Early Settlers of Knox County:


  Read J. J. Burnett's biographical  Sketches of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers (1919) 
This is an incredible resource - over 200 biographies, covering many counties in TN, NC & VA!

  Read Dr. J. G. M. Ramsey's   History of Lebanon Presbyterian Church  "In The Fork": Five Miles East of Knoxville, Tenn. (1918). Now enhanced with photographs, compliments of Kenneth Dunlap!

View Knox County church histories from Goodspeed's History of Tennessee (1887)Many early churches and church leaders are mentioned here! 

View Knox County Bibliography

  Interesting reading!  The Early settlement of Knoxville is discussed in detail.

Review a visitor's view of Knoxville, along with a drawing of the city circa 1845.

Read the history of the Welsh in Knoxville -- from the Knoxville Welsh Society  

  View   "The Gibbs Family & German Migration to East Tennessee".  This area contains several essays that discuss the descendants of Nicholas Gibbs (including mention of numerous contemporary families) and includes an article on the Palatine Emigration to America

  See the listing of Knox County communities and businesses from the Tennessee State Directory (1873)

  Take a virtual tour of 1885 Knoxville -- browse the online version of Norwood's Knoxville City Directory   (check out the railroad mileage charts - distances between Knoxville and surrounding communities!)