A Knox County, Tennessee
Mystery Photo Album

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This album was found in October, 1999, in East Knox County, near the Jefferson County line, in an abandoned house off Ruggles Ferry Pike that once was used to board families of employees of Blake's/Livona Dairy. No information as to the original owner or the person who abandoned it is known. Someone recalled that an elderly man used to live in the house, but no one recalled details about him.

The album is gorgeous: tooled leather, embossed with gold filigree on all covers. It has four brass buttons, approximately 1 inch in diameter, inserted in a diamond pattern on the front and back covers. Inset in each brass button is a white glass bead, approximately 0.3 inch in diameter. The spine has Album in gold, with "Patd July 21st 1863" stamped in gold at the bottom. The hinges are brass, with a faux belt-and-loop effect. One hinge is missing, but the snap-button fixtures are both intact. The three exposed edges of each page are worked with a gilt design so that, when the book is closed, the pages present a gold-colored floral design in relief. The inside boards are covered in either a satin grosgrain or paper that appears to be grosgrain; these endpapers are also edged with gold.

Album exterior Hasp and foredge titlepage

The album was a Christmas gift to someone in 1866. The initials TWS are written behind the title page in a hand similar to the one that made most of the notations on album pages.

Christmas 1866 inscription Bibliographic info

The album has spaces for 200 photos. Approximately 1/2 the pages were never used. The index at the front was never used.

A third hand appears to have made many of the photo identifications and comments, which contains some outstanding family history detail! Entries from that hand are shown here in italics.

Many of the photos are missing, but names and relationships remain on the pages. It appears someone tried to erase some names and inserted other photos in some of those spots. An educated guess is that someone removed the photos that were identifiable as "family," then discarded the remainder of the album. Very sad, indeed.... Some of the photos may be in the wrong slots, which means closer inspection is required.

Following is a table of the names and identifying information written in the album, along with information about the remaining photos and cards. Note that many of the photos were taken in Mobile, Alabama; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Mississippi.

If you can identify any of these photos or can help us identify the album's original owner, please contact the Webmistress with information!

Mr. Keith Bowen
Papa & Sallie?
Mrs. Mary Gillespie Bowen
Nathan (Irving) Keith Bowen
Grand Ma
Elizabeth Carter Gillespie
Hugh French
Hugh French (friend)
[Knoxville, Tennessee]
Hugh French T. H. Smiley's, Knoxville
Cousin Shep
T. S. Webb
Cousin Shep & Cousin? Blannie?
Cousin Shep Webb & 1st wife Blanch McClung
C. J. McClung
Aunt Bessie's son
Alfred Landon Bowen
Grandma Howard's brother
Unidentified man
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Man from Cincinnati M. J. Dennis' Gallery
Unidentified woman
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Woman from Cincinnati J. W. Winder Co.
No notation on album page.
"To Minnie from Jesie? Campbell" [inscription on back]
Josie Campbell Hoag and Quick's Art Palace
  J Campbell inscription
Uncle Alfred Gillespie
Grandma Neonie's? brother
Cousin Ita Branner
Eliza Cardwell? Branner
(M. Baker Howard) Granma knows the fives and I know the twos --
Jessie Gillespie
Jessie Gillespies
Evangeline "trade card" with portion of poem penned on the back [not scanned]  
Percy Lockett
M. R. Howard Lockett
Locketts Tintype - no information on back
William Howard
Grandpa's brother
[Clearly, this photo is a female (from Cincinnati, Ohio); it was no doubt inserted in the wrong slot.]
Unidentified photo secured in album with duck tape Field
Ben Gillespie
"Cousin Ben"
Col. Gillespie
Andrew Gillespie
Cousin Ben's father
Miss Ellen H. Howard Gillespie
Aunt Ellen
Andrew's 2nd wife -- married Grandpa Howard's two sisters
Jim Gillespie
Cousin Ben's brother
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Jim Gillespie J W Winder Co
Hal? Bowen Howard [empty]  
Bimi? & Minni? R
Aunt Bessie & Mother
Uncle Henry & M? George
Henry Gillespie & George Bowen
Henry Gillespie
Mary Gillespie Bowen
Grandma Neonie?
John Carter
Cousin Jane Carter Goodwin's brother (killed Mr. Wendel)
Uncle George Bowen
brother of M. I. K. Bowen
Unidentified woman
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Unidentified woman from Cincinnati Leon Van Loo
Br George
George Bowen
No notation on album page.
"Julia" inscribed on bottom and "Compliments of your friend J." inscribed on back.
Julia Compliments of your friend J.
Unidentified woman
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Unidentified woman from Cincinnati Photographic Art Gallery
John Donelson [empty]  
No notation on album page.
"Gen Buckner" inscribed on back.
[Simon Bolivar Buckner was leader of the Kentucky State Guard before his appointment as a Confederate General. This uniform appears to be from the KY Guard.]
General Simon Bolivar Buckner C. D. Fredricks & Co.
Cousin Henriette Bowen
Henrietta Bowen
Trade Card marked "Coulon & Garner"
Coulon & Garner  
No notation on album page.
"Edwin Whitfield" inscribed on front; "My little Edwin sends this to your little boy as a 'Souvenir'" inscribed on back.
Edwin Whitfield My little Edwin...
Edwin Whitfield - name
Unidentified Woman with parasol No photographer's markings.
Unidentified woman
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Woman from Cincinnati J. W. Winder Co.
Julia Smith
[Mobile, Alabama]
Julia Smith J. T. Wilson
Annie? Summy? Girl with doll No photographer's markings
Cousin Hugh McClung
My cousin Hugh's father
Cousin Annie Chase
Annie Chase
Mr. Ford? Sykes
Mrs. Major? Grand Sykes
Miss Ionie? McFarland's mother
Charlie Bowen
Charlie Bowen Grandma Howard's brother
Slot contains trade card entitled "The Infant Moses," published 1864 by J. P. Soule, Boston.
The Infant Moses  
"Whisper" Trade Card
Maggie & Ellie handwritten on front
C____ Boyd
Miss Cinnie Boyd
M Anna Sale
Miss Annie Sale (teacher)
Mr.? Carter
William Carter
Wife [to right of William Carter] [empty]  
Unidentified Unidentified man with Masonic emblem on tie initials and 1866
Mrs. Carrie? Hooper
Mrs. Hooper
Mrs. Carrie? Hooper Tintype - no information on back
Unidentified Man with long beard No photographer's markings
Unidentified baby
[Mobile, Alabama]
Baby C. Barnes
Mrs. Bob Paine
Mrs. Robert Paine
[Okolona, Mississippi]
Mrs. Robert Paine C. R. Jenne
"We Praise Thee O God" Trade Card published by G. W. Tomlinson, Boston. We Praise Thee O God G. W. Tomlinson
"The Shepherd Boy" Trade Card published 1865 by E. P. Barney, NY. The Shepherd Boy New York Photographic Co.
Trade Card
[appears to have been glued on top of a photo]
Girl with Bird C. R. Jenne
No notation on album page.
"Mrs. Smith" inscribed on back. [Memphis, Tennessee]
Mrs. Smith H. A. Balch
Mr. Callie? _____ Man with bow tie No photographer's markings
Unidentified woman
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Unidentified woman from Cincinnati Leon Van Loo
Sanna Webb
Cousin Sanna Webb Cousin Shep's daughter
Cousin Annie Chase [empty]  
Unidentified woman
[Nashville, Tennessee]
Unidentified woman from Nashville R. Poole
Br George Bowen
Brother George Bowen
No notation on album page.
"A. H. French" inscribed at bottom.
[Mobile, Alabama]
A. H. French C. Barnes
Grandma's brothers written in margin on page with following 3 names
Charlie Bowen [empty]  
Alfred Bowen [empty]  
Ozzie Bowen
Orzanus? Allen Bowen
Ossie Bowen
"Miss Ettie Berger" inscribed on back.
[Detroit, Michigan]
Miss Ettie Berger Cadwallader
Miss Kate Cox
Miss Kate Cox (teacher)
[Seaford, Delaware]
Miss Kate Cox H. L. Dean
William Howard
William Howard Tintype - no information on back
Judge Boon
Judge Boon
Judge Boon No photographer's markings
Billie Howard Billie Howard and woman Tintype - no information on back
"The Children's Bath" Trade Card
published 1865 by J. P. Soule, Boston.
The Children's Bath  
Annie Dee? McClung
Mrs. Fred Chamberlain
Mary Russell Bowen
Mary Russell Bowen
[Aberdeen, Mississippi]
Baby from Mississippi A. R. Henwood
C. J. McClung
[St. Louis, Missouri]
C. J. McClung A. J. Fox
Unidentified man Man tintype Tintype - no information on back
Cousin Henry Franklin
[Aberdeen, Mississippi]
Henry Franklin A. R. Henwood
Unidentified woman
[Cincinnati, Ohio]
Woman from Cincinnati Hoag and Quick
John Donelson [empty]  
Charles McClung [empty]  

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