Support Staff

Rule High School

Knoxville, TN

"Golden Memories"


Faculty and Administration:


  • Mrs. Elizabeth S. Bain  (English and Social Science)
  • Miss Mary Barger (Commercial)
  • Miss Willomette Barksdale (Spanish, Latin, French, English)
  • Thelma Lee Bowman (Mrs. Hugh C.)  (eighth grade health)
  • Mr. A.L. Broyles  (English, US history, mathematics)
  • Miss Rubel Cotter  (seventh grade geography)
  • Miss Margaret E. Davis  (vocational home economics)
  • Mrs. Mary E. Davis  (Art)
  • Miss Jessie Dempster (mathematics)
  • Edna H. Duncan (Mrs. E. E.)  (seventh grade music, chorus, choir, English)
  • Mr. Funson Edwards (English)
  • Virginia M. Ellis (Mrs. Charles)   (Math)
  • Lera Embry  (Mrs. Joseph J)  (English)
  • Frances Farris (Mrs. Allen) (English, journalism)
  • Miss Carrie Lee Freeman  (English)
  • Miss Nancy Giffin  (home economics)
  • Vera Haile (Mrs. Frank L).  (Bible)
  • Mr. Edgar J. Hargis  (bookkeeping and general business)
  • Mr. H. H. Hayhow  (assistant librarian)
  • Miss Lynette Hendricks  (mathematics)
  • Mr. Reuben A. Hunter (civics, guidance)
  • Mr. Ralph W. Hutchins (civics, football)
  • Mr. J. Ernest Jackson (geography, history)
  • Lillian Johnston (Physical Education)
  • Mr. Donald R. Jones (physical education)
  • Miss Mary Katherine Lack  (foods, U.S. History)
  • Mr. D. M. Miller (mechanical drawing, math, football)
  • Miss Catherine McGuffin (English, reading)
  • Miss Mildred C. McLane (Music, English, Speech Arts)
  • Mr. William O. Oakes  (electricity and metal)
  • Mr. R. L. Ogle (mechanical drawing, electricity)
  • Mr. W. H. Ragsdale (chemistry, physics, general science)
  • Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, Jr. (band)
  • Miss Ruth A. Ramsey (Music, English)
  • Mrs. Helen G. Reddington (reading)
  • Miss Mary Scales (English, reading)
  • Miss Agnes Scharer (librarian)
  • Mr. J. A. Sharp (history)
  • Miss Hattie Ruth Spradlin (health education, biology, math)
  • Mr. Donovan B. Stringham (general science, math)
  • Mr. Roy Wallace (assistant principal, math)
  • Mr. Sam L. Wallace (Tennessee history)
  • Miss Buena Lou Walters (art)
  • Miss Myrtle Watson (mathematics)
  • Mr. Harold S. White (woodwork)
  • Miss Frances Woolley (English)
  • Mr. Rex M. Wyatt (typing, economics, distributive education)

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