Compiled and contributed by David Donahue 

            This cemetery is located at Macedonia United Methodist Church on Holston Drive. The cemetery is believed to date to 1809 when the church was founded, but its age is difficult to judge otherwise. Like many early nineteenth cemeteries which continue in use in the later half of the twentieth century, fieldstones, wooden crosses, and blank concrete slabs have been removed, making mowing easier but leaving the graves unmarked. Probably only one-third of all graves are marked. The northern third of the cemetery is probably solid with burials and the middle third of the cemetery may be nearly full. Burials continue to be made in the cemetery.

            This cemetery was recorded May 5 and 6, 1990 and was checked later that year. Update September 28, 1997.

            Three (or two) previous records of this cemetery are available. W. J. Statum and Joseph Lynn recorded the cemetery on October 11, 1937. Their record appears as "Macedonia Cemetery" in Historical Records Survey, Tombstone Records of Knox County, 1938, pp. 26-45. This is referred to as HRS in the notes below. This record is most interesting of the three because in distinguishes between unmarked graves and those marked with fieldstone, wooden crosses, wooden slabs, and uncarved marble slabs.

            The cemetery was surveyed by Jamie Ault Grady in December 1967. Her record appears as "Macedonia Cemetery" in Miscellaneous Knox County Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol. 2, unpublished manuscript available in the McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, Tennessee. Ms. Grady included a number of Ault family members for whom there are no markers, provided relationship information not on the markers for several Ault family members, and provided full names for some people whose markers list only initials. Ms. Grady also reviewed the Historical Records Survey document and included the entries from that must have been taken from temporary markers. This information is referred to as Grady in the notes below.

            The third record is unattributed. It appears as "Macedonia Cemetery" in Admiral David Farragut Chapter, DAR, Knox County Cemetery Records, Vol. 1, 1973, pp. 40-52, unpublished manuscript available in the McClung Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, Tennessee. This record seems to be a repeat of the Grady information. The extra Ault family relationship information is not there but the Ault family members without markers, the temporary markers from 1938, the expanded names, and the name misspellings from Grady are included. This work is referred to as DAR in the notes below. Since this was the first of the three previous recordings I reviewed, my notes below are usually based on this source, whereas HRS and Grady are the real sources.

Jamie Ault Grady provided the following history of the cemetery:

            Macedonia Cemetery is all probability is as old as the Macedonia Church which was established in 1809. As was the custom of the early churches, a place for burial of their members was provided on the church grounds. The first church was built of logs and stood at the northeast corner of the present burial ground of Macedonia Cemetery. A number of graves marked with sandstone were found at this location.
            On February 10, 1851 a warranty deed in Knox County Tennessee, Book P, Vol. II, page 668, shows that Michael Ault II, John Ault and John Nicodemus, deeded to the Trustees of Macedonia Church two acres of land. From the description of this land, it would indicate that it was given for the purpose of burials, and for which it has been used from that date.
            There is no doubt that Michael Ault, the Revolutionary soldier, born in Germany and died in 1823 in Knox County Tennessee in the Macedonia community is buried in this old cemetery. He purchased this same property when he first came to Knox County in 1796 from Pennsylvania, and he willed it to his children in 1823. He never moved out of the community. His eldest son, George Ault, is no doubt also buried here. He was the father of Michael Ault II, who together with John Ault and John Nicodemus deeded the site to be used for the cemetery. George Ault died in 1833 in Knox County Tennessee, and it is believed that he and Michael Ault are buried on the opposite side of the path near the spot where Michael and Mary Ault and their daughter Cynthia Ault are buried. Headstones mark these three graves.
            There are countless graves in this old cemetery with no markers, and all records of the cemetery have been lost. . . .

Adkisson, Charles R., 2/4/1860-9/10/1861, "Infant son of J. W. & S. Adkisson"

Adkisson, Sallie E., d. 9/12/1857, "In the 2nd year of her age" "Daughter of J. W. & S. A. Adkisson"

Allen, C. P. (n.d.) (homemade) [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Allen, E. R., "Mrs.," n.d. [not found in 1990; from DAR; compare Mrs. E. R. Alley below]

Alley, E. R., "Mrs.," n.d.

Anderson, Beecher H., 10/24/1889-1/21/1971

Anderson, Ben F., 10/11/1870-1/15/1919 [replacement]

Anderson, Cynthia R., 12/25/1870-6/22/1939 [adjacent to the marker for Beecher H. Anderson]

Anderson, Irene S., 4/25/1889-10/20/1973

Anderson, Louise S., 7/30/1901-10/14/1918 [replacement]

Anderson, Samuel, 5/8/1876-5/7/1902 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Armstrong, A. T., 5/14/1856-1/25/1937 [replacement]

Armstrong, Cordelia A., 10/12/1880-9/2/1882 [replacement]

Armstrong, Edna [see Day, Edna Armstrong]

Armstrong, John A., 6/21/1892-9/8/1896 [replacement]

Armstrong, John W. F., 6/11/1881-3/13/1882, "Son of W. F. & C. C. Armstrong"

Armstrong, Lizzie Noley, 5/23/1887-6/12/1889, "Daughter of W. F. & C. C. Armstrong"

Armstrong, Margaret E., 3/21/1875-6/18/1876, "Daughter of W. F. & C. C. Arnstrong"

Armstrong, Mary B., 9/1/1859-2/24/1941 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for A. T. Armstrong]

Armstrong, Mildred Elizabeth, 12/15/1912-3/4/1920

Armstrong, W. F., 1881-1882 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Arnold, Isaac J., b. 1/12/1837 [death year from HRS]\Arnold, W. B., 4/29/1838-7/16/1857 (fallen, difficult to read, out of place) [birth year from HRS]

Ault, Alfred M., 12/1/1860-4/11/1932

Ault, Brown Lee, 2/9/1877-12/16/1954

Ault, Charles F., 8/2/1924-10/31/1926

Ault, Charles Leon, 9/18/1859-11/14/1922, "Father" footstone [Grady notes him to be son of Joel Kelley and Margaret K. Ault]\Ault, Rachel Rutherford, 11/21/1859-1/22/1923, "Mother" footstone

Ault, Claiborn Wesley [see Ault, Wesley C.]

Ault, Clifford Ross, 4/23/1892-9/18/1981

Ault, Cynthia M., 8/2/1830-6/2/1868, "Daughter of Michael & M. Ault"

Ault, Eddie Sylvester, 4/28/1874-1/28/1875

Ault, Edith C., 1904-1925 [replacement; Grady: Edith Carden Ault, daughter of N. W. and Lillie Goodwin]

Ault, Elizabeth [see Schneider, Elizabeth Ault]

Ault, Emma M., 10/3/1881-12/26/1908, "Wife of H. L. Ault"

Ault, Franklin B., 9/22/1826-2/5/1902 [Grady: Franklin Baker Ault, son of Michael Ault]\Ault, Martha Jane, 3/10/1841-8/18/1890 [Grady: Martha Jane Moody]

Ault, Franklin Kelly, 1/27/1888-8/23/1914 ["F.L.T." in three linked rings; Grady: son of Joel Kelley and Martha Rutherford Ault]

Ault, George, n.d., "Son of Michael Ault" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Ault, George L., 6/5/1875-4/12/1945 [replacement]

Ault, Harry A., 3/23/1879-12/9/1954 [Grady: son of Franklin Baker Ault]

Ault, Herbert Herman, 3/1/1904-11/9/1968, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Tec5 Co A 553 Signal Aw Bn World War II"

Ault, Infant, 1903-1903, "Infant Ault" [replacement]

Ault, John, 1792-7/4/1862, "Son of Michael Ault" [not found in 1990; from Grady]

Ault, John K., 7/21/1879-7/20/1881 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Ault, John Michael, 7/7/1862-9/12/1863, "Son of J. K. & M. H. Ault"

Ault, Joseph Birdwell, 12/22/1883-12/4/1885, "Son of J. K. & Martha Ault"

Ault, Katherine W., 3/31/1864-4/17/1946 [adjacent to the marker for Alfred M. Ault; Grady: Katherin Wohlwend Ault]

Ault, Leona [see Holbert, Leona Ault]

Ault, Leslie Lee, Sr., 11/14/1909-12/3/1987, military marker "AMM US Navy World War II"

Ault, Lila [see Hitt, Lila Ault]

Ault, Lillie Goodwin, 11/13/1872-3/17/1966 [adjacent to the marker for Newton Walker Ault]

Ault, Margaret, 5/25/1853-1/16/1931, "Wife of J. K. Ault" "Mother"

Ault, Margaret H. Karnes, 1/19/1836-11/1/1874 [Grady: 1st wife of Joel Kelley Ault; HRS: Margaret Houston Ault, 1/19/1836-11/1/1874, "Wife of J. K. Ault"]\Ault, Joel Kelley, 12/4/1834-4/22/1914 [Grady: son of Michael Ault]\Ault, Margaret Rutherford, 5/25/1853-____ [Grady: 3rd wife; HRS: d. 1/16/1931]

Ault, Margaret L., 1836-1878 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Wesley C. Ault; Grady: Lucinda Ault, b. 2/7/1836, "Wife of Claiborne Wesley Ault; not listed in HRS]

Ault, Martha, 9/24/1845-9/30/1894, "Wife of J. K. Ault" [Grady: Martha Rutherford Ault]

Ault, Martha Jane, 5/10/1896-2/18/1944 [Grady: "Jimmie, daughter of J. K. and Martha Rutherford Ault]

Ault, Mary, 3/26/1791-11/29/1867, "Wife of Michael Ault" [Grady implies elsewhere in notes that she was Mary Brown Ault]

Ault, Mary, d. 6/7/1876, "Daughter of J. K. & M. Ault" [Grady: Mary Elizabeth Ault, born & died 6/17/1886)

Ault, Mary A. [see Smith, Mary A. Ault]

Ault, Mary [see Bounds, Mary Ault]

Ault, Mary E., 6/30/1905-4/21/1906, "Daughter of H. L. & E. M. Ault" [Grady: daughter of Hugh L. & E. M. Ault"]

Ault, Mary Emma, 1861-1917 [replacement; Grady: 9/27/1861-9/25/1817, daughter of Claiborne and Lucinda Ault; not listed in HRS]

Ault, Mattie Lehman, 3/14/1880-3/12/1960 [adjacent to the marker for Brown Lee Ault]

Ault, Michael, ____-1826, "b. Germany" "Rev. Soldier" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Ault, Michael, 4/16/1791-7/16/1862 [Grady: Born in PA]

Ault, Newton Walker, 3/30/1865-7/11/1938 [replacement; DAR: son of Claiborne W. Ault]

Ault, Richard Lee, 10/9/1916-4/28/1987

Ault, Robert Edwin, 12/22/1885-12/4/1889, "Son of J. K. & Martha Ault"

Ault, Robert L., 6/19/1885-10/3/1885

Ault, Ruth [see Irwin, Ruth Ault]

Ault, Sallie Wells, 1/22/1871-10/27/1942 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for William G. Ault]

Ault, Sarah Ann, 6/17/1867-7/10/1867, "Daughter of J. K. & M. H. Ault"

Ault, Wesley C., 1828-1910 [replacement; Grady: Claiborn Wesley, Ault, 8/2/1828-3/8/1910, "Son of Michael & Mary Ault"; not listed in HRS]

Ault, Wilfred Henderson, 8/14/1913-8/19/1917 [DAR: son of Hugh L. Ault]

Ault, William G., 10/14/1860-3/23/1950 [replacement; Grady: William Gaines Ault, son of Joel K. Ault]

Ault, William King, 6/25/1816-9/16/1887, "Father" [Grady: son of Michael and Mary Brown Ault]\Ault, Elizabeth Jane, 10/19/1831-6/28/1908, "Mother"

On the back of the marker for Vera Earle Beard:

John Ault 1792-1862
Wife Amanda 1802-1870
Michael Ault A Revolutionary
Soldier CA. 1735-1827
and Wife Mary
John Ault
A Donor of Cemetery

Bacon, Edward W., 8/20/1896-3/29/1966 [Masonic emblem on family marker]

Bacon, Eva Mae, 7/18/1900-6/15/1994 [adjacent to marker for Edward W. Bacon]

Bacon, Samuel Robert, 10/10/1921-10/19/1921

Baker, A., 10/27/1842-2/22/1918

Baker, Lucressie E., 6/27/1840-1/19/1923

Bales, Willie C., n.d. [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Ballard, Bettie, 10/12/1868-12/19/1908

Bean, Edward, 1/31/1914-2/12/1917, "Son of Mr. & Mrs E. E. Bean" [Grady: Edward W. Bean]

Bean, Mable Davis, d. 11/21/1960, "74 yrs." [not found in 1990; from DAR]Mary Henderlight, 5/10/1887-3/10/1919, "Our beloved daughter" "Wife of W. B. Bean"

Bean, Mary C., 8/18/1854-4/20/1905, "Our mother"

Bean, Virginia L., 6/26/1917-8/13/1917, ""Daugh. of Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Bean"

Beard, James, 1863-1888, "Son of James Beard & Nancy Julian" [replacement]

Beard, John James, 6/17/1888-4/2/1939 [replacement]

Beard, Mary F. Ramsey, 1855-1921, "Wife of James Beard" [replacement]

Beard, Vera Earle, [see Tryday, Vera Earl Beard]fe of George H. Tryday"

Beck, John B., 1870-1938, "Father"

Beck, Mary E. [see Collins, Mary E. Beck]

Beck, Pansy, 7/21/1920-12/27/1928, "Dau. of John & Vicy Beck"

Beck, Vicy, 8/30/1881-1/27/1930, "Wife of John Beck"

Bell, Christine S., 10/15/1906-4/28/1975 [she probably is a Shook]\Bell, A. Eugene, 10/9/1903-10/6/1974

Bise, Etheldred, 2/15/1898-12/9/1920, "Dau. of W. C. & J. Bise" [not found in 1990; from HRS; Grady: "Dau. of W. C. & Jennie Bise"]

Bise, Jenny, 7/6/1865-5/27/1918, "Wife of W. C. Bise"

Bise, W. C., 2/27/1867-12/2/1950

Black, Martha S. [see Hodges, Martha S. Black]

Black, William, d. 5/20/1929 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Bounds, George D., 11/18/1902-12/13/1903, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Bounds"

Bounds, George W., 1/20/1883-5/7/1963

Bounds, J. F., 1866-1919 [Masonic emblem on family marker]

Bounds, Jessie [see Douglass, Jessie Bounds]

Bounds, Loice E. Kinser, 11/2/1883-4/19/1967 [adjacent to the marker for George W. Bounds]

Bounds, Mary Ault, 2/19/1844-7/5/1905 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for Thomas J. Bounds]

Bounds, Mary Emily, 9/13/1862-6/26/1864 [probably daughter of Thomas J. and Mary A. Bounds]

Bounds, Mattie Weedon, 8/11/1865-1/5/1951 [adjacent to the marker for J. F. Bounds]

Bounds, Thomas J., 7/22/1833-10/28/1903 [replacement]

Bounds, Thomas J., 7/27/1833-10/28/1903, "Co. B. 6th Tenn. Inf. U.S.A. 1861-5"\Bounds, Mary A., 2/19/1844-7/5/1905 [she probably is an Ault]

Breedin, Andrew Calvin, 12/30/1927-1/30/1928 [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Bretske, J. W., 7/24/1863-11/7/192

Bretske, Mary Elizabeth, 2/2/1860-8/12/1932 [adjacent to the marker for J. W. Bretske]

Brown, Ethel Stanley, 4/19/1909-12/26/1927 [replacement]

Brown, John, Jr., 5/30/1927-2/23/1928 [replacement]

Burke, J. A., 1/29/1879-11/8/1915

Burleson, Rebecca, 6/15/1881-4/21/1951\Burleson, Luther, 8/1/1879-3/18/1950

Burnett, Nancy, 8/4/1834-12/6/1917, "In memory of her two daughters Mrs. Emma Lockett and Mrs. Annie Stansberry"

Byrd, Charles L., 1/12/1893-12/1/1909, "Son of S. A. & Hattie Byrd" [Masonic emblem]

Cagle, Jessie VanDyke, 2/22/1903-2/22/1936 (broken, fallen) ["VanDyke" unreadable in 1990]

Caldwell, Pauline Rader, d. 8/22/1934, "25 Yrs 6 mos" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Campbell, Mary [see Stinnett, Mary]

Campbell, Virginia [see Patterson, Virginia Campbell]

Cannon, Josephine Netherland, 2/23/1847-1/9/1935, "Mother"

Cannon, Robert H., 5/1/1891?-7/10/1908 (broken)

Cannon, W. A., 1/4/1847-8/9/1914

Carner, H. Jean Moses [see Lawson, H. Jean Moses Carner]

Carner, John C., 6/14/1943-4/3/1973

Carter, Avie K., 1917-1936 [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Carter, Joseph Clifford, 9/10/1907-2/9/1935 (homemade; difficult to read)

Case, Alice A. [see Henderlight, Alice Case]

Case, Ida B., 6/28/1881-9/11/1902, "Children of J. W. Johnson" [replacement; this seems to refer to Ida B. Case, Catherine Johnson, Aaron W. Johnson, Lucy J. Johnson, and Margaret E. Johnson]

Cate, Lillian Davis, 12/22/1890-3/1/1968

Claiborne, Herbert, 2/18/1918-1/18/1919

Clanton, Marvin Marshall 11/11/1917-4/28/1947 [replacement; Claxton misspelled???]

Claxton, Anna B., 3/29/1896-11/4/1968, "A Queen of the South"\Claxton, Sterling, 2/14/1888-1/4/1979

Claxton, Frank G., 5/8/1913-8/1/1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War II"

Claxton, Julian L. (Lou), 5/31/1919-10/14/1977 [adjacent to the marker for Frank G. Claxton]

Collier, Helen May, 10/6/1920-11/?/1923 [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Collins, Kearney B., 2/5/1885-11/25/1906

Collins, Martha J., 1/31/1862-1/12/1930, "Wife of Andrew J. Needham"

Collins, Mary E. Beck, 2/14/1914-5/17/1997, "Mother"\Collins, Richard A., 12/16/1943-____, "Son"

Collins, Valerie S. Suddarth, 10/18/1886-7/11/1911, "Wife of K. B. Collins" "Our beloved daughter" [probably daughter of T. S. and Minnie Suddarth]

Cooper, Della Mae, 1/28/1878-2/24/1955 [adjacent to the marker for James E. Cooper]

Cooper, James E., 7/20/1880-10/26/1959 (fallen)

Courtney, S. N., 2/20/1855-11/25/1915

Crane, Edna R., 11/14/1897-1/19/1978\Crane, Wade H., 4/29/1888-12/25/1965

Crane, Eliza C., d. 7/1/1932\Crane, Barney, d. 12/12/1931 [replacement]

Crane, Frank E., 11/7/1917-3/15/1918 [replacement]

Crane, Muncy L., 10/12/1895-4/12/1979\Crane, Arthur T., 7/29/1890-3/17/1962

Crane, Lucy A., 9/12/1893-8/16/1914, footstone with "Lucy Ann Crane" [replacement]

Crane, Willie Raymond, 5/10/1919-3/18/1980, military marker SSgt US Army World War II"

Cronon, Jerry Lee, d. 6/28/1939, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Cronon" [replacement]

Cunningham, Bobbie Grace, 2/5/1930-11/26/1934 [replacement]

Cunningham, Donna Ann, d. 4/18/1960, "Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Don Cunningham"

Cunningham, Gus R., 4/9/1893-9/22/1960 [DAR: Gus Ray Cunningham]\Cunningham, Susie A., 5/19/1899-2/29/1964

Cunningham, Mary Edith, 6/1/1923-7/24/1924 [replacement]

Curlee, Dixie, 6/19/1889-1/18/1983

Curtis, Amanda C., no dates [probably a replacement marker]

Curtis, Chas. S., n.d.\Curtis, Infant Boy, n.d\Curtis, John G., n.d. [replacement; Chas. S. and John C. are reported by Grady but not be HRS]

Curtis, Edward F., no dates [probably a replacement marker]

Curtis, Louis F., 4/20/1877-1/28/1944, "Our father"

Curtis, Margaret G., no dates [probably a replacement marker]

Curtis, Mary L., no dates [probably a replacement marker]

Curtis, Susan C., no dates [probably a replacement marker]

Curtis, William R., Jr., no dates [probably a replacement marker]

Curtis, William R., Sr., no dates [probably a replacement marker]

Daniel, Ben Harrison, d. 4/22/1910 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Daniel, Florence E., 10/18/1888-11/18/1910 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Davis, Bettie, 8/21/1856-8/1/1936 [adjacent to the marker for William Davis]

Davis, Cora [see Rutherford, Cora Davis]

Davis, Cynthia Lou [see Parker, Cynthia Lou]

Davis, Frank, n.d. [not found in 1990; from DAR; reported in HRS]

Davis, Ida [see Powers, Ida Davis]

Davis, James P., 2/14/1840-2/29/1881 (broken, fallen)

Davis, Leonard F., 11/14/1915-2/19/1974, military amrker "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War II"

Davis, Leonard M., 1/10/1877-12/24/1962 [Masonic emblem]

Davis, Lillian [see Cate, Lillian Davis]

Davis, Mable [see Bean, Mable Davis

Davis, Margaret [see Hickman, Margaret Davis]

Davis, Martha Malissa, 7/19/1878-4/13/1960

Davis, Mary, n.d., "Wife of Frank Davis" [not found in 1990; from Grady]

Davis, Mary J., 5/19/1913-7/7/1915 [replacement]

Davis, Sam, n.d. [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Davis, William, 11/12/1853-3/6/1939

Davis, William J., 2/6/1909-2/21/1942, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Army Air Forces World War II"

Day, Edna Armstrong, 7/8/1879-10/18/1921

Deck, Oddie Lee, Jr., 8/26/1898-10/31/1957

Douglass, Jessie Bounds, 6/28/1905-10/27/1993\Douglass, Corbin Oliver, 10/3/1901-8/15/1979 [Masonic emblem]

Duncan, Edith, 5/11/1926 [sunken; any other date is below ground]

Duncan, Edna Mae, 6/24/1913-10/9/1919 [replacement]

Duncan, Rosa Lee, 11/24/1879-7/8/1905 [replacement]

Duncan, Tressie, 5/26/1882-1/26/1930 [replacement]

Dunkin, Elmira, 11/19/1845-2/28/1918, "Mother"\Dunkin, J. G., 5/1/1848-10/11/1907, "Father"

Eastin, James W., 2/22/1850-4/14/1916

Edmondson, Howard G., 8/26/1864-8/17/1912\Edmondson, Rose, 1906-____, "Daughter"\Edmondson, Emma C., 1860-1942

Fairrell, D. A., 3/15/1859-2/23/1913

Field, Sarah Ella, d. 7/26/1897, "Age 14 Mos." "Dau. of G. L. & L. M. Field" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Finley, Harold J., 7/16/1912-7/7/1975

Finley, Myrtle Lee, 1/19/1886-12/19/1966 [adjacent to the marker for William H. Finley]

Finley, Walter E., 11/6/1913-12/6/1914 [replacement; seems to be son of William H. and Myrtle Finley]

Finley, William H., 11/27/1885-11/28/1972

Finley, Willie Mae, 1/21/1910-6/12/1932 [replacement; seems to be daughter of William H. and Myrtle Lee Finley]

Flannigan, Sarah Cirenia Catherine, 12/15/1856-7/19/1858, "Dau. of J. E. & E. Nancy Flannagin" [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Ford, Elisha, 8/3/1817-4/3/1896

Ford, Elisha N., 3/14/1858-5/22/1890

Ford, Margaret, 9/17/1826-2/19/1894 [adjacent to the marker for Elisha Ford]

Ford, Mary Catherine, 1855-1898, "Wife of Albert Haws" "Mother"

Foster, Leon, 3/7/1931-4/26/1985, military marker "US Army Korea"

Foster, Vera Metler, 3/19/1910-2/16/1941, "Mother"

Frost, Lycy Lyons, 1878-1951 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Fryar, Jerry R., 5/29/1845-3/31/1930

Fryar, Margaret D., 8/27/1880-7/16/1924

Fryar, Margaret Edith, 5/24/1906-3/7/1909 [replacement]

Fryar, Xymena E., 4/30/1902-6/12/1924

Fryer, Alice [see Woods, Alice Fryer]

Fullington, Minnie S., 5/14/1918-____, "Mama" footstone\Fullington, Walden T., 9/18/1913-11/18/1983, "Daddy" footstone; also military marker as footstone PFC US Army World War II"

Gardner, Mary A., 12/21/1835-4/9/1887, "Wife of W. Gardner"

Goodwin, Edith Carden [see Ault, Edith C.]

Goodwin, Lillie [see Ault, Lila Goodwin]

Gorman, Lockie Mae, 5/8/1884-12/20/1971\Gorman, Robert B., 10/19/1880-1/18/1939

Griffin, Kenneth W., 3/28/1917-2/11/1968

Grubb, James M., 9/4/1874-11/5/1919 [Woodmen of the World Memorial]

Grubbs, Melvin Haynes, 7/26/1904-1/3/1915

Hale, Sallie Wilson, 2/16/1876-6/20/1947 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Hale, William C., 5/4/1859-6/20/1927

Harp, Ada, 1853-1904, "Mother"

Harris, Chas. W., 3/26/1865-8/2/1927, "Brother"

Harris, Jane E., 3/8/1833-1/22/1908, "Mother"\Harris, Steven, 12/9/1828-1/19/1911, "Father"

Harris, Mamie G., 3/20/1875-11/28/1950, "Wife of E. D. Harris"

Harris, Nannie D., 11/22/1880-3/13/1923, "Wife of Charles Harris" [I possibly misread this; Minnie D. Harris in DAR and HRS]

Haws, Albert, 12/15/1842-6/19/1921, "Father"

Haws, Albert, Jr., 3/22/1876-1/31/1948

Haws, Mary Catherine Ford, 1855-1898, "Wife of Albert Haws" "Mother"

Haws, Mary H., 1888-1938, "Wife of Albert Haws, Jr." "Mother"

Haynes, Andrew P., 3/22/1904-9/16/1988\Haynes, Katherine Travis, 10/23/1909-____

Hazelwood, Clifford, d. 3/9/1934, "Age 29" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Hein, Myrtle Witt, 64/12/1883-11/9/1918 [replacement]

Hein, Phillip H., 6/22/1918-1/12/1919 [replacement]

Henderlight, A. W., 6/30/1896-10/18/1914

Henderlight, Alice Case, 5/25/1871-3/15/1909, "Wife of I. S. Henderlight"

Henderlight, Bertha E., 7/17/1881-10/11/1890

Henderlight, David E., 1/2/1850-__/10/1891 (sunken) [death date is 5/18/1891 in DAR and 5/10/1891 in HRS]

Henderlight, Fanny [see Rutherford, Fanny Henderlight]

Henderlight, George T., 11/1/1874-12/28/1894

Henderlight, Harriet F., 7/20/1887-2/8/1890, "Daughter of J. N. & E. Henderlight"

Henderlight, Infant, b. 9/5/1886, "Infant daughter of J. N. & E. Henderlight"

Henderlight, Iven C., 1870-1940, "Son of J. N. Henderlight" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Henderlight, Julia E., 5/23/1856-10/25/1902, "Wife of Pryor Rutherford" [replacement]

Henderlight, M. C., 3/5/1842-1/9/1920, "Mother" [shares a double marker with her daughter Josephine Jones]

Henderlight, Mary, 5/10/1887-3/10/1919, "Our beloved daughter" "Wife of W. B. Bean"

Henderlight, Tom, 12/11/1864-4/22/1936 [replacement]

Henderlight, William H., d. 9/1/1963, "Daddy"

Henderlight, William M., 3/14/1883-1/28/1933 [replacement]

Henderlite, Martha E., 1870-1940 (sunken) [replacement]

Herman, Bettie Lyons, 12/4/1866-5/4/1933 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for Julius Herman]

Herman, Julius, 6/11/1852-8/13/1917 [replacement]

Hickman, Margaret Davis, 4/13/1919-5/30/1989

Hicks, Walter, 9/23/1876-1/28/1933, "Husband of Georgia Hicks"

Hill, Pallie, (Daughters and Wife) (no markers) [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Hitt, Murray T., 9/13/1900-6/13/1974

Hitt, Lila Ault, 7/29/1895-5/21/1982 [adjacent to the marker for Murray T. Hitt]

Hodges, James Earl, 4/29/1917-4/3/1993

Hodges, James Ramsey, 12/27/1888-7/28/1943 [replacement]

Hodges, Jno. W., no dates, military marker "Co. F. 9 Tenn. Cav."

Hodges, John W., 3/1/1847-12/30/1894, "Our brother" ["B. of L. E." and three linked rings]\Hodges, Mary A. S., 12/27/1825-12/20/1891, "Wife of J. M. Ramsey" "Our mother"\Hodges, John M., 11/4/1819-6/28/1900 (later addition to original marker)\Hodges, Sarah A. E., 4/20/1849-11/3/1912 (later addition to original marker)

Hodges, Martha S. Black, 12/9/1894-10/14/1986 [adjacent to the marker for James Ramsey Hodges]

Hodson, Ada L., 4/25/1888-10/22/1932

Holbert, Earl, 1/17/1922-2/8/1945

Holbert, Leona Ault, 10/5/1904-7/22/1926

Homer, Elizabeth, d. 9/5/1833, "In the 28th year of her age" "Wife of William Homer" (eroded; difficult to read) [Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hames in HRS]

Homer, William, no dates [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Houston, Margaret [see Ault, Margaret H. Karnes]

Huff, Clayton W., 10/24/1921-2/3/1922, "Son of Levi & Harriet Huff"

Humpery, Jack, no dates [probably a replacement]

Humphrey, M. G., d. _-/17/1923 (homemade; carved on concrete plot border)\Humphrey, Langston, d. 3/19/1923\Humphrey, Wife, d. 5/19/1921

Hux, J. R., d. 11/23/1924 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Irwin, Carl C., 11/30/1921-8/9/1992, mounted military marker "US Army World War II"\Irwin, Ruth Ault, 7/29/1922-____, "Beloved wife and mother"

Jackson, Annie Mae, 5/1/1928-8/4/1928

Jackson, J. E., d. 8/12/1911 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Jackson, Mildred B. R., 11/17/1927-9/3/1938

Jeffers, Bud, 1893-1928 [replacement]

Jeffers, James, 8/10/1860-5/2/1919 [replacement]

Jeffers, Maude, 1893-1928 [replacement]

Jeffers, Melissie, 4/3/1867-10/22/1940 [adjacent to the marker for James Jeffers]

Jeffers, Minnie, 11/4/1900-10/17/1961 [adjacent to marker for Raymond Jeffers]

Jeffers, Raymond, 11/8/1900-1/12/1966

Jeffers, Ruth Pasino, 1913-1931 [replacement]

[Note: Jeffers and Jeffries graves are interspersed. They seem to be the same family.]

Jeffries, James H., 1/7/1887-7/22/1959

Jeffries, Jesse James, 9/5/1889-6/5/1930, "Husband of Nannie Jeffries"\Jeffries, Eddie Evlin, 11/5/1855-8/18/1927, "Mother of James Jeffries"

Jeffries, Mamie M., 9/11/1917-2/11/1921 (homemade)

Jenkins, Infant, 1/19/1885-1/20/1885, "Infant daughter of L. Z. & Josie Jenkins"

Jenkins, Josephine, 3/30/1862-2/10/1933, "Mother" [adjacent to the marker for Lewis Z. Jenkins]

Jenkins, Hallie E., 5/5/1888-10/28/1899

Jenkins, Lewis Z., 6/17/1862-6/1/1935, "Father"

Johnson, Aaron W., 8/24/1877-7/1/1879 [replacement]

Johnson, Catherine, 12/31/1883-11/21/1907 [replacement; DAR: "Daughter of T. W. & E. Johnson"]

Johnson, Clarence R., 1/3/1906-5/14/1906, "Son of John T. & Mary Johnson" [replacement]

Johnson, Henry P., 8/20/1865-4/10/1866, "Son of M. L. & Sarah J. Johnson"

Johnson, Lucy J., 12/20/1875-9/2/1880 [replacement]

Johnson, Margaret E., 6/18/1879-8/30/1880 [replacement]

Johnson, Metta N., 3/10/1895-2/1/1969 [she probably is a Needham]

Johnson, Nancy E., 1/21/1828-10/7/1863, "Our mother" (eroded, difficult to read)

Johnson, Thomas W., 9/3/1853-8/20/1935 [replacement]

Also: Ida B. Case, 6/28/1881-9/11/1902, "Children of J. W. Johnson" [replacement; this seems to refer to Ida B. Case, Catherine Johnson, Aaron W. Johnson, Lucy J. Johnson, and Margaret E. Johnson]

Jones, Hugh M., 7/20/1925-____\Jones, Virginia B., 4/25/1926-____

Jones, Joseph A., 12/24/1963-12/12/1985, military marker "Sgt US Army"

Jones, Josephine, 6/22/1871-12/1/1927 [shares a double marker with her mother M. C. Henderlight]

Karnes, Margaret H. [see Ault, Margaret H. Karnes]

Keeter, Frank, 1/20/1910-11/17/1911

Keeter, Loaannar, 3/26/1907-8/13/1908

Kicks, Walter, 9/23/1876-12/22/1921, "Husband of Georgia Kicks" [Masonic emblem]

King, Agnes Jean, 12/7/1927-6/23/1929 [replacement]

King, Arnold Cecil, 12/9/1922-1/23/1923 [replacement]

King, Azalee, 8/28/1913-2/28/1991

King, Bunnia V., 6/15/1877-5/27/1908, "Wife of W. E. King"

King, Earl Glenn, 3/28/1912-1/23/1959

King, Edgar Russell, d. 1/9/1931 [replacement]

King, Effie Massengill, 12/16/1892-6/6/1931, "Mother" footstone [replacement; adjacent to marker for Henry Russell King]

King, "Family of Daniel & Sarah M. King" [two recent markers defining area within oldest portion of cemetery]

King, Henry Oscar, d. 1/16/1931 [replacement]

King, Henry Russell, 6/27/1881-3/5/1962, "Father" footstone

Kinser, Loice E. [see Bounds, Loice E. Kinser]

Langston, Edgar Laster, 9/17/1916-2/22/1919

Langston, Infant, d. 2/14/1912, "Infant dau. of J. B. & Fannie Langston" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Laugherty, Hazel, 11/25/1907-12/27/1933, "Mother"

Lawson, Paul Lebow, 1/25/1925-5/28/1994, "USN 7-23-41 12-7-45" [Masonic symbol]\Lawson, H. Jean Moses Carner, 5/24/1925-____, "Married Dec. 10. 1946"

Lawton, Lydia J., 4/15/1830-10/25/1912, Wife of Rev. D. B. Lawton" [she probably is a Jenkins]

Laxton, Dennis L., 8/8/1960-7/13/1985

Lehman, Mattie [see Ault, Mattie Lehman]

Lennon, Nellie B., 7/2/1902-12/18/1932 [replacement]

Levengood, Texan, 7/24/1873-1/25/1952

Lindsey, Jamie Louise, d. 12/19/1933, "Aged 1 year 22 days" [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Love, Ellen, 11/18/1855-12/26/1936, "Mrs." [she seems to be a Rutherford]

Lovelace, Francis L., 2/21/1883-1/23/1914 (fallen)

Lovingood, Lee, d. 2/25/???, "Age 23 yrs." [not found in 1990; from DAR; reported in HRS]

Lowry, Ruth, 7/30/1908-9/5/1913, "Dau. of J. E. & M. C. Lowry"

Lusby, Christopher A., 8/15/1850-9/15/1921, "Husband of Sarah A. Lusby"

Lyons, Bettie [see Herman, Betty Lyons]

Langston, Lycy [see Frost, Lycy Lyons]

Lytle, Margaret [see Travis, Margaret Lytle]

Malone, Siney, d. 8/14/1861, "Aged 34 yrs 11 month" "Wife of R. H. Malone" (fallen, very difficult to read) [dates checked in HRS]

Marcum, Infant, d. 12/27, 1934, "Baby Boy" [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Massengill, Effie [see King, Effie Massengill]

Masterson, T. W., d. 7/25/1883 [not found in 1990; from HRS; reported as broken stone in DAR]

Matthews, W. A. P., 9/18/1850-12/3/1918

McBee, Mary L., 11/10/1859-4/14/1924, "Our dear mother"

McBee, Robert H. M., 6/22/1889-9/29/1913 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

McCarter, Robin Lee, d. 12/23/1963, "Age 1 Yr" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

McGinnis, Harrison P., 8/2/1889-8/31/1925, "Father" footstone [replacement]

McMillan, Fannie, 4/6/1857-5/13/1923, "Wife of W. W. Pittillo" [see Pittillo]

McPhetridge, Albert, no dates [not found in 1990; from HRS]

McPhetridge, Ethel, 4/11/1892-12/15/1900

McPhetridge, Lou, 6/12/1877-5/10/1900 (fallen)

McPhetridge, Minnie, 5/15/1885-???? (sunken) [d. 5/10/1900 in DAR]

McPhetridge, Paris, no dates [not found in 1990; from HRS]

McPhetridge, Sarah, no dates [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Mellon, Mary J., d. 5/9/1930, "Age 22 yrs." [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Metler, Carl O., 8/23/1899-11/21/1931 [replacement footstone], military marker as headstone "Tennessee Pvt 1Cl 117 Inf 30 Div"

Metler, John, b. 12/25/1820, "Born in Switzerland" [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Metler, John C., 6/5/1871-6/12/1935, "Father"\Metler, Mamie, 5/30/1871-11/29/1946, "Mother"

Metler, Louella [see Miller, Louella Metler]

Metler, Maggie, 6/22/1861-5/17/1916 [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Metler, Mamie [see Witt, Mamie Metler]

Metler, Vera [see Foster, Vera Metler]

Metler, Walter W., 2/15/1902-10/16/1937 [replacement]

Miller, Adah [see Schneider, Adah Miller]

Miller, Louella Metler, 10/12/1896-7/7/1975, "Goody" footstone

Miller, Nancy, d. 12/18/1933, "Aged 75 years 2 months 16 days" [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Milligan, Bathurst Lee, 10/30/1902-2/2/1975, "In momory of . . ." [he does not appear to be buried here]

Milligan, James M., 4/18/1896-2/29/1970

Milligan, Marion F., 12/12/1895-12/14/1947 [replacement]

Mitchell, Infant, b. 6/7/1934, "Infant of Mrs. & Mr. Mitchell" (homemade?)

Mitchell, John, 11/20/1891-1/5/1942 (homemade?)

Moody, Amanda, 1/1/1834-6/11/1904

Moody, Martha Jane [see Ault, Martha Jane]

Morgan, Earl, "Mrs.," d. 1/15/1933 [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Moses, H. Jean [see Lawson, H. Jean Moses Carner]

Mulvaney, Mary, 9/8/1872-6/15/1911, "Wife of W. H. West"

Myers, Annie L., 4/19/1891-9/1/1897

Needham, Andrew J., 3/20/1867-12/15/1934, "Brother"

Needham, Delmer E., 4/12/1896-3/8/1913

Needham, Martha J. Collins, 1/31/1862-1/12/1930, "Wife of Andrew J. Needham"

Nelson, Andrew, 10/17/1859-4/28/1934 [replacement; Andy Nelson in HRS, possible read from a temporary marker]

Nelson, Betty Ruth, 1922-1924 [replacement; probably daughter of Horace and Ethel Nelson; dates in HRS: 9/22/1922-4/22/1924]

Nelson, Charlie, 4/21/1899-5/20/1933 [replacement]

Nelson, Ethel, 1891-1977\Nelson, Horace, 1889-1924 [as reported in HRS: Horace P. Nelson, 8/28/1889-4/21/1924]

Nelson, Fred, born & died 1917 [replacement]

Nelson, Gordon, 1920-1933 [replacement; probably son of Horace and Ethel Nelson]

Nelson, Ida [see Plaster, Ida Nelson]

Nelson, Jennie Mae, 7/13/1920-6/28/1921 [replacement]

Nelson, Johnnie, 9/9/1906-6/5/1908 [replacement; possibly son of Will and Mamie J. Nelson]

Nelson, Mamie J., 1/1/1887-2/6/1964 [adjacent to the marker for Will Nelson]

Nelson, Sallie, 9/1/1859-10/25/1942 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for Andrew Nelson; older marker may have noted "Grandmother"]

Nelson, Will, 12/14/1883-9/4/1955

Netherland. Josephine [see Cannon, Josephine Netherland]

Ogle, H. Richard, 7/31/1922-1/15/1994, military marker "US Army Air Corps"

Ogle, Infant, 8/28/1923-8/29/1923, "Baby Ogle" [replacement]

Ousbourne, Mary A., 4/17/1865-4/4/1909, "Wife of C. J. Ousbourne"

Owensby, Ethel Irene, 3/29/1916-12/24/1922, "Daughter of J. N. & Offie Owensby"

Painter, Frances, 2/7/1926-5/12/1985

Parker, Cynthia Lou Davis, 1864-1903, "Wife of Frank Parker" [replacement; as reported in HRS: Cynthia Louisa Parker, 4/28/1864-11/13/1903, "Wife of J. F. Parker"]

Parker, Francis, 1863-1941, "Son of J. C. & D. D. Parker" [replacement]

Pasino, Ruth [see Jeffers, Ruth Pasino]

Patterson, Virginia Campbell, 6/6/1870-10/14/1923, "Wife of D. C. Patterson"

Perrin, M. Evelyn [see Roberts, M. Evelyn Perrin]

Pershing, Ella Elizabeth, no dates, "Aged 5 Yrs 4 Mos 3 Ds"

Philips, Mary E. Smith, 6/21/1858-4/3/1887, "Wife of John Philips" [replacement]

Pittillo, Fannie, 4/6/1857-5/13/1923, "Wife of W. W. Pittillo"\Pittillo, Sallie Ann, 2/1/1851-10/13/1904, "Wife of W. W. Pittillo"\Pittillo, William Walker, 3/14/1847-____

Pittillo, Hugh Kennedy, 10/26/1849-11/7/1915, "Father" footstone\Pittillo, Rebecca Rollings, 3/3/1848-1/23/1901, "Mother" footstone

Plaster, Catherine, no dates [probably a replacement]

Plaster, Clarence, no dates [probably a replacement]

Plaster, Ida Nelson, no dates [probably a replacement]

Plaster, Millard, no dates [probably a replacement]

Poindexter, James H., 8/22/1902-2/14/1971\Poindexter, Ruth L., 2/27/1903-____

Porter, Grandville J., d. 4/16/1939, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 11 Inf"

Powers, Ida Davis, 1878-1900 [replacement]

Powers, Media Ann, 1880-3/9/1910 [replacement]

Ramsey, John W., no dates, military marker "Co. F. 5 Tenn. Cav."

Ramsey, John W., 3/1/1862-6/30/1964 [not found in 1990; from DAR; not in HRS; may be John W. below with misrecorded dates]

Ramsey, Mary A. S., 12/27/1825-12/20/1891, "Wife of J. M. Ramsey" "Our Mother"\Ramsey, John W., 3/1/1847-12/30/1894, "Our Brother"\John M., 11/4/1819-6/28/1900 [this older John is recent name addition to the older marker; not reported in HRS or DAR]

Ramsey, Mary F., 1855-1921, "Wife of James Beard" [replacement]

Ramsey, Maybelle [see Witt, Maybell Ramsey]

Ray, Mary Inez, 2/18/1921-10/23/1921

Retherford, Gracie V., 1/10/1894-1/9/1896, "Dau. of __ & J. Retherford" [Dau. of W. & I. Retherford" in DAR]

Retherford, J. E. C., 9/16/1888-2/2/1889 (eroded) [see F. E. C. Rutherford]

Retherford, Nancy, 5/19/1822-1/4/1`875, "Wife of Julius Retherford"

Reynolds, Addie J., 2/18/1892-4/2/1966 [adjacent to the marker for John Henry Reynolds; she seems to have been a Jeffers]

Reynolds, John Henry (Romey John), 4/3/1889-8/19/1966

Roach, Benjamine H., 1/5/1905-1/12/1905 [replacement]

Roach, Bettie, 2/18/1883-9/11/1907 [replacement]

Roach, Geo. W., 6/8/1841-1/28/1903 [replacement]

Roach, Harvey C., 9/18/1876-3/31/1945

Roach, Jane, 6/1/1850-7/12/1917 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for Geo. W. Roach]

Roach, Maude, 5/31/1889-9/30/1908 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Harvey C. Roach]]

Roberts, Ethel A. (sunken; dates below ground) [dates in HRS: 7/1/1885-1/20/1920]

Roberts, Louis T., 4/8/1908-10/24/1981\Roberts, M. Evelyn Perrin, 3/23/1908-____

Rodgers, William Lee, 12/20/1862-12/21/1881

Rollings, Rebecca [see Pittillo, Rebecca Rollings]

Rose, Arther, no dates (homemade)

Rose,Ernest, born & died 3/26/1924 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Rose,Lawrence, born & died 6/28/1923 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Rutherford, Amanda Sands, d. 8/20/1959, "Age 81 Yrs" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Rutherford, Betty Jo., born & died 1/3/1936 (fallen)

Rutherford, Bruce, 4/2/1927-12/21/1928

Rutherford, Cecil, Irene, Golden, clifford, Fred, no markers, "Children of Albert & Amanda" [from Grady]

Rutherford, Clarence, no dates, "Son of Hayes and Cora Davis Rutherford" [not found in 1990; from Grady]

Rutherford, Claude Lemons, no dates, "Wife of Lon Rutherford" [not found in 1990; from Grady]

Rutherford, Cora Davis, no marker, "Wife of Hayes Rutherford [from Grady]

Rutherford, Earl, Jr., 12/10/1933-2/20/1947 (sunken)

Rutherford, Edith, no marker (child) [from DAR]

Rutherford, Elizabeth, 12/12/1817-1/31/1864, "Wife of Lloyd Rutherford"

Rutherford, F. E. C., 9/16/1888-2/2/1889, "Daughter of Wm. & H. F. Rutherford" [from HRS; see J. F. C. Retherford]

Rutherford, Fanny Henderlight, no marker, "1st wife of Wm. Rutherford" [from Grady]

Rutherford, Frank, no marker, "Son of Hayes and Cora Davis Rutherford" [from Grady]

Rutherford, Harriel F, 2/5/1861-3/12/1890, "Wife of Wm. Rutherford" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Rutherford, Hayes, no dates (homemade)

Rutherford, Henry, 1/2/1903-5/22/1917 [replacement]

Rutherford, Hubert, no marker (child) [from DAR]

Rutherford, Julia E. Henderlight, 5/23/1856-10/25/1902, "Wife of Pryor Rutherford" [replacement]

Rutherford, Lewis Albert, d. 2/12/1862, "40 Yrs." [not found in 1990; from Grady]

Rutherford, Lloyd, 12/20/1806-6/12/1895

Rutherford, Maggie, 3/13/1889-1/3/1922, "Wife of Albert Shook"

Rutherford, Margaret, no marker (child) [from DAR]

Rutherford, Margaret [see Ault, Margaret]

Rutherford, Margaret [see Ault, Margaret Rutherford]

Rutherford, Mary, 5/18/1838-10/13/1883, "Daughter of L. & E. Rutherford"

Rutherford, Nancy C., 5/19/182_-1/4/1875, "Wife of Julius Rutherford" [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Rutherford, Nannie, 8/18/1857-12/22/1940

Rutherford, Ott, no marker, "Son of Wm. & Fanny Rutherford" [from DAR]

Rutherford, Rachel [see Ault, Rachel Rutherford]

Rutherford, Sarah, 2/9/1841-9/14/1929

Rutherford, Wm. Hayes, d. 4/3/1963, "Age 87 Yrs" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Rutherford, William, 1/2/1856-12/17/1929 [replacement]

Sands, Amanda [see Rutherford, Amanda Sands]

Schneider, Adah Miller, 5/22/1881-12/1/1918, "Wife of Frank T. Schneider"

Schneider, Albert B., 5/15/1878-9/18/1923

Schneider, Annie B. M., 4/1/1871-2/7/1907

Schneider, Annis Elizabeth, 3/16/1874-1/3/1896, "Daughter of Jacob F. & C. A. Schneider"

Schneider, Christiana C., 6/24/1840-1/28/1905, "Born in Saxony, Germany"

Schneider, Della M., 10/22/1886-7/11/1962 [Grady calls her Della McKeechan Schneider, 2nd wife of Jacob Schneider]

Schneider, Elizabeth Ault, 3/15/1881-6/19/1938 [adjacent to the marker for Frederick Jacob Schneider]

Schneider, Fred T., 9/17/1880-1/16/1954

Schneider, Frederick Jacob, 3/2/1868-3/7/1947

Schneider, Jacob Evrard, 3/10/1902-9/10/1902

Schneider, Jacob F., 1/2/1827-11/15/1898, "Born in Kirch-Heim, Bavavia" [Jacob Frederich Schneider in Grady]

Scott, John, 1/1/1832-8/13/1908

Scott, Sarah M., 4/10/1832-2/4/1924 [adjacent to the marker for John Scott]

Sewell, Marguerite V., 1/10/1912-7/6/1980

Sheddan, Ollie Love, 7/27/1888-5/23/1961, "Mother" footstone\Sheddan, Glenn W., 2/1/1888-____, "Kan." [he appears to have been born in Kansas; this is a triple marker with the third space blank]

Sheridan, Laura H., 7/21/1898-4/29/1949

Sherrod, Alice Joeanna, 3/16/1858-8/7/1925\Sherrod, Joseph Grant, 11/5/1859-11/25/1929

Sherrod, John C., 9/4/1849-8/24/1925

Sherrod, Mary E., 1/18/1861-12/8/1935 [adjacent to the marker for John C. Sherrod]

Sherrod, Perry, 1880-1943 [replacement]

Shoemaker, Alex M., 1871-1936 [replacement]

Shoemaker, Charlie L., 1883-1954

Shoemaker, Cynthia J., 1844-1928 [replacement]

Shook, F. M., 11/15/1867-4/19/1921, "Father"

Shook, Infant, d. 1/1908, "Son of J. C. & K. J. Shook" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Shook, Infant, born & died 5/7/1912, "Son of J. C. & K. J. Shook"

Shook, Infant, born & died 3/15/1921, "Daughter of J. C. & K. J. Shook"

Shook, James Thomas, 9/22/1897-10/16/1920, "Private Battery C. 114 Field Artillery. Served with his battery in the battles of St. Mihiel, The Muese-Argonne, and the Woerve Offensive."

Shook, Jennie L., 7/14/1871-4/26/1944 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for F. M. Shook]

Shook, John C., 8/3/1882-1/27/1948\Shook, Katie J., 1/8/1888-9/24/1966

Shook, M. A., 5/18/1851-5/28/1932, "Mother"\Shook, J. A., 7/18/1853-1/13/1926, "Father"

Shook, Maggie Rutherford, 3/13/1889-1/3/1922, "Wife of Albert Shook"

Shook, Ralph W., 10/9/1915-6/25/1935, "Son of J. C. & K. J. Shook"

Shook, Walter F., 9/5/1897-7/22/1945 [replacenent]

Slack, Lawrence A., 10/10/1894-4/16/1905 [replacement]

Smith, Annie May, born & died 9/27/1900

Smith, Claudie M., 3/13/1889-1/3/1922 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Smith, Claudie M., 9/26/1906-3/14/1909

Smith, Elvira J., 3/30/1850-2/22/1907

Smith, Leroy C., Mrs., d. 9/28/1862, "70 Yrs" [not found in 1990; from Grady]

Smith, Leroy C., 10/24/1891-9/28/1962

Smith, Margaret F., 5/21/1862-6/30/1964 (fallen, out of place)

Smith, Martha C., 9/23/1819-10/16/1862

Smith, Mary A. Ault, 2/17/1901-9/10/1976 [adjacent to the marker for Roy C. Smith]

Smith, Mary E., 6/21/1858-4/3/1887, "Wife of John Philips" [replacement]

Smith, Pierce K., 9/25/1852-8/23/1853

Smith, Tommy, 3/3/1810-6/27/1893, "Here lies uncle Tommy Smith. Poor in purse but rich in honesty and kindness. Erected by a friend."

Standridge, Infant, 5/21/1942, "Infant son of Louise and James Standridge" [under a Schneider family central marker]

Stanley, Alfred A., 1/27/1862-7/14/1929 [replacement]

Stanley, Dixie, 6/3/1908-11/30/1932 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for Henry R. Stanley]

Stanley, Ethel [see Brown, Ethel Stanley]

Stanley, Henry R., 12/25/1906-6/17/1928 [replacement]

Stanley, Idella, 12/31/1916-5/30/1917 [replacement]

Stanley, John A., 2/28/1888-7/22/1933 [replacement]

Stanley, Mary Jane B., 8/22/1868-8/2/1896 [replacement]

Stanley, Sarah Elle, 5/11/1877-6/27/1929 [replacement; adjacent to the marker for Alfred A. Stanley

Stephens, Rebecca, 10/18/1797-10/4/1875, "Wife of David Stephens" "Our Mother" (broken, fallen)

Stinnett, C. R., dates unreadable [not found in 1990; from DAR; not in HRS]

Stinnett, Mary, 10/13/1789-6/20/1876, "Formerly Mary Campbell" "Born in the State of Virginia" [Grady notes she was born in Amherst County]

Stott, Edith A., 7/30/1910-5/26/1988

Stout, Cleo V., 8/28/1907-7/25/1977, "Daughter" footstone

Stout, Thomas J., 9/17/1881-2/25/1969, "Father" footstone\Stout, Della E., 7/28/1883-8/1/1972

Strange, Lula H., 3/15/1891-12/8/1923

Suddarth, Minnie, 6/7/1862-6/14/1916, "Wife of T. S. Suddarth" "Mother"\Suddarth, T. S., 6/10/1862-1/14/1935, "Father"

Suddarth, Valerie S. [see Collins, Valerie S. Suddarth]

Tillett, Paul, dates unreadable [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Tindell, Jerry, 2/12/1941-2/13/1941

Townsley, Lucy, "Apr Jul," no year(s), "Baby"

Townsley, Margaret Edith, 7/24/1906-3/7/1909 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Travis, David M., 7/8/1853-3/1/1936, "Father"

Travis, Fred Eugene, 11/26/1904-5/4/1976\Travis, Margaret Lytle, 5/16/1909-11/14/1979

Travis, Katherine [see Haynes, Katherine Travis]

Trentham, J. C., d. 7/30/1935, "56 Yrs." [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Trentham, Jane, d. 1/22/1922, "Aged 82 Years" "Wife of Frances Trentham" (fallen)

Tryday, Vera Earle Beard, 11/16/1885-9/11/1968, "Wife of George H. Tryday"

Turbyville, Martha V., 11/12/1858-5/17/1892, "Wife of H. J. Turbyville"

Vanblairceum, Effie, 1/14/1880-10/10/1916, "Mrs."

Vandyke, Jessie [see Cagle, Jessie VanDyke]

Vaughan, I. L., 4/29/1842-11/4/1910 [Masonic symbol]

Vaughan, Mack Sevier, 11/26/1885-11/14/1912, "Son of F. E. & S. M. Vaughan"

Vaughan, Susie M., d. 7/20/1933, "Aged 7 years, 6 months, 20 days" [not found in 1990; from HRS; age probably should read 87 years rather than 7 years]

Waddell, Sadie Young, 9/1/1851-9/8/1918, "Wife of Ward Waddell" (fallen) [Addie Young Wardell in HRS and Grady]

Walker, A. B., 10/27/1842-12/22/1918 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Walker, Albert N., 10/22/1853-9/19/1854

Walker, Helen, no dates

Walker, Katherine, no dates [not found in 1990; from Grady]

Rebecca, 7/8/1873-???? (sunken) [d. 2/29/1900 in DAR]

Warner, Albert F., 4/2/1864-9/18/1931, "Father"\Warner, Ellen J., 3/19/1869-9/18/1935, "Mother"

Warner, Hazel, 2/25/1883-1/1/1902, "Daughter of A. F. & Ellen Warner"

Weeden, Floyd Edgar, 3/6/1908-11/3/1953

Weedon, Mattie [see Bounds, Mattie Weedon]

Wells, C. W., 11/15/1890-10/9/1921

Wells, Edgar E., 8/5/1886-4/21/1928 [replacement]

Wells, Randall Finley, 12/17/1923-10/4/1983, military marker "Tec4 US Army World War II"

Wells, Sallie [see Ault, Sallie Wells]

West, Mary Mulvany, 9/8/1872-6/15/1911, "Wife of W. H. West"

West, Sarah J., d. 11/19/1920, "Age 69 Yrs" "Mother"

Westin, James, 2/22/1850-4/14/1916 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Whedbee, Samuel, no date (fallen)

White, Hattie Poe, 1889-1930\White, Henry J., 1930-1930

Wilburn, C. A., 10/31/1860-6/6/1908

Wilkerson, Bettie, 1859-8/3/1901?, "Wife of W. Wilkerson" (eroded; very difficult to read) [unreadable by 1997]

Wilkerson, Marie Witt, 4/30/1902-1/6/1920 [replacement]

Willis, Catherine H., 1895-1966\Willis, Robert L., Sr., 1892-1931

Willis, Edward, 1888-1932

Willis, Jane, 1852-1937, "Mother" [replacement]

Willis, Robert, 1890-1930 [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Willis, Robert Lee, Jr., 9/5/1919-6/4/1987, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II"

Willis, Ruth E., 9/23/1923-1/14/1945, "Dau. of Joe & Minnie"

Willoughby, Henry S., 1/30/1870-2/22/1933 [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Willoughby, Orvella, 4/26/1865-6/2/1901, "Wife of Henry S. Willoughby"

Wilson, Sallie [see Hale, Sallie Wilson]

Witt, Charles E., 5/12/1912-2/8/1977

Witt, Charlton W., 10/9/1879-8/11/1930 [replacement]

Witt, Hugh Lee, 9/2/1904-8/12/1930\Witt, Mamie Metler, 10/1/1908-8/11/1930\Witt, Anna Marie, 1/17/1929-8/11/1930\Witt, Hugh Lee, Jr., 7/25/1927-8/11/1930

Witt, Iva Carrol, 5/2/1914-8/11/1930 [replacement]

Witt, Marie [see Wilkerson, Marie Witt]

Witt, Mary L., 11/5/1876-11/8/1877, "Dau. of H. L. & N. B. Witt" [not found in 1990; from DAR]

Witt, Maybelle Ramsey, 7/28/1849-2/14/1934 [replacement]\Witt, Hugh Lee, 2/12/1853-1/12/1915

Witt, Myrtle [see Hein, Myrtle Witt]

Wohlwend, Henry, 8/20/1866-7/21/1941\Wohlwend, John, 5/17/1828-9/1/1899, "Born Senwald, St. Gallen Switzerland" "Died Knoxville, Tenn."\Wohlwend, Johana Benzinger, 4/27/1843-11/20/1924, "Born Teufen, Apenzell Switzerland" "Died Knoxville, Tenn."

Wohlwend, Katherine [see Ault, Katherine W.]

Woods, Bueford, 7/15/1900-10/25/1922\Woods, Alice Fryer, 3/22/1897-_____, "Wife of Bueford Woods"

Wyrick, Charles Auston, 1/9/1931-7/9/1932, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Wyrick"

Wyrick, Emma, 6/22/1905-8/7/1906

Wyrick, Harriet Lucinda, 9/17/1865-7/14/1926 (fallen) [replacement]

Wyrick, Lacy, 12/11/1903-7/19/1904

Wyrick, Robert, 8/7/1900-10/2/1908

Wyrick, Thomas H. Bobbie, 4/24/1933-8/23/1933, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Wyrick"

Yarbuary, Daisey E., 8/4/1889-9/27/1936, "Wife of Wm. F. Yarbuary"

Young, O. M., d. 3/25/1920 [not found in 1990; from HRS]

Young, Sadie [see Waddell, Sadie Young]


_____, 5/8/1876-5/7/1902 (broken fragment) [probably Samuel Anderson]

A.D.N. [possible footstone; not found in 1990; from HRS]

A. H., no name or dates [not found in 1990; from HRS]

"Our baby" footstone [probably a McPhetridge or a Walker]

Margaret Edith, 7/24/1906-3/7/1909 [no last name; not found in 1990; from HRS]

Newtie, no dates

Sammy, no dates

William, d. 2/21/196_, "Age 72 Ys" [no last name; William J. Davis is closest match but death year does not match]

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