - From Crozier  west to Walnut, 1 south of Vine.

RICHARD - From south of McGhee north to W Fifth ave, 1 west of Chamberlain.

RIVER AVE - From 2nd Creek southwest to river bank.

ROBINSON - From Clifton ave 2 south of Kingston  rd, east to E T University

RUSSELL - From Clinton rd west, 1 north of University ave.

SCOTT - From W. Cumberland. 1 west of 2nd Creek, north to Cedar.

SNEED - From Nelson north to Hardee, 1 east of Crozier.

SOOY - From McCammon northeast, east side limits.

SPRING - From High west to 2nd Creek, 1 south of W. Main.

SPRING - From Bertrand east, Shieldstown.

SPRUCE - From Walnut west to Locust, 1 south of Vine.

STATE - From River north to Vine, 1 east of Gay.

STUART - From Brookside ave south, 2 east of Crozier.

SULLIVAN - From Campbell north to Hardee, 1 east of Crozier.

SUMMER - From Walnut west to Locust, 2 south of Vine.

SWAN - From Craig north to E. Main, southeast limits.

TAN - From Grove north to Cedar, 1 west of 2nd Creek.

TELLICO AVE - From Kingston  rd north beyond Leslie, 10 west of 2nd Creek.

TEMPERANCE - From E. Cumberland. north to Mabry, 2 east of Crozier.


TEMPLE AVE - From river to Grand ave, 5 west of 2nd Creek.

TENNON - From Crozier  east to Stuart, 1 south of Baxter ave.

THIRD AVE - Second north of Fifth ave, is divided by Crozier in to E. and W. Third ave.


TULIP - From E T V & G R R near  2nd Creek, northwest to Deaderick.

TWELFTH - From junction Payne and E. Main, south.

UNAKA - From Kingston  rd 7 west of 2nd Creek, north to University ave.

UNION - From Crozier  west to 2nd Creek, 1 north of W. Clinch.

UNIVERSITY AVE - From west end Munson, southwest to Agricultural College.

VAN - From W. Fifth ave 1 west of 2nd Creek, north to Baxter ave

VINE - From Crozier  west to K & A R R, thence south to McMullen, 2 north of Union.

WALLACE - From Deaderick north to Moses, 1 west of Boyd.

WALNUT - From Broad west, Bearden's Addition.

WALNUT - From River north to Vine, 2 west of Gay.

WASHINGTON AVE - From Clinton  rd, junction of Asylum, west to Tellico ave.

WELCHER - From Fouche 1 south of Mabry, east to Patton, thence southeast to Payne.

WELL AL - From Queen al west to Jacksboro, 1 south of W. Fifth ave.

WELLS - From 1st Creek northwest to Massengill, Marble Hill.

W CLINCH - see Clinch.

W DEPOT - see Depot.

W FIFTH AVE - See Fifth Ave.

W FOURTH AVE - See Fourth Ave.

W FRONT - See Front 

W HUDSON - See Hudson.

W LEROY - From Van west to Elm, 1 north of Dameron ave.

W MAIN - See Main

W PARK - See Park.

W THIRD AVE - See Third Ave.

WHITE - From Morrow  west to Tellico  ave, 1 north of Kingston  rd.

WILLIAMS - From W. Depot northwest to Broad, 2 west of Crozier.

WILLIAMS - From Crozier east to Broad, Bearden's Addition.

WILLIAMSON - From Clinton rd junction Deaderick, northwest

WILLOW - From 1st Creek, 1 north of Mabry, east to Kentucky.

WORDON - From Andrews north to Robinson, 1 east of Clifton ave.

WRAY - From Munson north to Brookside ave, 2 east of Jacksboro.

YALE - From Clifton ave to Central ave, 2 south of Kingston  rd.

YORK AVE - From Asylum  west, north side of E T V & G R R

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