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From: Patricia Graves Reagan <>

Subject: Lets get the party started

I am from Knoxville.I am from the south side of Knoxville and graduated

from good old Young High School, class of 1959.Some of our best football

game was with Central. I now live in Neenah Wisconsin for the last 35


I two have been blessed with great research in the Graves line. John

Sebastian Graves (Graves) is 9th grandfather and three of his children

are of my line. John and Sarah Sharp, Sebastian Graves and Sarah

Effland, Barbara Graves and Henry Sharp. Now the females lines I have

not been so lucky at. Thomas Hall and his wife Nancy Hayes, Michael

Fraker, Peter Kitts, Margaret Severs or Sevier,and it covers Claiborne,

Grainger, Anderson, Union and Knox , most of these name are about the

time Tennessee became a state.

Its good to be home again if only in my dreams. I am not just interested

in names and dates. I want some history.I would l would like to know if

a book has been written on Ft. Sanders Hospital. Young High School

history, Founders and history of Sharps Chapel, Halls

Crossroads,Highland Memorial Cemetery, More about those early settlers

that settle the land like the Graves, in Graverson, Sharps, Gibbs,

Albrights, and some of the others that came from Orange County NC. in

the 1790s and 1800.


Pat Graves Reagan


Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 19:07:25 EST


Subject: Re: Let's get this party started


I didn't realize this list was new, thought I had just overlooked it. I

retired 3 yrs ago from Bellsouth and have just been "researching my roots"

for about a year. I regret not getting interested in it while my father was

still alive, he had a wonderful memory and I know would have been a great

help. I have already benefited greatly from my search. I have developed very

close relationships with 3 of my first cousins whom I barely knew since

childhood. I managed to get them interested and now we are all "addicted". I

have also met several "cousins" online and a few in person whom I never knew

existed. It is really weird how we are all about the same age and all just

getting interested in genealogy at the same time.

The Knox Co. lines I am researching are: BROWN, WOOD, CATE, McCLAIN and


RENFRO, TUNNELL, WILHITE. Some of the collateral lines are developed and some

not. Though Knox Co. is the main location, these families were also found in

Anderson, Jefferson and Greene counties.

My brick wall is John Brown b. 1799 NC m. Sarah Wood 1825 Knox Co. Sarah

was the daughter of Joseph Wood and Sarah McClain. Cannot find out who John's

parents were. Suspect that he had brothers named Maxwell, Clement and

William, they are at the same locations at the same time but not confirmed

their relationship to John. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.



Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 19:19:08 -0500

From: "Billie R. McNamara" <>

Subject: Re: Introductions

Hi, Sabrina! You're right about East Tennessee being one of the most

beautiful places on earth. Every time I've moved away, I've absolutely

pined to get back home -- and paid Delta a fortune to make sure I did at

least every couple of months! I dunno about the Vols -- I'm a

Carson-Newman fan myself....<g>

You sure do have some early Knox County surnames. Maybe there's a strong

connection between the ones that stayed here and yours that moved on. The

Browns have always been one of Knoxville's finer families. Are your

Wrights the ones the ferry was named for? We've got Walkers everywhere --

there are even separate discussion lists for some of the more prolific

branches!!! I'm not familiar with your Paul or Hay(e)s surnames -- I'll

keep an eye out for them, though!

You may not be aware of it, but Fentress and Overton Counties were heavily

settled by people who seem to have migrated in groups. I call them

"turnstile" counties because so many people passed through there on their

way west (even if it was only as far west as Middle Tennessee).

At 02:40 PM 12/1/99 -0700, SABRINA K IDE wrote:



>I'm researching PAULs, WALKERs, and possibly BROWN, HAY(E)S and

>WRIGHTs all in the early 1800s in Knox Co. The Browns and Hayes

>families were in Morgan Co. by 1830, the Paul line in Morgan by

>1835, WALKERs were all over between Roane and Morgan and the

>WRIGHT line was in Fentress/Overton by 1810 but may have passed

>through Knox in their travels. I'm very interested in early

>Knox Co. history and always glad to share whatever I can.


>Used to live in Knoxville, got my M.S. from UT in 1986 (how

>'bout them Vols!) Still have lots of family there and think all

>of East TN is just about the most beautiful place there is!


>Hope to hear from <lots> of relatives!









Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 20:05:51 -0500

From: Kuhnie <>

Subject: [knoxcotn]TN Steadman

Hi, My name is Merle KUHN. My mother was a

Steadman. She died in 1961 at Erie, PA.

Having a tough time tracing the history of Oliver

STEADMAN, often listed as Perry STEADMAN. I know

he was in TN and that his son Henry moved back to

Crawford Co., PA. I believe that Effie Steadman

mar. a John Hall in TN.

Ancestors of Henry^ Pleasanton STEADMAN - 1 Dec


- -----------------------------------------------------------


1. Henry^ Pleasanton STEADMAN1,2,3,4 was born on

18 Dec 1863 in Crawford County, Rome Twp., PA.5

He died on 8 Dec 1957 in Erie, Erie Co., PA.6 He

was buried on 11 Dec 1957 in Laurel Hill Cemetery,

Erie, Erie, PA.7 Merle and Ernie Kuhn called at

Pleasant Ridge Manor, formerly "Erie County

Infirmary," 8300 West Ridge Road, Girard, PA l64l7

(8l4)474-5521. They spoke to Ms. Nancy Latimer.

(24 Oct 1994).

They requested any possible information on

"Grandpa" Steadman who died

there at some time between 1958 and 1961.

On 25 Oct 1994, Ms. Latimer called and said she

had found the records:

Henry Steadman was admitted on Nov 21, 1957 and

died Dec 8, 1957. There

were two numbers. Entry #74 and State

No.193335. He was a widower and

was born in Crawford County, PA. His last

residence was in Erie. He had

been a laborer, and he had a pension from Metric

and S SAN. The cause of

entry was arteriosclerotic heart disease and

cardiac failure.


From Kathy Brubaker:-

They are all listed in the same reference, so I'll

transcribe it for you here: on page 940, in the

biographical sketch section for Randolph Township:

"Henry P. Steadman, farmer, P.O. Guys Mills, was

born in Rome Township, this county, December 18,

1863; son of Perry and Esther (Baldwin) Steadman,

the former of whom was born in East Fallowfield

Township, this county, May 31, 1829; the latter in

New York State, March 2, 1831. They were married

July 28, 1849, and had a family of ten children,

six of whom are now living, viz: Alvah D.,

Catherine N., Cyrus W., Mary E., Henry P. and

Effie K. Our subject received a common school

education. During the winter seasons for several

years he worked in a saw-mill. In the spring of

1884 he rented a farm of fifty acres and began

life for himself. Mr. Steadman was married October

4, 1880, to Miss Mary GRINNELL, a native of

Crawford County, Penn., born September 7, 1863,

daughter of Morris B. and Maggie (Airnes)

GRINNELL, early settlers of Greenwood Township,

this county, both now deceased. To this union were

born two children: Jeptha and Maggie. Our subject

is an industrious young man, and is destined to be

a successful farmer. He is a member of the United

Brethren Church. Politically, he is a Republican."

Hope this helps!

Kathy Brubaker

Volunteer Genealogist

Linesville Historical Society


2. Oliver^ [Hazzard??] Perry STEADMAN8,8,3,4 was

born on 31 May 1829 in East Fallowfield Twp,

Crawford Co, PA. He died in Jun 1888 in Preston

TN.8 He was buried in Smithwood, TN in a Baptist

Cemetery. Apparently 3 children died at birth

with dates unknown and Lucius Perida was born 1859

and died in Sep 1861; believed to be family of

Oliver Perry Steadman. Apparently 3 children died

at birth with dates unknown and Lucius Perida was

born 1859 and died in Sep 1861; believed to be

family of Oliver Perry Steadman He was married to

Esther^ Kerr (Smith) BALDWIN on 28 Jul 1849 in

Clarion Co. PA.

3. Esther^ Kerr (Smith) BALDWIN3,4 was born on 2

Mar 1831 in Portland, New York. She died on 9 Aug

1908 in Spartansburg, PA [I believe her name at

death was Smith]. She was buried on 11 Aug 1908

in Farrington Cemetery, Rome Twp. PA. Remarried a

SMITH after Oliver's death. Oliver^ Perry

STEADMAN and Esther^ Kerr (Smith) BALDWIN had the

following children:

i. Charles?? STEADMAN3,4.

ii. Alvah DeLos STEADMAN3,4 was born on 28 May

1850 in Fallowfield Twp. Crawford Co., PA. He

died on 4 Jan 1930.8

iii. Catharine Matilda STEADMAN3,4 was born in

Feb 1852 in Fallowfield Twp, Crawford Co., PA.

She died on 5 Apr 1924.8

iv. Cyrus Wellington STEADMAN3,4 was born on 8

Mar 1853.8 He died on 8 Dec 1935 in Greene Twp.

Erie, PA.

v. Mary Elizabeth STEADMAN3,4 was born on 6 Jul

1855 in Rome Twp., Crawford CO., PA. She died on

19 Dec 1939.8

1 vi. Henry^ Pleasanton STEADMAN.

vii. Effie Esther STEADMAN3,4 was born on 29 Jun

1869 in Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co., PA.8 She

died on 18 Sep 1891.9


1. Records of the Pleasant Ridge Manor.

2. Grinnell Family Book. page 225 #5556.

3. GEDCOM file imported on 20 May 1999.

4. 6 Oct 1999 From Merle after inserting Donna

Carters' Burges.

5. The History of Crawford County, PA. Warner,

Beers & Co., 1885 (a Bicentenial Year).

Biographical Section.

6. Records of the Pleasant Ridge Manor. On 25

Oct l994, Ms. Latimer called and said she had

found the records:

Henry Steadman was admitted on Nov 2l, l957 and

died Dec 8, l957. There

were two numbers. Entry #74 and State No.

l93335. He was a widower and

was born in Crawford Conty, PA. His last

residence was in Erie. He had

been a laborer, and he had a pension from Metric

and SSAN. The cause of

entry was arteriosclertic heart disease and

cardiac failure.

7. PA death Certificate. PA Certificate


8. Records of Gretta Steadman Burge in the

possession of Prudy Kuhn and

Donald Luard Burge.

9. Erie County Library LDS Computer. According

to an LDS Pedigree file found on the www under

Oliver Hazard Perry Steadman.



Esther^ Kerr (Smith) . . . 1


Alvah DeLos . . . 1

Catharine Matilda . . . 1

Charles?? . . . 1

Cyrus Wellington . . . 1

Effie Esther . . . 1

Henry^ Pleasanton . . . 1

Mary Elizabeth . . . 1

Oliver^ Perry . . . 1

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"Of All The Things I've Lost, I Miss My Mind The


KUHNIE the COON hunter


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