Knox County, Tennessee

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Early Knox County Militia members listed in the Legislative Petition 26-1817-1 from Record Group (from Tennessee State Library & Archives)

Civil War:

Knox County in the Civil War  (Billie McNamara)

Knoxville Civil War Roundtable

Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications:  Soldiers and Widows

Index to Tennessee Confederate Soldier's Home Applications  (sorted by last name)

Word War I:

Knox County in the World War  (Billie McNamara)

Records of WWI Soldiers from Tennessee (Available through the Tennessee State Library and Archives)

World War II:

News from the Front:  Transcripts of Word War II Newspaper Articles

Search the WWII Veterans Database in neighboring Sevier County (many thanks to Billie and Rachael !)

Casualties of War:  Knox County Gold Stars of Honor   (Word War I through Vietnam)

See "Knox County Research Helps" for more information

Ordering Military Records by Mail (TSLA)