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 Knox County, TN  Cemeteries

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(Note:  additional / alternative names for cemeteries are given in italics)

 - A -

Adams Cemetery

Anderson-Gouffon Cemetery

Armstrong Cemetery

Armstrong Cemetery (2)

Asbury Cemetery

Aulton Cemetery

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- B -

Bair Cemetery

Barner Cemetery

Bayless Cemetery

Beal Cemetery

Bearden Cemetery

Beaver Ridge Cemetery

Beeler Cemetery

Bell Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Biagiotti Cemetery

Bird Cemetery

Bishopville Cemetery

Blackoak Cemetery

Bookout Cemetery

Bounds Cemetery

Bounds Cemetery(2)

Bowling Cemetery

Bowman Cemetery

Bradley Cemetery

Bright Cemetery

Brimer Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Brown Cemetery(2)

Brown Cemetery (3)

Burroughs Cemetery

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- C -

Callahan Cemetery

Campbell Cemetery

Cardwell Cemetery

Carter Cemetery

Carter Cemetery(2)

Carter Cemetery(3)

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Chamberlain Cemetery

Chesney Cemetery

Childs Cemetery

Clift Cemetery

Cline Cemetery

Cobb Cemetery

Cobbs Cemetery

Collier Cemetery

Coupland Cemetery

Cowan Cemetery

Cox View Cemetery

Craig Cemetery

Crawford Cemetery

Crestview Cemetery

Croft Cemetery

Cruze Cemetery

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- D -

Dailey Cemetery

Davis Cemetery

Draper Cemetery

Dunn Cemetery

Dunn Cemetery(2)

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 - E -

Early Cemetery

Edgewood Cemetery

England-Legg Cemetery

Estes Cemetery

Eubanks Chapel Cemetery

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 - F -

Flenniken Cemetery

Foster Cemetery

Fox Cemetery

Franse-Ingram Cemetery

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- G -

Ginn Cemetery

Golden Cross Cemetery

Grace Cemetery

Greenfield Memorial Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Grubbs Cemetery

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- H -

Hall Cemetery

Hall Cemetery(2)

Hall Cemetery(3)

Hall Cemetery(4)

Hansard Cemetery

Happy Home Cemetery

Harris Chapel Cemetery

Hickory Creek Cemetery

Highland Memorial Cemetery

Hill Cemetery

Holloway Cemetery

Holly Hills Memorial Park

Holston View Memory Gardens

Hopewell Cemetery

Howell Cemetery

Howell Cemetery(2)

Hudgens Cemetery

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- J -

Jack Cemetery

Jackson Cemetery

Jett Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery(2)

Johnson Cemetery(3)

Johnson Cemetery(4)

Johnson-Randlers Cemetery

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- K -

Knott Cemetery

Knoxville Memorial Park

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- L -

Latham Cemetery

Lebanon Cemetery

Long Tom Cemetery

Luttrell Cemetery

Lynnhurst Cemetery

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- M -

Major Cemetery

Mars Hill Cemetery

Maxwell Cemetery

McBee Cemetery

McBee Cemetery(2)

McCall Cemetery

McCammon Cemetery

McCarrell Cemetery

McCloud Cemetery

McCubbins Cemetery

McMillan Cemetery

McNutt Cemetery

Meadowlawn Cemetery

Meridian Cemetery

Monday Cemetery

Moulden Cemetery

Mount Olive Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery

Murphy Cemetery

Murphy Cemetery(2)

Mynatt Cemetery

Mynatt Cemetery(2)

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- N -

National Cemetery

Nelson Cemetery

Neubert Cemetery

New Gray Cemetery

Norman Cemetery

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- O -

Old Flat Creek Cemetery

Old Gray Cemetery

Old Poor Farm Cemetery

Old Salem Cemetery

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- P -

Parker Cemetery

Parker Cemetery(2)

Perry Cemetery

Pet Memorial Cemetery

Phibbs Cemetery

Pleasant Chapel Cemetery

Pleasant Forest Cemetery

Plumlee Cemetery

Pratt Cemetery

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- R -

Reed Cemetery

Reed Cemetery(2)

Rhea Cemetery

Rockydale Cemetery

Rogers Cemetery

Rudder Cemetery

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- S -

Salem Cemetery

Shell Cemetery

Sherrod Cemetery

Sherrod Cemetery(2)

Shipe Cemetery

Shipe Cemetery(2)

Shipe Cemetery (3)

Shook Cemetery

Slave Cemetery

Spitzer Cemetery

Stanton Cemetery

Strong Cemetery

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- T -

Tindell Cemetery

Tindell Cemetery(2)

Trentville Cemetery

Trout Cemetery

Turley Cemetery

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- U -

Underwood Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery(2)

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- V -

Van Loon Cemetery

Varner Cemetery

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- W -

Walker Cemetery

Walker Cemetery(2)

Wallace Cemetery

Wallace Cemetery(2)

Weaver Cemetery

Wells Cemetery

Williams Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery

Woods Cemetery

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- Y -

Yarnell Cemetery

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- Z -

Zachary Cemetery

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