A station on the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad, in Knox County.

List of Business Persons:

Arnold, G.W., general store

Cardwell, W. P, general store


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A post village in Knox County, in the eastern part of the State.  Ship to Concord on the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad.

List of Business Persons:

Coram, T.H. & Bro., general store

Failing, J.W., physician

Morris, C., tanner

Wills, J.T., physician


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A post village in the county of Knox; on the Knoxville & Kentucky Railroad. Population 130.

List of Business Persons:

Bishop, J.C., vineyard

Bittle, W.D., wagon maker

Childress, E., grist mill

Davidson, Henry, blacksmith

Graham, W.A., dry goods

Hinkley, R., fruit grower

Oates, E.T., general store

Presnell, E.A., blacksmith

Webber, C.L., shoemaker


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A post village in Knox County, in the eastern part of the State, on the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad.  Population 150.


List of Business Persons:

Barnhill, A.T., wagon maker

Galbraith, A., blacksmith

Martin, Samuel, physician

Roberts, W.H. & Bro., tanners

Russell, R., general store


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A post village in the county of Knox, is situated on the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad, 15 miles west of Knoxville.  Population: 300.

List of Business Persons:

Beck, J.V., liquor dealer

Boyd, John W., agricultural implements

Callaway, F.M., saw mill

Children, Wm., painter

Cook, P.F., carpenter

Doak, J.A., cabinet maker

Dowling, Hugh, general store

Gounds, J.R., carpenter

Green, Joe, shoe maker

Mathes, W.L., blacksmith

McLinn, W.O., carpenter

McNutt, M.W., saddler

Pate & Russell, general store 

Pepper, R.R., saw mill

Rodgers, S.C., physician

Rodgers, W.D., physician

Russell, S.L & Son, general store

Russell, R & W.L., flour and grist mill

Seward, John, brick mason

Stone & Rogers, druggists

Williams, J.E., stoves and hollow ware


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Is situated in Knox County, in the eastern part of the State.  Ship to Knoxville, on the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad.

List of Business Persons:

Crawford, T.J., general store

Cox, John, general store          

Rogers, W.A., physician


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The county seat of Knox County, and third largest city in the State, is situated at the junction of the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia, Knoxville & Kentucky, and the Knoxville & Charleston Railroads.  Population: 10,000.

List of Business Persons:

Aiken, Wm., register in bankruptcy

Albers, George W., druggist

Alexander, ____, physician

Allison & McClung, produce and commission

Anderson, A., barber

Andrews, George, attorney

Angel, S.P., Weed’s sewing machines

Atkin House, hotel

Atkin, S.T., sash and blind factory

Atkin & Coffman, stoves, etc.

Bailey, F.K., physician           

Barrett, Robert, saloon

Barry, H., job printer

Barry & McDaniel, confectioners

Barton, Alvin, wholesale dry goods

Bauman, J.F., carpenter

Bearden, McNutt & Bearden, clothing          

Bell & Bell, livery stable

Betterton, J.W. & Bro, whol. Liquors

Blum, Mrs., dressmaker

Boyd & Kennedy, physicians

Boynton, D.F., physician and pension agent

Bowyer, J.F., painter

Braden, H., tailor

Bradley, H., wholesale dry goods

Brawshaw, G.R., physician

Brown, George, attorney

Brown, Geo., agricultural implements

Brown, George, shoe maker

Bruce, A.C., architect

Burger & Co., commission merchants

Burnett, S.M., physician

Burr & Terry, sash & blind manufactory

Burrier, T.A., sewing machines

Caldwell, A., attorney

Camp, E.C., attorney

Cardwell, R.H., dentist

Carey, Mrs. S.F., millinery

Carpenter, Ross & Lockett, wholesale groceries

Christian & Co., dry goods

Cocke & Henderson, attorneys

Coffin, Martin & Co., whol. Grocers

Comfort, James, attorney

Cooley, J.A., carpenter

Cooper, J.L., saloon

Cornick, T.R., attorney

Cowan, McClung & Co., general store (wholesale)

Cruize & Adney, stove, etc.

Craig & Bartlett, sash and blind manf’y

Crozier, C.W., physician

Cullen, C, agent, china, glass, etc.

Cummings, Wm. F., musical instruments

Cuquil & Pillet, merchant tailors

Curtis, J., physician

Dale, A., groceries

Day & Thompson, livery stable

Davis, Henry, carpenter

Deaderick, C., physician

Deaderick, J.W., judge of supreme court

Delaney & McLemore, carpenters

Ducloux & Esperandine, cigars, etc.

East Tennessee National Bank

Ebert, A., gunsmith

Eddington, R.H. & Co., dry goods

Eifler, N., saloon

Evans & Lewis, boots and shoes

Exchange & Deposit Bank:

            Baxter, John, president

            Bailey, E.P., cashier

Fagan, D.R., marble works

Fanze, J., groceries

Fitzgerald, W.N., billiards

Flenniken, E.H. & Bro., bricklayers

Foust, J.L., agent for Victor sewing machines

Fouche, R.M., dentist

Francisco & Co., dry goods, etc

Francisco & Co., boot and shoe man’f

Franklin House:

            Smith, Wm., proprietor

Franz & Jones, groceries

Fuchs & Aehli, merchant tailors

Gaines & Bro., boots and shoes

Gaut, J.W., commission merchant

Gilbert Bros, dry goods, and groceries

Gillespie, A.L. & H.C., wholesale notions

Glass, Henry, groceries

Goodman, H., groceries

Gratz, L.A., attorney

Grary, M., saloon

Grimaldi, T.F., shoe maker

Hall, C.W., attorney

Hall, E.T., attorney

Hall, J.S., dry goods and groceries

Hamilton, Robert, Grover & Baker sewing machines

Harris, M.M., dentist

Hart, F & Bro., clothing

Haupt, J.F., painter

Haverley, J.M., painter

Hawkins, Butt & Co, stoves, etc.

Hayes, E.R., grocers

Hill, W.A.B. & Co., wholesale liquors

Hodge & Blakebill, dry goods and groceries

Hope & Miller, jewelers

Horne, J.F., wholesale liquors

Hough & Co., agricultural implements

Howard & Soule, Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines

Howes, S., furniture

Hoxie & Dupree, stoves, etc

Hudiburg, J.L, groceries

Hunter & Co., druggists

Hunt’s photograph gallery

Hutchings, Mr. M., dress maker

Jenkins, P.F., grocer

Johnson & Co., dry goods & groceries

Kavanaugh, Mrs. M., saloon

Kay, John, saloon

Kennedy, James, groceries

Kennedy, M., saloon

Kensel, J.F., baker

Kern, P., baker and confectioner

Kibler, J.A., saloon

King, J.M., attorney

Knoxville Bank

Knoxville Chronicles (newspaper)

Knoxville Iron Works

Knoxville Marble Co.

Kraus, F., druggist

Lamar House, hotel

Lichtenwanger, J., dry goods, etc

Lloyd & McConnell, saddles & harness

Lobenstein, A., clothing

Logan & Logan, attorneys

Lowe, John, saloon

Luttrell, S.B., hardware

Mann, H. & Co., clothing

Martin, John, stoves, tinware, etc

Mason & Lambright, dry goods

McCallum & Co., auction & comm’n

McEwen, R.N. & Co., wh dry goods

McKean, Mrs. Mary, dress maker

McLettan, D.J., groceries

Miller, F., brick mason

Mitchell & McAffry, saddles, etc

Moody, Martin, brick mason

Morgan, J.H., homeopathic physician

Moses, J.L. & Co., commission mer

Munson & Bailey, real estate agents

Newman, D., blacksmith

Nilson & Cruze, dry goods & groceries

O’Connor, T & Co., saddles & harness

Parham, E.N., dry goods & groceries

Payne, R.S. & Co., boots, shoes & hats

Paxton, John W., homeopathic physician

Peoples Bank

Pons, L.A., barber

Post, S.T., blacksmith

Powell, G.L., dry goods and groceries

Press & Herald (newspaper)

Prosser, A.S., attorney

Purkey, D., saloon

Quinn, John, saloon

Ramsey, F.A., physician

Renshaw, J.H., furniture

Rhea, John L., dry goods, etc

Ricardi, Peter, groceries

Ristine & May, furniture

Ritter, Peter, cigars and tobacco

Rodgers Bros., druggists

Rogan, L.H. & Co., iron foundry

Rogers & French, physicians

Rogers, W.B., groceries

Sanford, Chamberlain & Albers, wholesale druggists

Schleier, T.M., photograph gallery

Schmid, R, baker

Scott, A., barber

Scott, A.G. & Co., furniture

Seymour, Charles, attorney

Shepard, L.C., undertaker

Sherf, John, ice dealer

Smith, Geo. H., jeweler

Smith, O.B. & Co., books and stationery

Snyder, C.L., carriage maker

Somerville, Jas., plumber, etc

Sooy, J.H., flour and grist mill

Spire, N.M. & Bro., confectioners

Surgin & Roach, flour and grist mill

Staples, Robt., dry goods & groceries

Stearn, M. & N., clothing

Stevens, J.A., dry goods, etc

Sturm, C., groceries

Sullivan, P, saloon

Tadlock, A.O., physician

Terry, D.G., shoe maker

Thompson, G.W., saloon

Thornburg, C.H., attorney

Vance, S.N., attorney

Vanderhof, O.G., civil engineer

Van Gilder, S., boots and shoes

Van Gilder, T.J., groceries

Vestal, R., clothing

Wally, J.H. , cigars and tobacco

Waring, Chas. & Co., civil engineers

Washington, Geo., attorney

Waters & Bro., retail dry goods

Webb & Taylor, attorneys

White, A.P., dentist

White, Isaac, barber

Williams, Sturgess & Co., books and stationery

Williams, Z., commission merchant

Williams & Williams, attorneys

Woodruff & Co., general store


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A post station in Knox County, on the Knoxville & Kentucky Railroad, 9 miles northwest of Knoxville.  Ship by above road.

List of Business Persons:

Foster, B.F., blacksmith

McClellan, H.L., general store

McMurray, Wm., general store

Presnell, Isaac, blacksmith

Runyan, James F., blacksmith

Woodward, _____, physician


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A post village in Knox County, in the eastern part of the State.  Ship to Knoxville, via East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad.

List of Business Persons:

Arnold, G.W., physician

Brice, N.B., flour and grist mill

Cardwell, Wm. P. & Bro., general store

Carter, M.A., flour and grist mill

Gilmore, H., tanner

Howell, J.H., shoe maker

Roberts, H., flour and grist mill

Shipe, A.M., tanner

Skaggs, P.H. & Son, general store


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A post village in Knox County, in the eastern part of the State.  Ship to Knoxville, via East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad

List of Business Persons:

Bowman, J.W., flour and grist mill

Braun, W.D., general store

Dennis, B., flour and grist mill

Rutherford, M., physician

Smith, T., general store


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